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Doing my Research...- Las Vegas, NV

Hello Ladies...a couple of months ago i made the...

Hello Ladies...a couple of months ago i made the decision to want to get a BA. I am currently deployed so upon my return back to Las Vegas ill be seeing a couple of doctors. Those of you who have had surgery in Las Vegas, is there a PS you recommend? Im currently a 36B and wanting a D/DD size in silicone. my profile pic is what im currently working it. Any advice on what size i should go with?? im looking to be high a round.

Not working with much

I bought this bathing suit back in march...tried it on and didn't like the way it fit so I gave it to my sister. I'm debating a D or bigger. Ugh...I hate that I have to wait til oct/nov to see a PS, being overseas bites.


I am so hooked to this website, i love reading everyones post and looking at your results. This site is really helping me with my decision making.
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Hey how are you? Just checking in on you to see if chose a PS yet, How are things going?
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! To help the time pass, here are some fun and informative articles for you!

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Keep us posted on your research!

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Thanks for the info.
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Dr. Hayley Brown as u read is the PS I chose I loved everything abt her, her staff and her office. The moment I met her I knew she would be my choice, I felt very comfortable with her. But I know women who has gone with Dr. Lane Smith I hear he's good too, and he's cheaper than Dr Brown but I'm going with Dr Brown regardless of the price. And as I said before I'll definitely keep u updated. Good luck hun.
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Thank you.
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I just wanted to say thank you for your service! Come home safe and sound.
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Thank you!
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I will let you know how my surgery went. I am going to dr. Hankins I heard very good things about him from reviews and also when I went to my consults, I feel comfortable when I met him and also his staff I'm so excited to get my BA done. Also a friend of a friend got her BA down by him and he did an awesome job on her.
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Ive read a lot of good reviews about him. He's actually one of the Dr's i plan on seeeing when i get back. I just hate that i have to wait so long to get it done...but i dont return back to the states until Oct/Nov
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It's ok it will probably be worth the wait.
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