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I went to so many consultations with ps, and they...

I went to so many consultations with ps, and they all treated me like I was crazy, and wanted a small forture to take them out! All of them discouraged me to not take the implants out. When I described all my horrible symptom's that I have had over the past 12 years of having implants, and 8 surgeries later of trying to fix all the problems I had .They all said the same thing the implants were NOT making me sick.

My only two regrets are getting the implants in the first place, and keeping them so damn long! Live and Learn right!

Long story short...The surgery painless, quick, inexpensive, and no anesthesia just local! My breast almost look like what I started with, and it has only been one week! I feel a zillion times better already, and I have not even detoxed yet! If you would like more info please write me....

I had saline & sillicone for only one year, but mostly saline. The symptoms I experienced were: Just to name a few:


I had Saline for 11 years and Silicone for around...

I had Saline for 11 years and Silicone for around 1 year. My health had detoirated over the 12 years,and after 8 surgeries to the point of being bed ridden when I wasn't working. I just wanted to explain why I wanted my breast implants out, also I didn't like the way something fake felt inside of me. I love the way they feel now, and I'm still learning to love the way God made me.If your thinking about removing your implants don't hesitate, and lose your health like I did. Do it now! Thank you all for reading, and God Bless.
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Hi Susan4716,
I also live in Las Vegas and want to have my implants removed. Please let me know which doctor you went to for your removal...my consultations have not been positive. Thank you!
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Hi Ladies, am really thrilled you are all having yours explant operations actually happening - exciting isnt it!!! Fab to hear you are doing well and happy too - great news!!!

I am 10 days post explant - they are slowly fluffing up, wearing a D cup for cup width, but only half filled outwards - I need to be patient and wait at least 3 months for noticeable fluff (apparently).

Since explant, I have had not pain, infections, problems, nothing - its all positive. Although I loved my implants for 20 years, through all the problems (ruptures, capsular contracture, autoimmune diseases, etc), I do think I look slimmer and less matronly without them.

I have discoverred the 2 sizes bigger bra range which make me look naturally big - for evening plunge dresses, etc - but am quite enjoying being cute little size right now, perfect for work.

I feel liberated and have a new lease of life and would encourage anyone thinking about explant to do so. I dont know how to insert photos on here - as have got before, 2 hours after, 1 week later, and in a boost bra.....to encourage you.

I was an A cup at late 20s after breast feeding my kids, then implanted for 20 yrs, poor little things stretched to capacity - to an F cup - thought they would be horribly disfigured - but you know what - I am proud of my natural nearing age 50 breasts and am actually a lot bigger than I started.

Its all good and my health is improving....what more can I say - I am delighted.

Keep well girls and enjoy the freedom!!!

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I had my implants removed on monday the 23rd. I thought they had ruptured they arent pip's but I have had them in for nearly 13 years. I went for an ultrasound and they couldnt see a rupture however the lady doing the ultrsound said she could see silicone under my arm pit on the right hand side. When my doctor Paul Clarke from Transform (amazing by the way I would recommend him for anything and everything) removed the implants they where intact so what the frick is the stuff under my armpits any idea anyone. Obviously I am going back the breast clinic to have another ultrasound but has this ever happened to anyone else? She said the silicone looks brighter under the ultrasound and she could see it now I am wondering what the hell was it. Re my implant removal it is painful and my boobs are diddy again but they look like they did after I had my first child so no real complaints there. I would suggest to anyone thinking of having breast implants to think seriously as I wouldnt wish the stress and worry I am going through and have gone through on anyone. Remember breast implants are for life not just for christmas
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Thank you study girl. Just got mine removed today. I am so very happy. No pain. Have not looked at them yet. Maybe in 2 days I will. No pain at all. Just nice of everyone to share how they feel. I loved what studygirl wrote. So soft and feeling empty. It least I knew what to expect. They do seem biger than what I started with "A" cup. So from C to A. Seems like I have more right now then before. nOT SURE, MAYBE THEY WILL CHANGE. JUST VERY HAPPY TO GET THESE OUT. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU. THANKS AGAIN. ELLEN
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Hi mopsie, was just checking in to see how youre doing now that its been a few weeks. I am almost two weeks out and am so happy i did this. Finding a good bra has been a bit tough but i'm hoping as more time goes by i will fill them out better. Emotionally i am better than i thought i would be. I love being natural again.
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mine are booked for a removal on monday 23 jan. I am excited and terrified at the same time. After my ultrasound scan they confirmed they are ruptured and leaking under my arm towards my lymph nodes or in my lymph nodes I am not sure anymore. Just wanted to say I cant wait...
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Well...... Just had mine out!!!! They feel weird - very very soft, not felt like that for 20 years. Bit sad and empty looking BUT its very early days - nipples maintained shape, not painful, so glad to have had it done.

