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All on Four - Dr. Golpa - Las Vegas, NV

Desperation! In the past decade my dentists just...

Desperation! In the past decade my dentists just loved extracting my teeth leaving me with gaps. Their solution to everything messing up my bite creating more problems. On May 8, 2013 I went to my denist and two more teeth were extracted being informed that I was going to need partials and within a year- dentures. My daughters wedding is end of June and I was informed I wouldn't have my partials till end of July. I was told I didn't qualify for implants. That's when my very intense research began! Dr. Golpa's name kept surfacing and I finally braved myself to make the call.

Update - day four

It has been a rough four days. I'm grateful my teeth are out and I was able to get implants. I mouth is still tender and I have some throbbing under the new bridge. Eating has been a challenge as my teeth feel numb and I'm not biting well yet. What my husband and I have noticed since yesterday after my mouth has settled some is my whole face has changed and not for the better. I look 15 years older and my lips are non existent with the way they made my teeth. They made my new teeth smaller - too small for my face and my luscious lips are literally a straight line. You can not see my teeth when I talk and it looks like I'm toothless. My appointment is this
Tuesday and I am going to address these issues immediately as I feel uglier than with my messed up teeth. At the moment I don't even want to go back to work because I look so sullen and old. All my co-workers know I left Thursday to have my all in four done and are anxiously waiting to see the new me. How embarrassing tomorrow will be. I want my face and lips back. On the positive side - I like the color of the teeth but at the moment that's about all.

First day back at work and in the public eye.

It's conclusive... I look 25+ years OLDER! My boss said he didn't even recognize me. Most of my swelling is gone so it didn't play much of a part in this. It's the teeth! One co worker wanted to know when my new teeth were going to be put in my mouth. I told him they are in my mouth and them showed him. He thought I had no teeth at all. Then he said, " you look so OLD!" What an emotional day. Instead of showing off a beautiful smile and gorgeous new teeth I was embarrassed and mortified. Not the outcome any of us expect when we research and make the decision to "better" ourselves and our appearance via full mouth implants.

I wrote an email to Kealy @ Dr. Golpa's office last night explaining my dilema. Bless her heart she called the minute I got home from work today. I cried my eyes out and poured out all the emotions I held in all day. I have my appointment tomorrow and we'll go from there and see where it leads. Unfortunately, I'll be on a very low profile at work and interact with as few people as possible. I wish I was well off enough to stay home and not see anyone till this is taken care of. I'm more recluse than I was before. I have not left the house since my procedure except to go to the doctors office and today to go to work. Hopefully, this will be corrected quickly and I'll feel like my original decision was a good one.

Wax try-ins and another week of hiding!

I just got back from my appointment. Everyone was sympathetic -unfortunately, I wanted quicker results. I was in the office over 2.5 hours. More impressions taken. My bridges were removed to take impressions of them too. My husband joined in on the consultation armed with photos as recent as 5 years ago before my teeth fell apart to show what my face used to look like. Dr. Golpa was quite concerned and said this is a very rare occurance. Out of 1000's this has happened only once before where they didn't get it right. Ok - so that's an extremely small percentage - I get that but I am also impatient at the moment and was hoping for a speedier response. As it stands at the moment - the wax try-in will not be ready till Friday and if the wax is correct my teeth will not be ready till next Tuesday. If more adjustments need to be made it will take even longer. This is not a comfort with June 20th around the corner ( next Thursday ) . I want to have a " normal" face for my daughters wedding. What a nightmare!

New teeth!

My new teeth are in. I am very happy to have my face and lips back. Salvinno did a great job remaking my teeth. He and Dr. Golpa really listened to what I wanted and nailed it. Brit and Amanda have been wonderful through my ordeal. All is better. No more hiding or being embarrassed. Just in time for the wedding! Happy smiles now!

Here they are.

I look like ME again.

6 Weeks post op

After a shaky start, communication lapses, a long unexpected surgery and the wrong size teeth in the beginning - all is well. I had my appointment yesterday (7/17/13) to see how my bone graft is doing as well as all my implants. X-rays showed that I'm healing great. The bone is integrating faster than expected and I'm doing a good job of keeping my bridges clean. The staff that dropped the ball earlier has stepped up and really taken care of business. Brit who has always been exceptional went a step beyond and actually drove to my home one evening to deliver my night guard so I didn't have to drive across town to pick it up the next day. So I am very happy on how this is progressing. This procedure is definitely worth it.

