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IPL for Acne - Las Vegas, NV

I have adult acne and can't tolerate strong acne...

I have adult acne and can't tolerate strong acne creams combined with the extremely dry Las Vegas climate. My dermatologist suggested accutane but I didn't want to make the drying worse, so I started researching laser. I did research online and decided to see a cosmetic dermatologist. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Strimling and liked his office, he was patient and answered all my questions. Dr. Strimling recommended the Skintyte laser along with BBL. Each one is $250 a treatment, and he recommended 2-3 treatments so it will be total $1000-1500.

Dr. Strimling will not perform the actual laser, that will be done by his esthetician, he assured me that he will be setting the machine himself and that his esthetician is extremely experienced. I was hoping to find a licensed dermatologist who actually performs the laser themselves, but could not. Having an esthetician doing the laser treatment seems to be the norm. It would be cheaper to go to a medspa, but I feel safer at least knowing my settings will be customized and overseen by a licensed dermatologist, so I don't mind paying a little more.

I am 37 and hoping to finally have some relief from acne thats plagued me my whole life, and hope to the enjoy the other benefits of laser: increased collagen production, reduced sunspots, younger and healthier looking skin. I don't expect my skin to be perfect, but I am hoping I at least won't get cysts that make me so depressed!

So I did my first treatment today. The laser felt...

So I did my first treatment today. The laser felt like an electric shock. I felt sick every time it zapped me. But once it was over the pain was gone and I was only a little red, and even that was gone after a couple hours. The only difference in my skin now is that my sun spots are very dark, which is normal and exactly what's suppose to happen. We will see what happens in the next few days. I will post pics.

Four days after first treatment: Immediately after...

Four days after first treatment: Immediately after treatment I small breakout of acne, but noticing already my skin has much more even tone and reduced redness
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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Hey! I've been struggling with the same issues for a while now too. I tried Skintyte, but I didn't notice an improvement with breakout. The texture of my skin looked better, but I still battled breakout. The things I've noticed that make all the difference in my skin are mainly diet related. If I stay away from Gluten, sugar, and diary, and drink plenty of water my skin is clear and glowing. If I veer away from that diet, BAM I breakout, almost overnight. Also, I notice my skin responds really well to glycolic acid 10% at night, but everyone is different. I know it's very frustrating to breakout as an adult hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!
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I have no plans to do accutane, thank you everyone for your concern!
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After reading lilone's comment and reading a bit about Accutane on the internet, I agree with her. Just look at this Wiki article as one example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotretinoin (esp. the bit about Roche withdrawing Accutane from the US market in 2009). Jamie, your skin is far too pretty to risk damaging your health with this drug.

I am certainly glad that the laser treatment appears to be working. Looking great!
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PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ACCUTANE! I took accutane when I was a teen and made it through the six month treatment. That was 24 years ago. I still break out to this day! But I also ended up with other irreversible side effects from the medication. I have struggled with major depressive disorder ever since taking this medication, being hospitalized for suicidal thoughts just after my six month treatment. By the age of 17 I was diagnosed with IBS, and continue to this day to have digestive problems. Please do your research before taking medications like Accutane. This medication has caused a decrease in the quality of my life and I was never warned about any of these possibilities. There are other options. Accutane was developed from scientist trying to find chemo treatments for cancer- it is a very serious medication. It now carries a black box warning on it!
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I agree with UltraJen - looking good JamieVegas!!

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Your one week after photo is looking good!! I can definitely see an improvement! Yay!
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Megan, was this treatment actually IPL? It's just that IPL isn't a laser, and not sure what BBL is.
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I'm not sure, that would be a question JamieVegas would only be able to answer. If we realize this was accidentally put under the wrong topic and she would like it moved we can do that without a problem.

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So happy to hear that your skin is looking so good! Yay! Can't wait to see your one week post treatment picture!
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Thanks, Megan! my acne cleared up quickly, the dark spots from the sun damage is gone and also I have reduced redness. My skin suddenly looks the best it has in years. I will take a photo tomorrow for one week post!
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Its great to hear you are seeing some nice changes after the treatment. Hopefully the little breakout clears up quick & the good results continue to come. :)

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Wow, your skin looks good to me before the treatment (I can understand why acne bothers you, though)! Your picture from 4 days following the treatment looks promising; I hope you get the results you are looking for. In any case, I just wanted to say you have a lovely face, with or without acne! :)
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Thank you zulamaria! After looking at some of the photos on this site, I definitely think I am on the mild end of the acne spectrum.
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Oh I am so excited to see your results after the next few treatments! I hope they are great!!
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Thanks UltraJen!!
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yeah accutane sucks really bad, but i dont think you need accutane. I am guessing you occasionally getting one huge zit every once in a while and that gets really depressing, i know how it feels. i work with kids and i had a huge zit that lasted 3 weeks and they love to gossip behind people's back. Well I think you paid a little bit too much for the IPL photo facial. I paid 90 bucks in korea town in nyc, maybe it was fake laser they zapped me with lol, but the zapping sucks but i didn't get any bruises but the next my skin felt so smooth. i feel like my skin feels great. Well i have gone 3 rounds of accutane, many antibotics but i dont think you need any of that, just a healthy diet and lots of water is my belief. I also believe that accutane casues scarring so please dont take it,

a scarred man from ny
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Hi Meghan! So I don't remember exactly what the Doctor told me but something to the jist of 90-95% reduction in acne after the first round of treatments, and then he couldn't tell me exactly how long it would last, said anywhere from a few months to a couple years, (if I remember correctly, hope that's right!) everyone responds differently, and I would probably need maintenance treatments every year to keep it under control. I really don't want to do accutane, it's definitely a last resort for me.
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Did you ask how long the results from the laser are expected to last? It seems with Accutane, while it sucks to take it, if you can make it through the treatment it is usually a long term fix. I would venture to guess the results from the laser would last a year tops, but of course I don't really know.

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