I am wearing a masectomy bra which is very comfy - but have had a sneaky try on of my new Triple Gel Push up bras and I have still got a cleavage.

I was an A cup 20 years ago when first implanted, then went to an F cup - guess I must be a C cup now? But maybe its still just swelling - shouldnt get too excited.

They look sad, but not horribly disfigured. I took a photo before I went in to hospital, then had the nurse take a photo a few hours after the op, and will wait a few weeks to take another and publish on here.

Felt great immediately I came round from the surgery, still got disolvable stitches inside and glue stuff on outside - only been 47 hours! Got home the next day - needed no pain meds, nothing since!!!

Will keep you posted and good luck for those of you going in this week. x
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So good to hear. I go on Tuesday to get mine removed. Just like you, been 20 years and I am a c cup. I was a small a cup, if even that. I am sure I will feel a bit sad and empty. Then again I am sure I will be happy when it is done. Everyone keeps telling me to put small ones in. I just want to be done with it. I wont even look at them for it least 3 days. I dont want to freak out.
Cant wait to feel like you do. Gonna be nice to feel soft instead of implant . Thank you so much for shareing. Makes me feel good. Had no problem with them , just dont want any. I am 57 and dont need any problems. That is why I am doing this. Plus be nice to sleep without these in my way. And to hug my husband and feel his chest on mine. Just hope not to disfigured. But oh well if they are. Just want them out. Again thank you, Ellen
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Glad to hear yiu are implant free too. I tried to update my status yesterday because I also just had mine removed but my update isnt showing??? I had my surgery Wednesday. Yesterday was a bad day for me with some pain and nausea but already better today. Mine are also small and soft but its ok. I'm still hoping they will "fluff up" a bit. The nipples are in tact and there is no deformity so I guess thats the best I could hope for. I hope you continue to recover well. Keep us posted.
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Wow great to hear such a positive story. Thank you and enjoy the new gel bras I can't wait to replace my outfits and wear tops that I like so glad u have been trying on the bras. Had a wee giggle thinking of u sneaking them on when u ain't meant to keep us posted on your recovery E
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After the PIP scare, I've decided that will get mine removed ASAP and not replaced as don't want to live in fear of myself for the sake of fake boobs! Going through a claim too and feel will be stronger if I just get removed. Like lovely selves I'm going to get some inserts or bra that will make me look no different whilst I adapt to life without my boobs.

Am going to have to drop two dress sizes and lose the boobs in the process as soon as am well enough to exercise.

Would appreciate some before and after pics.

Thanks! x
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I just came across this site. After 1 1/2 years of textured silicone under muscle, I am experiencing what I believe to be capsular contracture on my right. I had a little injury the day after Christmas, someone ran into my breast while we were playing basketball and it started feeling weird 2 days after. I went to see my surgion and he said it was probably the muscle strained/tweaked and in a few weeks it should be fine. It is not fine. In fact, it feels a bit tighter and like a ball. I will be going back this week but I am contemplating just getting them both removed. I don't want to risk this happening again and I don't want to spend any more money on it. In fact, I don't even have the money to fix this! Should I see if my insurance company will cover it? And if they do, should I have consultations with different surgeons or just go back to the one that did my surgery to begin with?
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HI Ladies,

Let's build this community up so it can give you the information you need! Every story you post helps me to improve this breast implant removal site. I'd love to know what you'd like to see more of here on RealSelf!

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Hi Tulip

I agree with Brownies above. Its a shame you have received no joy from your new implants - even though mine have to go now - I have loved their appearance and had nearly 20 good years out of them.

From my research, I have found the chance of deformity after explant depends on how large the implant, how long been in the body, further repair surgeries, rupture, encapsulations, and of course age/elasticity of skin.

As your implants are small (good news), and only been in a short time (better news) and assuming no repair surgery done (even better news), it would be fair to assume they could return to near normal/close to before implant days.

Obviously, in our 40+s (me too), our skin does not stretch back as quick as it would have in our 20s but after only a year - I cannot envisage you having much change.

I have found a fab site showing loads of real womens explant stories and more importantly, photos of their before and after implants/explants - its a real eye opener!!! I was very encouraged by the positive natural after photos (ok a few horror stories - but majority good outcomes) and brought to tears with some of their tales - definitely recommend a look - and you will be in NO DOUBT as whether to expalnt or not.