3 months post op

After having these teeth in awhile I am noticing things I'd like changed when I get fitted for my permanent set. I know the gums have shrunk and that is going to be refit but the gums on the bridge are bugging me. They bulge or feel like they are bulged out like chipmunk cheeks on the upper and lowers. I would like to make several other tweaks and I am making a list. I have till December to make all my notes. I'm eating close to normal. I just miss my raw veggies. Still not allowed to crunch on hard veggies till I get my perms. Cleaning can be a challenge sometimes as there is a lot of room under the bridge now so tons of food collects under it. The water pik helps as well as mouthwash and brushing. I am counting the months and weeks to the day I get my perms.

The perms - no rush.

I decided I wanted to make too many adjustments on the perms and I don't want the process hurried. So instead of going in and trying my original wax the way they are and just tweaking them. I want the teeth a little longer (bigger) and a wider bite. My tongue feels like its cramped and needs more room so the teeth need to be pushed out. So my appointment is the same but I will meet with the tech and Dr. G. about the changes - then try the wax as many times as I need to before the teeth are made. With all the holidays the office will be closed. When I told them I don't need to have my perms before the holidays and early January is fine - they were good with that. No rush. I want to get the perms right as these will be the last set.

The Perm Process Begins.

I already felt I made the best choice in choosing Dr. Golpa before my six month appointment. Now I know I really have. He's the BEST. I had no clue how the process would be for my perms - only the stories I have read here on this site. I left my appointment - ESTATIC! My new teeth are being made with PMMA. As explained to me - it is the top of the line - one tick below proceline itself. I was shown the "block" that the teeth will be formed from. I was also told - they do not stain and are stronger than the normally used acrylic. As if that wasn't enough good news - Dr. Golpa's new lab is open - it is across the parking lot from the office and is State of the Art.
I met with the tech and Dr. G. - Carlos took a picture of my teeth - printed it out on letter size paper so the tech and Dr. G. could draw and mark on it by the tooth with me navigating my thoughts. They copied my note list of the things I wrote down making the changes on the picture. Dr. G. was very attentive as was the tech. As we went over the changes Dr. G. would have me bite and check things as each change was made on the paper. Brit took X-rays to see my progress - they were great. Everything integrated beautifully. Then I chose the color. I went back and forth for an hour trying to decide. I went down two shades from my temps as these do not stain. They will still be a pretty white - just not blaring white. I go back Jan. 7th for the wax try in. I'm very excited and feel extremely confident in the changes. I prepared myself for the "we are almost done with you attitude" that I keep reading about with others. This was not the case. I felt like the most important patient - like I was the only patient around. I was fussed over and listened too and greeted like someone of extreme importance. I felt relaxed and comfortable and more importantly - I felt confident in the communication exchange between Dr. G. and the tech - Jose.
I will write a new update after my wax try ins and throughout this process.


I've had my perms for a few days. They are stronger and better than my temps and I can eat anything and everything without worry or pain. It's been years since I've been able to that. My husband says my teeth are close to what they looked like when he first met me. The process took longer than expect but it was necessary so that my bone and the bone graph could integrate with the implants. The X-rays showed they integrated very well. So all in all it was all worth it. My mouth is healthy and I have nice teeth again.
Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist

My procedure was Thursday 6/6/13. I had 23 very compromised teeth with seriously infected gums that were extracted. I ended up with some complex issues and nine hours of surgery. They ended up needing to put cadaver bone in my upper arch and an extra implant. Not much pain a little swelling and a lot of throbbing after the procedure. I was semi conscious through out the procedure. I went back in yesterday 6/7/2013 and had my new teeth put in. Dr. Golpa is definitely second to none with this procedure. Under my circumstances he made adjustments without hesitation to give me the best possible outcome with a less than normal situation. Because of my complex surgery I will not be biting an apple for six months. My only complaint is communication breakdowns between the front office and everything else. There were many lapses that took place. Dr. Golpa himself is wonderful , passionate and proficient.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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They look fantastic!
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Thank you very much Josie8. They are one shade different than the temps (a little less white) but still very white. My husband says they look more natural. I also asked for the canines to be sticking out and for overbite - much like my natural teeth. All of that was achieved. My only disappointment is that the underside of the upper arch seems very bulky to me. I'm waiting a few weeks to see if I can adjust to that change - if not I will go back I and see if it can be tapered down. Have you decided to go through with this procedure Josie? What are your thoughts?
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Glad you are happy, they look very natural to me. I need my uppers in the near future , not for a few years my dentist told me. I am more scared of who I choose to do this than the procedure itself. I am a very anxious person and overthink everything, I am in Chicago so I'm not sure I want to travel all the way to Las Vegas. I want my new teeth to look natural and I don't want people to know I've had this done. It's going to be a hard decision who I put my trust in, as you know this is a difficult process. Thank you for all your updates, I have been reading everything I can about this procedure.
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The photo does not do justice. The look so much better in person. I was the same as you Josie. I over researched everything. I read everything including this site, you tube and more. I was apprehensive as well as hesitant. I also thought it was bogus to get teeth in a day. It was the support of my husband that guided me to at least go for a consultation to one, two or three dentist if needed. I was lucky to talk to someone at Dr. Golpa's office on the phone for quite a long time. I got all my questions answered before I went in for my consultation. By that point I was ready for the procedure. Email or call Dr. Golpa's and ask your questions including that you live in Chicago. I know for a fact that they will put you up at a nice hotel and provide "James" their driver to pick you up etc. They have more out of state patients than locals. Also, the price is lower by thousands compared to other practices and Dr. G. Is second to none. That is something to consider. I wouldn't trust another dentist to be very honest.
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Thank you, you are very helpful. My biggest concern is, if something is not right I would have to travel back and forth, more time and more money. Also the stress of the possibility of something happening that is urgent and I'm across the country. I would like to think everything would go smoothly and it's not a problem, but I always prepare for the worst, and tend to think the worst. I am driving myself crazy reading up on this stuff though, and of course I focus on the bad reviews! Thanks again.
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Hi Josie - I was just checking this site and saw your response. My email alert didn't alert me - go figure. I wish there were negative responses I could've read before my procedure. Everything I read was ultra "wonderful" so when I had my procedure I expected to be just like them. What a shock and a let down that I ended up with 9 hours of surgery and bone graphing and no " biting the apple" - and the wrong size teeth the following day. I was devasted because I thought EVERYBODY had a smooth and easy time. That's why I started writing my review - so people could see that things can and will be different - individual by individual. I was very lucky to have Dr. G. at my side doing this procedure. I seriously believe that had it been a different dentist during this surgery the outcome would've been a disaster and the outcome very different. So I consider myself blessed and lucky to have been in his hands. Now -to date- my result is a happy ending - it just took longer to get there. My point is Josie is that it's good to know that it doesn't always go as planned but choosing the right dentist for the procedure is paramount.
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lvlocal so glad everything turned out well for you. Your smile looks great. You talked about your uppers being bulky did your Dr. give you reason why they are
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sorry my phone is so key sensitive. Just wanted to say mine are less material then the temps. Glad you are finish now. It's amazing that this option was available to us. I know it change the way I was feel about my self. I am happy looking forward o my sons wedding in June. I don't have that problem.
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I meant i don't have a problem smiling anymore. Time to change computers haha
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nj- I know what you mean about the sensitive keys - this one auto corrects all the time - sometime I catch it and sometimes I don't. I makes me look illiterate :-). Yes, they did tell me they couldn't cut down the gums in the area that feels bulky to me because of the titanium bar. I will still go in and see if it can be shaved down a little more. My temps vs. these are completely different material so it's hard to compare. What I do know is these are much stronger and I ate my first steak dinner Sunday. It was delicious! First steak I've had I years. My teeth were so soft before surgery - then the bone graphing after so it's been a very long time since I bit into a steak. It is the best choice to have all on four - I diffinately don't think about it when I smile - I just smile now. Before I'd be more reserved or put my hand across my mouth. Congrats on your sons upcoming wedding - the photos will be great with your new smile! I had two weddings after my procedure. My daughter and my step daughter. The photos are beautiful and I have a healthy mouth in both. I smile with more confidence - that's for sure. I am very happy having had this choice. I can't imagine having dentures. What a nightmare that would be. I know how OLD I felt when they took the temps out before the perms went in. In that short amount of time I thought to myself - this is awful - I can't imagine taking out my teeth everyday and to have this feeling of a collapsed mouth EVERYDAY and feeling really OLD. This procedure is a miracle and worth every dime. What a wonderful time we live in to have this choice. And knowing that day by day this procedure is advancing and getting even better. I feel very fortunate. :-)
