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My procedure will be on Thursday, August 29th at...

My procedure will be on Thursday, August 29th at around 2:45pm. I have my medications (sedative, pain killers, antibiotics, and a steroid pack), my husband who will be my caregiver that day, and a healthy dose of skepticism.

I've never focused on my cheeks until after my rhinoplasty in April; they say plastic surgery can be a slippery slope (although I only want to focus on skin texture after this procedure).

My cheeks are hollow--they're non-existent and when I smile I can actually see a sunken in area where my 'cheeks' are suppose to be. So not only do I lack volume, it looks like I have actual depth where I shouldn't. I love the look of full, apple-like cheeks and have been desiring a more concentrated look in that particular area of my face.

I am 22 years old and have had filler under my eyes (tear trough area), so I'm no stranger to hollowness. I figure without cheeks, any under eye circles I have will be more pronounced because there are no fatty cheeks to sustain my undereye area! I hope this procedure will mean less filler under my eyes.

I am having this procedure under local anesthesia; meaning 1-2 oral nerve blocks, a sedative, and my experience with needles to the face before (juvederm, restylane, etc). I am scared about the procedure because they will have to harvest fat from my stomach (hopefully she can get enough), centrifuge/clean/do what they need to do, and then use a huge needle (fat is thicker than filler) in the cheek area. I've been instructed to take a second sedative pill if need be and I'm almost saying yes (and this is a few days before haha). I'm having this as an in-office procedure because I want to have better control over where she places the fat; this isn't a nose job or a tummy tuck. It is still a major event, but I believe I can handle it.

My goal is to have full, cheeky cheeks without looking like a chipmunk. I say this because I want the fat to be injected only in the cheek area; I dislike that overfilled look some people can get. So by simply concentrating the fat in the cheek area, I can have a more contoured look.

I have Bromelain and Arnica Montana to take following the procedure, as well as a tapering steroid pack to alleve any swelling. I took the week off and hope I can get back to normal, light activities (office work/school) quickly. I know the results may take months as the dust settles and the fat stays/reabsorbs, so I will take plenty of photos.

I chose my own fat over filler because I know some of the fat injected will stay with me forever--even if it's 10% I would be happy (and typically filler can't do that--they're designed to dissolve). I love the idea that fat usually lasts longer, some of the fat you keep stays with you, and it can look more natural over time. Of course there are pros and cons to everything, so I hope ill be happy in the end.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Procedure Completed

So today was the day! It went by incredibly fast (fortunately). Here is my experience:

First, I took two sedatives. It pretty much made me tired and relaxed, which helped tremendously.

I was photographed and then escorted to a room where I could change into a loose robe (with underwear intact). Not too long after I spoke with Anson and confirmed what was going to be done (full apple cheeks). We then proceeded to the operating room.

The liposuction part was interesting...uncomfortable but bearable. They had to infuse a diluted solution of lidocaine into my lower back so they can lipo-suck with less pain to the patient (me). After waiting 15 minutes, the liposuction occurred (and it wasn't bad at all! The lidocaine was a phenomenal idea) which took another 20 minutes.

After purifying the fat via centrifuge, they placed the fat into these large needles. As that was being done by the assistants, Dr. Anson placed two nerve blocks in my mouth in order to further numb me. Then she placed about four-five injections into different areas of my face that had a numbing agent. While I thought that was too much as first, it DEFINITELY helped because when it came time to insert/mold the fat, I didn't feel a thing. While I did feel pressure, I did not feel any pain whatsoever, I was actually surprised. Dr. Anson is fantastic at numbing you--and it also helps she is a total sweetheart.

After all the fat was injected, I was given a mirror to see the new face. I....was shocked haha. I looked like an overfilled cat (or Donatella Versace). But, as I stayed and rested for a while, I remember that most of it is swelling. As I got home, I thought I looked crazy. However, I could feel my entire face swell from this procedure, so I started taking my Bromelain, antibiotics, and a steroid tapering pack.

I am home, it has been about five hours since the procedure has ended, and I feel good. I definitely have cheeks--they look really full, maybe too full. But I requested more fat in order to supplement the fact that a majority of the fat will dissolve within four months.

