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I feel for the people who have had bad experiences...

I feel for the people who have had bad experiences with Cosmetic Dentists, you can research them forever and still may not really know how good they are, I feel I just got lucky with my dentist, but it did help to see his previous work and photos of other patients, and I did trust him very much...

My story is that ever since I was little I wanted movie star teeth, big and white! But my problem was I already had great teeth, and everyone thought I was crazy.

I started about 10 years ago going to dentists and just about all of them said.. "Jimy, your teeth are perfect, I will not do any surgery on your teeth, keep them virgin,they are wonderful.."

After going to about 10 dentists in Los Angeles I had a thought that the best place for me would be Las Vegas, in fact my girlfriend found the best plastic surgeon ever in Las Vegas! .. there is a huge demand for cosmetic surgery and dentistry since this is the show capital of the world, everyone needs perfect teeth on stage!

So I ended up coming to Vegas to live, while I was out here I visited several dentists, and once again they turned down my business telling me that my teeth are already very nice. How and why wouldnt they want to take my money? I thought it was crazy!!! ..I was frustrated and about to quit until one day I was online and a saw a dentists website with excellent before and after Veneer photos, I noticed how thin the veneers he had made were, so I called them up and scheduled an appointment, I was in there that day!

I met the staff and the dentist, he talked to me for a very long time and listened to what I wanted, he told me "Jim, I know exactly what you want and I can do it for you" ... this was the first time anyone would understand.

So he told me lets get started today, I couldnt believe it and I was so happy, he made an impression and told me to come back in 2 days for my temporary and if I didnt like it we would cancel the whole thing. I got my temps in which I forgot what they were made of ( some kind of plaster not Veneer ) and they looked good, I had these for a very short time..I was told that the veneers will be made by his professional and ready in 7 days. ( To have veneers ready in 7 days is unheard of ) but he did it and I was back and ready to have my veneers put on, I was excited, Dr White showed me these sparkly, bright, white, and very thin Porcelain veneers, he told me they were the absolute best form of porcelain there is, and I believed him by the look of em. I can tell now that very good veneers are really thin and very strong!

It didnt take long for him to put them on, I couldn't believe how he made them so perfect and straight. I was told before hand that any dentist that would have veneers made up so quickly, they probably were no good and the job would be poor. I didnt listen to anyone because I had extreme confidence in this dentist, a very young but very experienced dentist.

When he was done installing all my teeth he gave me the mirror and I almost cried, there were pretty girls in there helping him so I didnt!!! This dentist changed my life, it was the best thing I ever did in my life, I get compliments ever single day on my teeth!

I would have done this even if it was $50,000. I was happy he talked me out of not going with the lightest shade white as it would look ridiculously fake, so we went with a darker shade but my end results where amazing!

I would recommend this dentist for veneers even if you have to fly from NY, he is worth it, its been now 2 years and my teeth are perfect. This dentist is now my good friend and I visit the office often, what a great staff and facility he has.

I knew Las Vegas was going to be where all the good cosmetic doctors are, and im happy Ive found the absolute best Dentist in Las Vegas , he changed my life, im so happy to have the teeth Ive always wanted!!


2 years later

Can Veneers become whiter as the settle in? My Veneers seem whiter 2 years later then when I first got them, how amazingly interesting, see photos!



Johnathan R. White

absolutely amazing Dentist and office staff, he made me feel like his best friend, I would recommend this Cosmetic Dentist to anyone! Please contact me if you would like his information, located in Las Vegas, NV

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How much did he charge?
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Another question....did you experience any increased tooth sensitivity or pain when you'd just gotten your veneers?

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nice work but have a q , how much did he charge u per veneer ?
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If someone really wants the absolute best of something they shouldn't be concerned about price, They should be concerned about quality, I feel I got way more then I paid, if you want the best veneers from my opinion the best cosmetic dentist you should give him a call, do not go by price, go by photos of his work from others and then decide if it's worth it. You get what you pay for, this is so true with cosmetic work. I will not answer how much I paid because it's not fair to the dr, he may tell you a different price depending on what you want, but I can say that I have the absolute best type of Veneer availible today, so mine were not anywhere close to cheap, However there are a lot of different porcelain materials that can be used if you want a low price, And usually if someone's first and only question is "what did you pay" it means your more concerned about price then quality , be careful with that please...
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I got what u mean trust me money is not my issue I was just curious , I had veneers 3 times already and I paid over 13k anyhow , I have been doing research on the net I'v heard dr Joseph goodman is amazing also in Beverly Hills , and there is dr Michael in NY he is very good also , did Ur doctor do wax up before he replaced the real ones ?
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Did the doctor give you any pointers on how to take care of them and make sure they last a long time?  Did they give you an estimate of how long they'd last?  Can you whiten them if they discolor over time?  

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Yes the DR gave me good instructions on how to keep them in good condition and white, I get them cleaned and maintained every 6 months. He also have me some pointers on how to whiten them more if I wanted to, Depending on the opacity or translucency of the porcelain veneers and if they are thin good quality, then bleaching your real teeth behind the veneers on the backside will work well, it does for me since my veneers are very thin and translucent.
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Did you bleach them before you got the veneers?  Or do you mean that even after the veneers are in place, bleaching them works?  Are there certain things you have to avoid eating and the like, to avoid chipping them and discoloring them?

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Great review! Thank you
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Welcome to RealSelf, and thanks for posting a review, and for adding pictures!  It's so nice when you can find a dentist willing to work with you and give you what you truly want.  Congratulations!

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