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Josie, I am posting a but late but I am from Chicago as well. I also am a patient of Dr. Golpa. I am not sure where you are on your decision but please don't let the distance be the determining factor. Look for the dr and staff that you are most comfortable with and trust yourself. Then go with it. Hope this helped.
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Thank you for your help. I still have not made a decision yet as I still have some time. May I ask why you chose Dr. Golpa? I know he is very good but I guess I would rather stay in the Chicago area as I am a very anxious person and really don't want to travel back and forth. Did you get any consults in the Chicago area? I have heard mixed reviews about Clear Choice but I am considering the one downtown Chicago because they do everything in one place. I definitely don't want to sacrifice quality care for proximity but I guess I'm just hoping I can find that here in Chicago, but it's hard to know where to start. Thanks.
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Hello I used choice in Las Vegas and I had 24 teeth removed and upper and lower done in one day ...not a problem! I know it sounds unbelievable but it's true... They did an awesome job I had little pain and only moderate swelling. Really thought it was tougher. Amazing!!!!!
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Yes I did get a consult in Chicago. I called and the conversation was great. When I went it to have the scan done to see if I was a candidate everyone was very nice. After the scan I was led to an office and the dentist came in. That's where things started to go wrong. After telling me that I was a good candidate for the procedure , the money came up and I was pressured for a deposit. Now I am acutely aware that they are also a business, and that their time is valuable, but I value my time to think about things and to make informed decisions as well. There was real pressure to explain why I didn't want to put a deposit down and to show that I was serious. I found that very condescending and plain rude. In addition I had to tell them several times that I was not going to make a decision right there and then before they finally let me out of that office. This office was far more expensive than Dr. Golpa but had I been comfortable and had I felt respected , the price would not have deterred me. I also called another office , also considered one of the top practices in Chicago, and I couldn't even get any information over the phone. Again, everyone has different needs, for me distance and price were on the bottom of my priorities because this procedure, is a big surgery. Perhaps I can share something else with you. Once I decided to go with dr Golpa I put down money. Then something g happened in my family and I needed the money back. It was deposited in my account promptly. It is just a small thing that makes you feel respected even when you need your money back. For me it just made me trust this office a bit more.
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Hi Josie, you say you have time to make your decision. I thought I did too. Had I waited I wouldn't be here right now. It would've been to late as my jawbone was very soft which doesn't show in the CTscan and X-rays. Just one month later and I would not have been able to get the all on four - I would be wearing dentures. I also believe that Dr. Golpa was the only qualified doctor that knew exactly what to do at that moment during surgery when my jawbone collapsed. It was quite a serious situation at that moment - so I was told by everyone in the surgical room assisting the doctor. It was a close call. Also, at Dr. Golpa's your get very personalized attention and individual care. You are not part of a corporate dentistry program. Maybe these things will help you with your decision. You are in the perfect place to figure out where to start. :-) your next step when you are ready is make a phone call for a consultation. Call Dr. Golpa's office and ask to speak to Carlos - that would be a great start and it won't cost you anything to talk to him since it's a toll free call. You ask everything you need answered before you make a decision. Then go from there. You can call Clear Choice after that and compare notes. Hopefully this info will help you.
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Hello all . Did anyone experience staining on the teeth? And if yes , we're you told it was due to drinking a lot of coffee? I these teeth are not supposed to stain. I am just wondering if anyone had staining.
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Josie, dr Golpa 's office does everything in one place as well.
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Josie, I think that as long as you are not done with the procedure and you fitting for perm etc. dr. Golpa provides hotel etc. I suppose that if you opt to return to the office for maintenance the expense would be yours but I am not sure. That is something that you could easily find out by asking the staff. Maybe knowing exactly what they will pay for air fare etc will make your decision easier. ASK.
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Thank you, it's good to know that you had a good experience at Clear Choice.
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Thanks so much for the info, I was told I have time but I will reconsider and ask my dentist again as I am due for a cleaning soon. I think I'm just discouraged that I might not get the best care here in Chicago, you would think that in such a big city that I had more options.
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Hi, are you talking about Clear Choice in downtown Chicago? Is that where you got the consult? I would definitely not like to be pressured into that kind of decision. I absolutely will need to feel comfortable or else I will walk. The trust has to be there for me and it's the biggest factor for me in my decision, regardless of price or location. Thanks again for your help.
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No Josie it was not clear choice. I never considered them as an option. You are welcome!
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Hi Rislaine - I have not had any staining to my perms and I drink a ton of coffee. I did get slight staining on my temps. They just sort of looked a little more yellowish but the Colgate "foaming" toothpaste usually took it off.
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Thank you Las Vegas local. These teeth are not supposed to stain. That is what I was told. In addition I started dry brushing, just as the hygienist told me and I use the whole line of trilogy which I purchased at the office. I drink an average of 4 cups of coffee a day and font finish them most of the time. The staining is between the teeth especially the molars. I never had any staining with the provisional at all . Once I had the permanent bridge no staining at all either. Went back to make some changes to the teeth and there is draining every where.
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Triology I meant
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