All in all, I am currently swollen, slightly overfilled in order to compensate for the amount of fat dissolving in the upcoming weeks, and inflamed from the molding process it took to place the fat exactly where it needed to go.

I am happy! Once the swelling goes down, I'll be able to see my face as less 'overfilled' and see the contour even better. In the photos I've recently added, you can notice how contoured my cheeks look--maybe a little much, but that's expected after such a serious procedure. And once some of the fat dissolves, I'll have an even more contoured look after about four months.

Overall I am happy! I am going to update as the days pass so I can document any changes.

Day Two Update

So it has been 48 hours since my procedure! I have only taken one pain pill, and that was last night before bed (the lower sides of my stomach was rather uncomfortable from the liposuction); although to be honest I'm sure I didn't even need it.

I only have three areas of bruising--my cheeks and a little under my right eye. Otherwise nothing crazy! Each day the swelling continues to go down, which is fantastic. I've been taking my antibiotics and my steroid tapering pack + bromelain which I'm sure is helping with any inflammation.

I will post a photo tomorrow/Monday with an update. BIG improvement however--I'm slowly starting to see my new cheeks! Although I still expect swelling to dissolve over the next two-four weeks. Dr. Anson explained that in about four months I'll know what fat has stayed and what has dissolved.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the procedure :) There was little pain involved, the sides of my stomach look noticeably smaller (she took more fat than she used on my face), and I have cheeks! The great part is that even if I only keep 10% of the fat, I can go in next year and have the procedure done again, further building on the fat. So over time I can build up 'soft tissue' with my own, natural fat. I also like how she injected more than what I need; this can increase the chances of the fat to find its' own blood supply.

Day 3 Update

Amazing how time flies--day 3 already!

Nothing too interesting to report; each day the swelling goes down more & more (which is exciting). I am starting to bruise a little under my left eye, unfortunately, but nothing unexpected. The areas that she had lipsuctioned are still sore (albeit less each day) and I have two stitches from the areas she made an incision mark on my lower back (which will be removed on Tuesday).

Overall, everything is going well! No complications (no infection or massive swelling) or extreme discomfort.

Day 6 Update

Swelling is pretty much gone, the bruising has subsided drastically (I have a tiny bit under my right eye, but in the photo I'm uploading today I have some concealer over it), and my cheeks are looking fantastic.

I am still rather full, but the next few weeks I'll see some/most of the fat get absorbed. Hopefully I get to keep quite a bit, though. For now, I'll keep enjoying the fullness and update again in about a month/month-and-a-half with a new photo.

I do have a little bit of scarring on my cheeks, which I will say the fat transfer has dramatically improved their appearance. Of course the fat transfer 'inflates' the skin but doesn't really change the texture (as much as laser), but the depression the scar makes doesn't look as bad with the fat underneath it (it plumps it out).

1 Month Post-Procedure

It has been one-month post-op (although to be technical that would be tomorrow [Thursday], but I'll be out of town tomorrow so I figure I'll get this update out of the way).

Overall, nothing much as changed. I am comfortable, no infections or complications have come from this procedure. I have noticed more fat reabsorbing, but it is gradual. I was told that after four months, the fat I see in my face I will most likely keep forever. I would absolutely love to keep the amount of fat I have right now, but of course I can't control reabsorption, unfortunately. I am young so perhaps the better blood circulation can increase the percentage of fat I keep, but who knows--all I can do is wait. I am so pleased with the results and the recovery process. My face is fuller, my cheeks are bubbly, and my satisfaction is extremely high. I'll update again in four months :)

2 1/2 Months Later

It has been roughly 2 and 1/2 months since I had the procedure; next time I see the doctor will be in December (at four months). Dr. Anson explained to me that she is comfortable in asserting that after the four month mark, the fat I have remaining I will keep forever.

As the weeks pass, I have noticed more fat to be reabsorbed. However, lately I've noticed that has stopped--I'm pleased with how my cheeks look right now. They're nice and perky; they have filled in areas that prior left me looking like I had shadows/depressed areas. In fact sometimes I feel I have too much fat from recent photos! Haha. Clearly the few pictures prior to the one I am uploading now are me overfilled, but overall I am extremely happy with my results. I'll update again in the four month mark.

