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Desperation! In the past decade my dentists just...

Desperation! In the past decade my dentists just loved extracting my teeth leaving me with gaps. Their solution to everything messing up my bite creating more problems. On May 8, 2013 I went to my denist and two more teeth were extracted being informed that I was going to need partials and within a year- dentures. My daughters wedding is end of June and I was informed I wouldn't have my partials till end of July. I was told I didn't qualify for implants. That's when my very intense research began! Dr. Golpa's name kept surfacing and I finally braved myself to make the call.

Update - day four

It has been a rough four days. I'm grateful my teeth are out and I was able to get implants. I mouth is still tender and I have some throbbing under the new bridge. Eating has been a challenge as my teeth feel numb and I'm not biting well yet. What my husband and I have noticed since yesterday after my mouth has settled some is my whole face has changed and not for the better. I look 15 years older and my lips are non existent with the way they made my teeth. They made my new teeth smaller - too small for my face and my luscious lips are literally a straight line. You can not see my teeth when I talk and it looks like I'm toothless. My appointment is this
Tuesday and I am going to address these issues immediately as I feel uglier than with my messed up teeth. At the moment I don't even want to go back to work because I look so sullen and old. All my co-workers know I left Thursday to have my all in four done and are anxiously waiting to see the new me. How embarrassing tomorrow will be. I want my face and lips back. On the positive side - I like the color of the teeth but at the moment that's about all.

First day back at work and in the public eye.

It's conclusive... I look 25+ years OLDER! My boss said he didn't even recognize me. Most of my swelling is gone so it didn't play much of a part in this. It's the teeth! One co worker wanted to know when my new teeth were going to be put in my mouth. I told him they are in my mouth and them showed him. He thought I had no teeth at all. Then he said, " you look so OLD!" What an emotional day. Instead of showing off a beautiful smile and gorgeous new teeth I was embarrassed and mortified. Not the outcome any of us expect when we research and make the decision to "better" ourselves and our appearance via full mouth implants.

I wrote an email to Kealy @ Dr. Golpa's office last night explaining my dilema. Bless her heart she called the minute I got home from work today. I cried my eyes out and poured out all the emotions I held in all day. I have my appointment tomorrow and we'll go from there and see where it leads. Unfortunately, I'll be on a very low profile at work and interact with as few people as possible. I wish I was well off enough to stay home and not see anyone till this is taken care of. I'm more recluse than I was before. I have not left the house since my procedure except to go to the doctors office and today to go to work. Hopefully, this will be corrected quickly and I'll feel like my original decision was a good one.

Wax try-ins and another week of hiding!

I just got back from my appointment. Everyone was sympathetic -unfortunately, I wanted quicker results. I was in the office over 2.5 hours. More impressions taken. My bridges were removed to take impressions of them too. My husband joined in on the consultation armed with photos as recent as 5 years ago before my teeth fell apart to show what my face used to look like. Dr. Golpa was quite concerned and said this is a very rare occurance. Out of 1000's this has happened only once before where they didn't get it right. Ok - so that's an extremely small percentage - I get that but I am also impatient at the moment and was hoping for a speedier response. As it stands at the moment - the wax try-in will not be ready till Friday and if the wax is correct my teeth will not be ready till next Tuesday. If more adjustments need to be made it will take even longer. This is not a comfort with June 20th around the corner ( next Thursday ) . I want to have a " normal" face for my daughters wedding. What a nightmare!

New teeth!

My new teeth are in. I am very happy to have my face and lips back. Salvinno did a great job remaking my teeth. He and Dr. Golpa really listened to what I wanted and nailed it. Brit and Amanda have been wonderful through my ordeal. All is better. No more hiding or being embarrassed. Just in time for the wedding! Happy smiles now!

Here they are.

I look like ME again.

6 Weeks post op

After a shaky start, communication lapses, a long unexpected surgery and the wrong size teeth in the beginning - all is well. I had my appointment yesterday (7/17/13) to see how my bone graft is doing as well as all my implants. X-rays showed that I'm healing great. The bone is integrating faster than expected and I'm doing a good job of keeping my bridges clean. The staff that dropped the ball earlier has stepped up and really taken care of business. Brit who has always been exceptional went a step beyond and actually drove to my home one evening to deliver my night guard so I didn't have to drive across town to pick it up the next day. So I am very happy on how this is progressing. This procedure is definitely worth it.

3 months post op

After having these teeth in awhile I am noticing things I'd like changed when I get fitted for my permanent set. I know the gums have shrunk and that is going to be refit but the gums on the bridge are bugging me. They bulge or feel like they are bulged out like chipmunk cheeks on the upper and lowers. I would like to make several other tweaks and I am making a list. I have till December to make all my notes. I'm eating close to normal. I just miss my raw veggies. Still not allowed to crunch on hard veggies till I get my perms. Cleaning can be a challenge sometimes as there is a lot of room under the bridge now so tons of food collects under it. The water pik helps as well as mouthwash and brushing. I am counting the months and weeks to the day I get my perms.

