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I'm scheduled for explant on Feb 4! My right...

I'm scheduled for explant on Feb 4! My right breast always hurt and feels like they're straining my neck and back. I have 400 silicone Mentor implants, over the muscle. I'm so excited to get my normal breast back! I'm 5'7" and 130 pounds. Breast size 34 D-DD I'll post the before pic now and after when the procedure is over. I can honestly say if it wasn't for this site I don't think I would have the balls to do this! Thank you!!


I did just explant last November only after having implants for just over a month. Gosh, I hated them, I knew I didnt want to live with them. They were so uncomfortable. Plus, I felt to big. Anyways, Explant surgery was easy and now its been 2 months and everything, beside having the scars looks the same as before, I had a few strech marks which coco butter has helped already. Good Luck ladies:)
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I wish u luck! I bet you are very excited! I am in your shoes I am waiting to get mine out....hopefully next month too. I have had mine in for 3 years...550 silicone over the muscle. I went from a 36b to a 36dd, way bigger than I ever wanted to be in the first place, but my surgeon didn't listen to me very well. I have developed a CC on one side which is causing discomfort and I have also come down sick and have been diagnosed with Lupus in the last 2 years. I know my implant didn' t cause my Lupus but I am hoping that not having a foreign object in my body will help me to do better. What size where you before your implants? Are you going to have a lift or just a removal? Has your PS given you a approximate size you will be afterwards? I can not wait to get mine out. I have done 1 consult and still have another one scheduled. I had a real bad expierence with my PS who put them in and just want to make sure I have a good one to take them out. Having them put is was what I thought I wanted so bad....and now I believe its the worst decision I ever made. I am in Vegas too, would you mind telling me how much you are being charged? Would love to see how everything turns out for you!
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Hi, I was a 34 B before implants. Dr Smith is charging me 5k. He was the only doc to not pressure me into getting more implants or a lift. Love him so far!!!

So update to my story... I'm going to wait about...

So update to my story...
I'm going to wait about 2 months to save up more money. It's $5,000! My advice to
Anyone getting a boob job, start saving money after the first surgery because you're gonna need


hope your surgery went well bhard! wishing you an easy recovery!
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oh, just saw it is postponed! good luck when you do get the bags out!
I forgot to say- I am also going to ask my doctor about a capsulectomy. Do you know if you will have that done as well?
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So my new explant date is March 4th! I'm excited...

So my new explant date is March 4th! I'm excited and nervous. Hope everything goes well. I look at this site everyday for inspiration! I'm also calling Mentor, the implant makers to see about a 1,200 dollar compensation for my possibly ruptured right implant. Read your paperwork! Either way I'm so excited to get these bags out of my body. Thanks all!


Im glad you have your date. I have mine set for Feb 20 and am counting the days! I hope yours go well!
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Thank you! Good luck. Can't wait to hear from you!

Hi ladies! My not so fun bags are coming out in 6...

Hi ladies! My not so fun bags are coming out in 6 days! March 4th. I'll post after pics when I can. I'm so excited (and a little nervous). I check this site all the time for inspiration and I really appreciate all the stories, pictures and comments.


Good luck with surgery....keep us posted.
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I just had my over the muscle silicone 800cc's out 2 weeks ago yesterday after 13 yrs...what a relief. Had lots of pain in the right breast. Also have some nerve pain with my feet and stress problems in my upper back and neck. I am soooooo happy to be just me, saggy flat boobies and all. I feel so much lighter in many ways!
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6 more days! eeeek! good luck! I'm so jealous lol! But so excited for you! Can't wait to see your updates!
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They're out! I have drains in. Not much pain and...

They're out! I have drains in. Not much pain and relaxing. The right implant had ruptured and both implants had a lot of scar tissue. I am overjoyed they are finally out. I'm wrapped up tight and as soon as I can I will update a picture. Thank you everybody for your kind posts! This website is awesome!


Well done B, you're over the worst now and welcome to the better side! Take it easy and rest as much as you can x
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Congratulations! Very interesting that you had a rupture- did you have any idea? I kind of wonder if one of mine is as well. I was under the impression that the Mentor silicone was semi- indestructible. I suppose I heard what I wanted! Again- so happy for you!
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Congrats on making it to the other side...get plenty of rest....looking forward to pics!
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These are the pics after taking bandage off for...

These are the pics after taking bandage off for first time. They're pushed flat from the bandage. A little shocking at first but I know they'll look better over time. I'm already off pain mess just have the annoying drains.


You look great! I am very similar, 400 silicone textured overs with a little more sag than you. My surgery is in a week and I'm really encouraged by your positive attitude!
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Thank you! Good luck with your surgery. So far, I feel good just uncomfortable With the wrap and drains. My neck and back feel so much better already without the implants! The hardest thing is being patient through the whole process and the uncertainty of what my boobs are going to look like. Our bodies bounce back though its quite amazing! Xo
Congratulations on going au natural!
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I can't sleep so I'm stalking the boob site. I was...