Five Month Mark

So it has been five months since I have had the procedure. The doctor noted that after four months, the fat I see is the fat I keep. Well I am happy with the amount I currently have! I would have liked the fat to have stayed more on the crest of my cheeks, but that's me being highly critical. My face has a more contoured look and I don't look like I have 'dents' under my eyes. My cosmetic goals have been achieved with little pain (supported by a great doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Anson).

Post-Procedure: Seven Months

It has been nearly seven months since I've had the fat transfer to my cheeks. Verdict? Still ecstatic! Photographs show a more voluminous upper-face profile, make-up looks (and goes on) better, and overall my face appears more symmetrical. Other than that, nothing new to report; I have not noticed any fat reduction, everything seems to have stabilized. I'd say in another year or two, I would get the procedure again.

1 Year Post-Op

Wow. One year post-op already!

Well, nothing new to report. I have kept a good portion of the fat (i'd confidently say I kept about 45%, which is a lot considering she also overfilled to compensate for any fat that would not get its own blood supply). I have also enjoyed my cheeks ever since I had the procedure done--they look (and feel) natural, I had no complications, and I am more comfortable whenever I smile to show off my new cheeks!

I will most likely have the procedure done again in about a year and a half to two years (I just started graduate school and barely have any time to do anything other than school! Haha). Even if I kept only 20-30% of the fat, I would have built a good base for any future fat/filler procedures.

Overall I am ecstatic that I had Dr. Anson as my doctor. I can say nothing but good about her--from her friendly nature to her loving staff, I'm glad I not only met a phenomenal plastic surgeon, but also a made a friend in the process.

Attached are professional photos taken before and after of my fat injections.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