The perms - no rush.

I decided I wanted to make too many adjustments on the perms and I don't want the process hurried. So instead of going in and trying my original wax the way they are and just tweaking them. I want the teeth a little longer (bigger) and a wider bite. My tongue feels like its cramped and needs more room so the teeth need to be pushed out. So my appointment is the same but I will meet with the tech and Dr. G. about the changes - then try the wax as many times as I need to before the teeth are made. With all the holidays the office will be closed. When I told them I don't need to have my perms before the holidays and early January is fine - they were good with that. No rush. I want to get the perms right as these will be the last set.

The Perm Process Begins.

I already felt I made the best choice in choosing Dr. Golpa before my six month appointment. Now I know I really have. He's the BEST. I had no clue how the process would be for my perms - only the stories I have read here on this site. I left my appointment - ESTATIC! My new teeth are being made with PMMA. As explained to me - it is the top of the line - one tick below proceline itself. I was shown the "block" that the teeth will be formed from. I was also told - they do not stain and are stronger than the normally used acrylic. As if that wasn't enough good news - Dr. Golpa's new lab is open - it is across the parking lot from the office and is State of the Art.
I met with the tech and Dr. G. - Carlos took a picture of my teeth - printed it out on letter size paper so the tech and Dr. G. could draw and mark on it by the tooth with me navigating my thoughts. They copied my note list of the things I wrote down making the changes on the picture. Dr. G. was very attentive as was the tech. As we went over the changes Dr. G. would have me bite and check things as each change was made on the paper. Brit took X-rays to see my progress - they were great. Everything integrated beautifully. Then I chose the color. I went back and forth for an hour trying to decide. I went down two shades from my temps as these do not stain. They will still be a pretty white - just not blaring white. I go back Jan. 7th for the wax try in. I'm very excited and feel extremely confident in the changes. I prepared myself for the "we are almost done with you attitude" that I keep reading about with others. This was not the case. I felt like the most important patient - like I was the only patient around. I was fussed over and listened too and greeted like someone of extreme importance. I felt relaxed and comfortable and more importantly - I felt confident in the communication exchange between Dr. G. and the tech - Jose.
I will write a new update after my wax try ins and throughout this process.


I've had my perms for a few days. They are stronger and better than my temps and I can eat anything and everything without worry or pain. It's been years since I've been able to that. My husband says my teeth are close to what they looked like when he first met me. The process took longer than expect but it was necessary so that my bone and the bone graph could integrate with the implants. The X-rays showed they integrated very well. So all in all it was all worth it. My mouth is healthy and I have nice teeth again.
Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist

My procedure was Thursday 6/6/13. I had 23 very compromised teeth with seriously infected gums that were extracted. I ended up with some complex issues and nine hours of surgery. They ended up needing to put cadaver bone in my upper arch and an extra implant. Not much pain a little swelling and a lot of throbbing after the procedure. I was semi conscious through out the procedure. I went back in yesterday 6/7/2013 and had my new teeth put in. Dr. Golpa is definitely second to none with this procedure. Under my circumstances he made adjustments without hesitation to give me the best possible outcome with a less than normal situation. Because of my complex surgery I will not be biting an apple for six months. My only complaint is communication breakdowns between the front office and everything else. There were many lapses that took place. Dr. Golpa himself is wonderful , passionate and proficient.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Yay! No more staining! I went in. Dr. Golpa checked it out and said, I will take care of it myself, and he did, no questions asked. As always, the staff was awesome.
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What caused the staining? Did they say? I agree - Dr. Golpa and his staff are fantastic.
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They did not really say but, the dr polished it out. So it is safe to say that the staing was just cause but areas that had not been polished out properly. On a different note, has anyone heard from Josie? I would love to hear if she made a decision :)
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Was caused because some areas had not been polished out properly! Lol ugh
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I have not heard from Josie or if she's made a decision. I'm glad to hear your issue got taken care of. I thought about how nice and polished the teeth are when they bring them in from the lab - then to fit the bite Dr. G. will use the little grinder to grind down areas for that perfect bite. At that time the teeth are not removed and re polished so those areas could and can stain. I think I will have them re polish my entire bridge when I go in for my cleaning. To date I've had no staining.
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I am glad to hear that you don't have staining! I think polishing the bridge is a good idea! I hope Josie has made a decision that fits her needs. I encouraged her to just talk to the staff and dr Golpa . I hope she did or will.
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Hi LVL it's been a while since I visit this site been a little busy my son got married (6/21) everything was wonderful. I visit Las Vegas in April had a nice time. Can not beleive it almost a year since all the dental work. It was the best decision I every made being able to laugh and lots of smiling with no worries. Going for my 6months check up next week hope everything been great with you since your finals. Take care.
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Hi nj - congrats on your sons wedding. I went through exactly the same scenario last year at this time. My daughter got married 6/20/13 - right after I got my teeth (temps). I haven't had much time to write in lately as that same daughter came into town for her anniversary and was here till yesterday. She and her hubby flew to NYC and is due back 7/1/14 for the holiday - then they fly to Calif. for a week - then back here again till they go home - so it's been a little hectic. I was going to do an update and haven't had time. When is you appointment? I need to go in for some tweaks. I know this was the best decision for me as well. Keep me posted on your visit and check up. I'll be waiting to hear how it turns out. Keep smiling!
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Went back for my 6 months checkup with was a cleaning and exam everything is good. I never had any problems from day one thank goodness prefect fix and sometime I forget they are dental implants. which I should for the price I paid (60k) I totally would recommend PI DENTAL. Hope everything goes well when you go back. What kind of tweaks you need done? Talk soon enjoy your summer. the prices I paid (60k) PI DENTAL.
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Why 60K? I thought the price is 16.5K (Dr. G website). Would you provide a bit more details. Thks
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I did not go to a doctor in las Vegas went near my home area Pennsylvania
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Had mine done top and bottom last month by dr golpa and it was 32k. All inclusive. They put me up in treasure island for. 5 days
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Hi Oky - I actually followed your progress on James page and asked Carlos how you did. I heard you did very well. And congrats on eating those warm cashews! I know the feeling. I am actually going to Dr. G's today. James the driver is picking me up in a few hours. I went last week to 'tweak' my perms which came out fine but some of my plugs came out the next day so I am having the plugs redone. So Oky - Enjoy " FOOD" and remember these feelings
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I'm probably gonna gain 100 lbs!!!! Maggianos Italian bread gonna do me in!!!! :-)
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60k? They got took. 32k by the best in the world. Dr Golpa is your choice
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I love Maggianos (on the strip in Vegas ) - not just their bread but EVERYTHING! I live here - it's a good thing I can't afford to eat there very often.
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No I did not get taking over did my homework on having my dental work done. I pick the best place for me. Check out PI Dental they are well known for their work inthe States and other country. and helping people.
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I agree, Dr. Golpa is the best and only charges 32 K . For people living in Las Vegas, the right choice will be Dr. Golpa. For people from out of town he put them in hotel and pay for the their plane ticket. No other dentist can beat that. I went to another place to get my implant done when I didn't hear from Dr. Golpa after sending him my CT scan accompanied with a letter and also telephone calls. A few places including the place I went charge 60 K for upper and lower. Recently I found out they will beat Dr. Golpa's price of $37 K.
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Ugh , I do not like this staining! I'm am going on vacation and after that back to Vegas to have it looked at. LVL, I do not use youth paste anymore, the hygienist told me to dry brush and use the trilogy as a rinse etc. but I did try tooth paste when you posted about Colgate but it didn't do anything. I think it a defect of some sorts because again, the teeth aren't supposed to stain.
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Tooth paste! Lol
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Hi Rislaine, I never heard of not using tooth paste on my perms as well as my temps. I don't know what trilogy is. I use toothpaste, then I use a water pik - followed by swishing with mouthwash. That has been my ritual since getting this procedure done. I have never had staining on either set of teeth - not the temps or my perms so your issue is perplexing. Definitely get it looked at. Good luck I hope the problem gets resolved.
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Thank you LVL! Until my last visit I did exactly the same thing as you did. When I saw the hygienist she educated me on dry brushing and triology is an organic product . It's a rinse and and oral cleanser and it's has a girl that one can apply to help keep the implants as clean as possible. Like you I never had any staining before. Not on the temps, not on the first set of perms either. The hygienist explained to me that dry brushing is better because tooth paste can scratch the surface of the teeth. Anyway yes I am going back after my vacation and yes I hope it gets resolved, well I know it will because staining is not supposed to happen. I have only had these teeth since March 19th! No way there should be staining.
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They look fantastic!
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Thank you very much Josie8. They are one shade different than the temps (a little less white) but still very white. My husband says they look more natural. I also asked for the canines to be sticking out and for overbite - much like my natural teeth. All of that was achieved. My only disappointment is that the underside of the upper arch seems very bulky to me. I'm waiting a few weeks to see if I can adjust to that change - if not I will go back I and see if it can be tapered down. Have you decided to go through with this procedure Josie? What are your thoughts?
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Glad you are happy, they look very natural to me. I need my uppers in the near future , not for a few years my dentist told me. I am more scared of who I choose to do this than the procedure itself. I am a very anxious person and overthink everything, I am in Chicago so I'm not sure I want to travel all the way to Las Vegas. I want my new teeth to look natural and I don't want people to know I've had this done. It's going to be a hard decision who I put my trust in, as you know this is a difficult process. Thank you for all your updates, I have been reading everything I can about this procedure.
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