I can't sleep so I'm stalking the boob site. I was feeling a bit down earlier because of all the restrictions... Can't hold my 2 year old and he doesn't understand and my husband got on my nerves. I think it's the letdown effect after any surgery. I might get my drains out tomorrow yay. Every time I check back here I'm so encouraged and amazed by the amount of women deciding for permanent implant removal. I'm not against them at all and I know a few friend that love theirs. I just don't think there is enough testing and follow up to qualify implants as safe for all women. It's such a huge money maker I doubt that will change anytime soon. So for now it's nice to have this forum to share and I appreciate all the pics and stories.


they look amazing!
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Looking great! So happy to see you are doing well...thank you for the updates. I plan on wearing a sports bra 24-7 for 2 months or more to really promote healing.
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Looking good! Are you still wearing bandages/compression wrap? I wonder how long I should keep using it.
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Hi ladies! It's been 2 weeks since explant and all...

Hi ladies! It's been 2 weeks since explant and all is good. I finally feel back to my self. My back and neck pain is going away and I'm moving around a lot more. It was a rough 2 weeks but there's light at the end of the tunnel. My breasts look the same as the last pic so no new photos. I'm still wrapped tight for one more week. That's the most frustrating part. Did anybody else have to be wrapped like a mummy for more than a few days? Anyhow, can't wait for next week I can exercise and I'm sure ill feel even better. HugS to all of you and thanks for your support!


You really do look so much better all natural! You don't even have to hope for any improvements- perfect already! :-)
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Looking fab!!! I'm a 36B too - just! There are some amazing padded bras out there for the occasions when we want a cleavage but I think you look brilliant as you are :) x
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Looking good in your pics! I've got one more week of the "mummy" look to go. I didn't have any real swelling so I will be curious if I shrink any further. Glad your back & neck pain have improved:)
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Hi all! Just an update. I feel great with tons of...

Hi all! Just an update. I feel great with tons of energy. My boobs are healing nicely. I saw the ps today and h e says they look great. I'm so glad I had my implants removed!


Wonderful results! Congratulations on being implant Free!
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Thanks for posting you review, ive recently explanted and seeing stories like yours gives me hope. I think you have a great result, well done : )
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You look great and your breast tissue has really bounced back!!! You natural breast are so much lovelier than the implants. :)
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Hi ladies! It's been 9 weeks since explant. I...

Hi ladies! It's been 9 weeks since explant. I feel amazing! Working out everyday and not tired and achy anymore. I am so glad I removed the bags! I don't obsess over my boobs anymore so I don't come on here much anymore. Thanks again to all of you that encouraged me along the way. :)))


Great story! I agree with Verana about scars becoming invisible, mine did, I had implants for 32 years with incisions under the breast and they had dissapeared. It is a pity that I didn't take a picture of those scars to show! The implants went on Monday 29th and I am over the moon with my results. Thank you for posting!
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Thank you!
Looking great, the scar will be invisible after a while....I like that bra, by the way. Pretty! So glad you're feeling better every day. I just can't wait!!
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Feeling great!

Hi ladies! I'm almost 3 months post op breast explant removal and capsulectomy. It's like I've I've gained 10 years back to my health. My back and neck and general overall health is almost back to what it was in my 20's. it did take about 6 weeks to feel the positive effects of getting the implants removed. It was around week 2 I was emotional and wished I hadn't had them removed. It's a very emotional experience. I felt like I had a masectomy or something. The first 3 weeks was exhausting. Now, I feel amazing. It's like a whole new person. My joints don't ache, I'm not so foggy and the fatigue is just about gone. I have a 2 year old so some fatigue is normal haha! My breasts aren't perfect but honestly they never were. There is some loose skin when I raise my arms but I'll take it any day over the horrible aches and pains and depression I had prior to removal. I'm actually working out at the gym again and loving it. I hope if anyone is having problems with their implants they get them out ASAP and just learn to love yourself and accept your flaws and learn to love them. That's what I'm focusing on everyday! Thanks again to all the beautiful ladies that shared their stories and pics. That's the only reason I had the balls to remove my implants! You guys are brave as they come! Xoxo


Yay! Congrats :)
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Congrats!! We have similar looking girls !! It is truly amazing now, three weeks past and improving daily now. In every way! :))) Keep Healing and feeling wonderful!! :)) At 53, I swear I feel 10 years younger now too! Just not carrying around those BIG BAGS! :) aka lil Hoots
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Congratulations B! You look awesome, and it is great that you feel so much better. Enjoy it!
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6 months out!

I'm 6 months out from breast implant removal and feel great! I'm happy with my decision and feel happy and healthy. No more neck and back pain. My clothes fit better and bras are easier to find. Thanks for all the pictures and stories. Without I wouldn't have been able to do it!

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6 months post op

Here's the latest pics


I live in Henderson and I am starting the process to getting these implants out and regaining my health! I need doctor recommendations! Would you refer yours?
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Congrats, B! You look fantastic, but more importantly it sounds like you FEEL good!! Thank you for sharing your story and helping to inspire those of us on our way to explanting! :)
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You look great and the best part is you feel great! It's funny all the doctors I have seen have said that removing my implants will not restore my health but none have tried to persuade me to keep my implants because I am so set on removing them. However, I have read so many stories like yours of restored health that convince me that these doctors just have to say these things because they sell implants. I did have one doctor agree that a very small number of women have an adverse reaction to having implants and for them removing them helps....go figure:) I look forward to getting mine out soon and hopefully having some more energy. Thanks for sharing your story.
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