A fantastic doctor, surgeon, and most importantly--friend. Dr. Anson makes you feel so comfortable by keeping you well-informed every step of the way. Dr. Anson is great at numbing and the highest pain level I had during the entire procedure was a 4/10--I couldn't believe that. My cheeks look great--they're placed in the right areas, the fat looks evenly disbursed, and one week post-procedure, I couldn't be happier. I've always heard great things about Dr. Anson and I'm glad I was able to be under her discerning care for this fat transfer--I wouldn't trust anybody else with my face!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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did you do temples or cheek bones...chin are slightly...how many cc of fat... would you do your lips...slightly again...just the upper part...
  • Reply
I did both my temples and cheek bones. I'm not sure of the cc of fat, but it was quite a bit (she put more fat in than needed in order to compensate the part that would get re-absorbed). I did not have any fat injected into my lips.
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hi, Thank you for taking your time to share your experience... I am a woman who is athletic somewhat and lean body type.. so I have sunken cheeks... a longer face, nice jaw line... but I am tired of temp fillers... the only problem is I am active, kids and taking seminars every two weeks... how bad is the bruising... the first 4 to 5 days I will stay in... but what make-up did you use... wow... thank you... Josephine
  • Reply
The bruising wasn't that bad in my opinion, but it all depends on how easy you bruise. Once you got a bruise, it takes time to go away of course. However, it's typically easy to cover with make-up (especially since the fat injections under the bruise is smooth & full). I would plan on a day of downtime after the procedure, but otherwise do light activities like normal (no gym or lifting anything too heavy). I used Lancome Teint Miracle for make-up.
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hey henry I sent you a message can you please check your inbox???
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How does the fat feel today Henry? Do you forget it's there now? You looked normal/good (not even very swollen) right after surgery.
  • Reply
I don't even notice the fat; I can 'feel it' if I press against the areas in which the fat was injected in, but otherwise it doesn't have a heavy feel to it.
  • Reply
Hi Henry, I have somewhat hollow eyes. I think it is due to losing fat in cheeks. Did this give your eyes volume?
  • Reply
Thanks for sharing Henry. I had fat injections to cheek and lips today. OMG I'm so scary looking. Duck lips and my cheeks are uneven. I know each side of the face can heal differently. You look wonderful !
  • Reply
Aw it's okay, it's completely fine to look 'deformed' the first day. Especially the lips! But I'm sure it will be worth it--the long term investment when it comes to keeping fat (versus temporary filler) offsets the longer healing time. I wish you the best!
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Hi Henry, you look amazing thanx for sharing! I have a question was the total cost of your procedure 2,400 or did you have insurance like carecredit?
  • Reply
carecredit is not insurance. Nobody gets insurance to pay for fat fillers, unless they had trauma to the face.
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how bad was the bruising afterward?? I am terrified that my face will be all bruised and that it will be extremely noticeable that I had work done (not planning on telling anybody) were there people you didn't tell who noticed a difference?
  • Reply
LB199, The bruising will vary from person to person--personally, I experienced some bruising under the eyes and some along the cheeks. I rarely bruise, so I'm sure those susceptible to bruising may experience a higher degree (a deeper purple color, perhaps). People definitely were able to tell I had it done--for a while I had overfilled cheeks. Of course that's what you want, slightly more in whichever area your doctor injects to compensate for the fat that will dissolve. Unfortunately I don't believe it will be unnoticeable :/ I'm sure it depends on where you have the fat placed and how much, but with the swelling and bruising, I'd say it took me two weeks before I looked 'normal.' I'm sorry if this sounds disappointing! I will say it was worth it, however.
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Thank you for responding so quickly and telling me about your experience! slightly disappointing but definitely things I need to know before making a decision. I definitely don't want it to be noticeable so maybe I should stick to the juvederm fillers (although they are so damn expensive to keep doing) because nobody said anything to me ! I would need fat in my cheeks and my chin. The doctor told me there would be swelling at first because he would rather put more than not enough. That kind of turned me off from it because I would personally rather less than too much. I guess everyone is different. Thanks again! Looks great!
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Why would you get procedure done again in another two years? Are the results permanent?
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The results are permanent as far as the fat merging with the other facial fat and gaining a blood supply. However, fat itself does not last forever. This is not an implant; the fat is subject to aging. So I'd say in two years I will reassess my face and see if I can get a little more here or there. Each procedure brings with it uncertainty in the exact amount of fat will remain. I'm sure I won't want as much fat as I received in this procedure, but who knows--I may age drastically in two years! Haha. But yes, the results should be good for a while.
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Ok..thanks...keep us posted
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Stick to the predictable results...think about this..if fat transfer turns out badly...you will need injectable fillers for the rest of your life anyway...and that's if the injectable filler can corrects problem...it may not...fat transfer problems cannot be reversed...don't do FT
  • Reply
Very true- more at stake this way. That's what I'm telling myself. I'm trying to find a deal on juvederm so I can do that again.. def safer/more predictable but won't be able to spend the money for it every few months
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I wish you have posted picture of yourself looking straight into the camera, and profile views before and after without making faces. Just like when u went to see the doctor, u had to stay still with no facial expression and holding your head straight up. The reason is, to give you an honest feedback and also to appreciate the doctors work and checking out details
  • Reply
Shawn, Thank you for your comment; I should have taken before/after photos in a more professional manner (in order to present the results accurately). Unfortunately I simply didn't--of course the doctor took photos, so if those come up on her website I will make sure to update this review accordingly with that link. Ultimately I am extremely satisfied (the only individual that counts) and while the photos were not 'noise-free,' my written review is still accurate and should be helpful to others.
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You're welcome. Your results do look awesome. I'm just a detail guy, that's why I wanted to see straight front view before and after and side view. Just to see details. Eitherway, great results.
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Thanks for taking the time to post fun photos and very detailed review, HenryLV! I actually learned a lot from checking out your photos. It was interesting to see how the swelling seems to go down fairly quickly. You're so brave for committing to a fat transfer right away! I am just starting to get some hollowness in the under eye/cheek area and I'll be doing fillers first and then fat transfer if I love the results! Anyway, your doctor did a fab job. I dont really think that anyone would even know that you had anything done at all. You just look like you, but even more fresh, like you just got back from vacation.
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how many CC's did they remove/ reinject?? I just got my under eye hallows done with restylne, and i am pleased with the results.. though as many i had high expectations, and while my expectations were not meant, they did come pretty close.. I had 1 cc injected and have a follow up this monday... But i dont want to get another seringe. I have been doing a lot more research on fat grafting, and if i can come anything like you i'd be on cloud 9!!! Congradulations on a successful operation, it really does look amazing
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