Good luck - hope that helps.

S x
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I will also check out that website. I have been trying to find one in addition to this one for more photos/stories of other women. Thanks for the information.
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Hi Brownies,

I hope its useful. Be prepared to sit with your mouth open, saying OMG, for several hours - loads of explant photos and stories from women, like us, who fell for the dream of the perfect breasts, unsuspecting what was to become of them.

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hi studygirl,
I checked that website out and found it very helpful but also very sad at what some women have gone through. It makes me even more convinced that I am doing the right thing. 6 more days to be implant free. Can't wait.
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Hi, who was your doctor? I would like to have this done as well.
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Hi ladies,

I am 49 (will be 50 in March)I just had breast implant for little over a year and feel that my breasts are in discomfort and sometime sensitive/in pain....not too painful but enough to make me feel regret that I had them. Mine were B cup before but were sagging and thought implant (cup C) would do the work. However, in these past 2 mos, I start to feel nausea, and dizzy....Besides, I don't think they make me feel more beautiful or confident....just feel heavier and now with the silicon PIP problem overseas, it makes me more worry...please let me know how your removal went and how your breasts look afterward. I am very concern about the difficulty of removal procedure and the breasts appreance, scars afterwards. Thank you and good luck to you all.
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Im sorry that you feel this way after only one year. From everything that i have read thus far, the fact that you have had them for such a short time should minimize the chances of them looking much different from before your implants. Especially since you only increased one breast size. I am having mine removed January 18 and will post after my procedure. He injects local anesthesia and i will be sedated. He said the actual procedure only takes about 45 minutes. We'll see. Hoping for good results and good luck with your decision. I know it isnt an easy one.
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I am 57 years old and am on day 3 of removed implants. I feel no regret and free of problems. I thought I would look bad. Not at all. I have more today than when I implanted. No scars or sag. Which after 20 years of them in my way to sleep, walk, jog,I am FREE and look thin and need new clothes that fit. "Tops" All my friends who advise I put replacement implants. Well now they want to get their implants out. So my advise is to do what you want and not others. It for sure is the best thing I have done for my comfort appreance and well being. I knew I was getting older and did not want to wait till I was older and not to old to bounce back. Thank you and wish you good health and implant free.
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every thing you just wrote is what I feel. I also went from a cup to a C. I found the docter to get these out. I have to get blood test and a all clear from a docter. Then on the 7th of Feb I get to remove these. Good luck to you. Your lucky to get them out before me. I have not told anyone of my friends or family about this. I will also get a bra to cover up what I have changed. Thanks for your comment. Makes me feel normal for what I feel. Thanks
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Hu Susan, Thanks for your story and photos - that really encourages me. I have had 525cc x 2 silicon implants for 20 years - went from an A to an F cup.

I absolutely love their appearance and have enjoyed them for all of this time. However, hav suffered all of your complaints, lots of autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue and all tests come back normal. I have had 1 rupture and 1 encapsulation (like a solid rock for the last 2 years). People are very taken aback when they hug me and get prodded by my encapsulated breast.

Enough is enough. They have to go. Never to be replaced. I will be devasted when they are explanted next week(on NHS in UK) and am petrified that I will be lopsided, deformed and completely depressed.

But I need my health back. My surgeon says I should have them removed, then wait 3-6 months to see how thye "fluff up" and only after that time consider a mastoplexy (uplift). He also mentioned stem-cell transfer (fat) from by butt to my breasts to raise to a B cup.

I cant wait to get it over with - have bought masectomy bras and prosthesis to wear, so that no-one notices immediately, then can reduce prosthesis size over months as I lose weight. That way people will think my breasts are smaller due to weight loss (am currently 140lbs - correct weight for height) - but will have to go smaller to be convincing. So not only have to get used to the loss of my babies, but then have to drastically lose weight, wear prosthesis and lie to people!!!

Why do we do these things to ourselves?

I will post before and after photos when done.

Good luck out there to everyone thinking of explanting. Thanks again Susan for the encuraging photo.

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Studygirl, i am also explanting. My surgery is jan 18th and I cant wait. Tired of the discomfort, pain and feeling self conscious of the way they look. I have had them for 18 years, saline under the muscle. I went from an A cup to a small C. Not too large so hoping with a good victorias secret padded bra it wont be too noticeable. Like you I worry about what people will think and am trying to get over that. It is my body and who cares if they figure it out. Good luck and let us know how you do.
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