Finally Starting my Journey to my Old Body - Las Vegas, NV

I've been using this site as a super helpful tool...

I've been using this site as a super helpful tool for the last 3 years. NOW I finally get to start my own journey.

I'm 27 and have 3 kids (6yr, 4yr and 4 mos). The first left me a bit saggy, the second alot saggy and my 3rd she left her mark and then some. I was going to have a tt w/mr, bl,ba and lipo about a year ago but we got a surprise baby instead. I stopped nursing 2 months ago and will be cleared in about a month. I still have about 25lbs of baby weight to lose but I know it will come off in time.

So I'm wanting to have a full TT w mr, BL,BA and lipo of my muffin and inner thighs. For the love of god my inner thighs have got to go, they drive me more crazy than anything else.I live in Las Vegas and cannot handle my thighs rubbing!

My consult is in the books! Woohoo 1 step closer....

My consult is in the books! Woohoo 1 step closer. Now i need to get crackin on this weight loss! My aim is to be 125to130 at the time of surgery. Before i had any babies i only weighed 103, and before i got pregna.t with my 3rd i weighed 124. During the second trimester i devoloped inflamation of the rib cartlige. The most painful thing that I've ever felt and the only way i wasn't in tears was laying down so i got huge! At delivery i weighed192! Right now I'm losing about 3lbs a week. :) so hopefully in 3 weeks I will be closer to my goal.

Had my consult yesterday and surgery is scheduled...

Had my consult yesterday and surgery is scheduled for the 14th!!! That's so soon :D kids are going on a week long vacation to grandpas since I will be staying at A recovery center for a few days. Has Anyone else stayed in a surgical center? What all do you suggest I bring? Lots of Purcell and scuffies?

Officially i will be getting a full anchor lift, silicone implants, tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of the flanks, hips, inner and outer thigh. (Wow it sounds less invasive in my head vs reading it) it's gonna hurt like hell but I can't wait!!!

Yesterday I went to rent a center to rent a lift...

Yesterday I went to rent a center to rent a lift chair just to find out they did not have one in the state for rent! So I found one on Craigslist, my awesome hubby went and picked it up for me today! I'm getting so close to being ready. 8 more days. Eek! Yesterday I spent the whole day making and freezing smoothies and drying fruit for post op snacks.

Tomorrow I have to go take a blood test :) I need to add pictures today or tomorrow.

We leave in under 3 hours to go to the surgical...

We leave in under 3 hours to go to the surgical center, I can't sleep so I'm cleaning. (Did the same thing the night my water broke with my last baby!) I'm really excited and as prepared as I can get from readying realself and shopping lol I went today and bought 2 pillows and a new blanket to take to the recovery facility, I've downloaded 7 movies on my iPad now I'm just ready to go. Surgery is in 6.5 hrs woohoo. :) this day has come extremely fast for me and this whole thing seems very surreal. I've wanted it for so long and now that my time has come, it just doesn't feel real....yet!!

I'm 6 hours out if surgery , love the result so ...

I'm 6 hours out if surgery , love the result so far :)

2d post op

It's 2days post op for me. I'm still at the recovery center. I got to see my tummy yesterday and its tight and flat!!!! I knew that is what I paid for but it was still shocking seeing it. I did lipo on my inner And outer thigh hips and my muffin. He was able to get 4.5 liters and he removed 2 lbs of skin on my tummy, I also had a full anchor lift with 600cc silicone implants. I'm very very happy so far. Yesterday they removed my cath so that made it so I am forced to get up. The. I go walking the halls.

Post op pics

It's post op day 2 and I'm feelin great. Sore but nothing too intolerable.

Post op day 2

Accidentally hit post before I was done


I've had an amazing day. I've been walking around the facility every couple hours and going to the restroom myself (never needed helpwith that) . The nurses told me that I'm the best post surgical patient they've seen. They said most of the patients end up staying longer due to pain. But I keep telling them, it's all in the head and I'm beyond happy with my results :)

Going home tomorrow

It's night 3 with my new body. In the morning I get to go home. I get my pain pump removed before I leave the facility. Then it's off to my house to spend time with my hubby until we go get our babies. I miss them so much. I can't wait to cuddle my 5 month old.

Today was a great day, the nurses and cnas told me that I am the best post surgery patient they've had. I got up every2 hours and walked the halls, sat outside for a bit and kept moving. I love the staff at this facility (kindred in st George Utah!) they were having a staff potluck and one of the nurses brought me a plate!! Super nice and the food was tasty. I'm moving around just fine and the staff keeps telling me that I've been the best post op patient they have had. Makes me feel good. I can't wait to get home, get this binder off and shower. I want to see how much my full body has changed. As soon as I see the healed results I will do a full physician review,ss,x

Back home pod#3

Woohoo I am back home and in my recliner for the duration. My husband is so awesome that he is paying my best friend to take a week off of work and come help me/ hang out. All the details were worked out before I even woke up from the anesthesia!

This morning didn't start out good I woke up with a throbbing headache, freezing with a 102.5 fever and MY PERIOD!!! What the hell?! The rn didn't wake me up for my midnight dose of meds so everything wore off and my body freaked out! By 1030 I felt much better.

The first thing I did when I got home was strip off everything and admire my new body. It's all smoothed out and I just so happy. I feel like this has been a dream and I will wake up saggy lumpy and blah.(could also be the pain meds)
Can't wait until I don't have melons under my chin lol

Righty is being a pain.

So my tummy tuck incision looks perfect, my lefty looks pretty good, not so great. My incision has begun to separate and open up. Scary!! I have an appointment tomorrow and I started antibiotics this evening. For me to call and ask for antibiotics is huge. I am usually against using antibiotics so asking for them is huge and it means I'm worried about my boob.

Also I have some pain under my boob on my ribs.

I still have some lumpiness on my lipo areas. All in all I feel really good and I got my mojo back.
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Hi Kriswill, Is the incision of concern where the horizontal and vertical meet?
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You called the doctor about the fever right?
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The nurse did. And since it was contained there wasn't much else done. This is why I'm happy I was in a facility. And the girls there are great!!
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That's so awesome, glad you are doing so good! Woohoo nothing like being with family.
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Sounds like ur doing awesome! Happy healing :0)
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Hi, you look great!!! Congratulations!!!
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WOW!! Your waist looks cinched in too. This is an incredible transformation. Now comes taking good care of yourself, following through with doctors orders, and a little praying for a healthy healing. Again, I'm so happy for you.
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look at you hotstuff!! you look amazing!
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Glad u r doing well :0) post some pics ASAP! Thanks
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Dr. Peterson is great. It must be reassuring that to have him there to let you know how you are progressing.
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Dr Peterson is amazing! He stopped by this morning to look at the tummy tuck scar, it's small and flat!!!! I'm so happy!
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That's really good news, I know it's a scary thing, especially after seeing some ladies who unfortunately don't come out as well for whatever reason. That's how happy I was when I saw my arms. The incisions were so straight and smooth, and perfectly placed. Again, I am really glad that you are happy.
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I'm glad that you are in a recovery center, it sounds like the best thing to do. Does the pain pump get removed before you go home? I am not sure how much energy you have to be answering questions on here. Eat your protein and take care of yourself, we are all looking forward to your skinny pics.
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I keep passing out , thank you Pain pills. I'm eating my first meal since the 13th- French toast and scrambled eggs. Yumm! I'm really happy with this facility. Dr Peterson came by last night to check on me. I should see him again tonight too when I get a sneak peek of the results. He lipoed 4.5 liters! And my tummy skin cut off was 2 lbs. looking forward too seeing what I look like
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congrats on going over to the flat side! :) and so happy that you already love your results!
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How do you feel?
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Really sore. I've iced my thighs and I just have to wait out the pain. I have 3 sleeps here, so I'm being waited on hand and foot!
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Great News!!
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So happy for you!
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YAYYYYYYY! See u on the flat and perky side! Good luck :0D
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Hello kriswill8778, Four days and counting!! Did you take before pictures yet?
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I just saw this!! T minus 7 hrs to go!!! Yay! I took the pictures I just need to undummy myself And figure out how to upload from my phone
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Today is kriswill8778 Day!! I wish you a smooth and easy day today, and I hope everything goes as planned. Take good care of yourself. I'm looking forward to your next update :)
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Uhhg !! The Thighs !! I know what you mean. I move one step, and my thighs move twice. Here in Vegas at 120 degrees, that must be a lovely sight. :)
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