27yrs 5'3 130lbs 34A cup 550cc silicone high under muscle

I had my consultation done last year, i was stuck...

I had my consultation done last year, i was stuck between two doctors but i have now decided to go with Dr. Sohn , customer service was one reason why. The consult was quick and simple but i admit you leave with thoughts and big decisions to make. Here i am 1 month to go and I still cant decide on a size. I read many girls wish they went bigger?
Surgery is soon! Still cant decide between 450cc or bigger?

High profile and moderate high
I'm 5'3 150lb I went 520cc. They are definitely not large. Not sure why. Feel free to check out my pics.
It does depend on your height and measurements. I recommend high profile and 450 sounds perfect if you're over 5'7, I bet. I got 225 HP overs and am now a 32D, but I'm short.
Hi Don't stress about the cc, try on the sizers in your PS appt and go for the one that feels right and comfortable. I ended up with 240cc which has taken me from a 32a to 32dd! And I'm 5 ft 7, 115lb. What I have learned is that everyone is unique and your PS is the one who knows all of your measurements. Takelots of pictures of breasts you like (and don't like) so he understands exactly what you want to achieve. I obsessed about size too, but in the end what he originally recommended was perfect for me - all that stress for nothing lol! Good luck!

Height and weight

I am currently 5'3 athletic build
I'm 5'2 120lbs and ended up getting 350 cc's. That took me from a B- cup to a full C cup/small D cup. I guess everyone is different but my doctor warned me against going above 400 cc's based on my size. I think i couldn't gone up to about 370 cc's but i am very happy with the outcome. Good luck!
You Look AMAZ! So glad to hear from a woman with color you healed great!! Im glad i saw your pics i think i want a little bigger though like 425cc

Age 27 5'3 130 lbs 450-500 cc?

Update on size and image

Will Moderate High sag overtime?

I like high profile but want a natural look I'm afraid moderate high will sag over time is this true? Reason I'm worried is the Doctor said i had a short Torso .
I'm only 5 ft but I'm a lil curvy, with hips and a butt so my ps suggested 450 ccs silicones for my frame. Everyone's proportions are so different and your ps will definitely guide you based off of your measurements :)
I'm having the same issues as you trying to figure out a size. What did the doctor recommended for you?

Count down until girls arrive!

Its done!! April 24th is the date!!! Im ready I'm scared! Pre consult is this monday! I still dont have a size though... My friend just got a 600cc! Yikes! 450cc im thinking

Sooo 500cc saline ? But high? Or Moderate

Sooo 500cc saline ?
But high? Or Moderate
I want them high but smooth i dont want the big lump on top
Im 5'4, started at a 32/34 A. I thought about moderate too, but I showed my PS my wish pix and he said HP was definitely best. Also because of my smaller chest width. If i would have gotten moderate, i think the implants would have been wider on the sides of my chest. So talk to your doctor about his recommendation. :) also I would go with 475 if you're between 450 and 500. I went with 500R and 475L. (Mine were very slightly different to begin with.) Couldn't be happier with my size!
You look great!! Cant wait to see you drop! I love your look!
True. Mod are wide and flat. High are narrow and tall. Best for people with a narrow chest because mod would be too ride to fit unless you got a pretty small implant and it'll be flat. Mod + is in between. Has nice projection and natural look. Not to narrow or wide

Pre op today!! Yay 500cc silicone high it is!!

Ok I lied .. I mean i loved the 500cc but part of me wanted just a little bigger!! Is this normal? Slhd i go up! ???
I think the 500 look great, I struggled w size as well I went 400 and feel I went a lil too big but rather bigger than too small, but I do think ur 500s look great
2 thumbs up!
Looks great!!

Almost time!! Help boob greed!

Ok so now that I'm looking at the 500cc they are looking more smaller everyday is this normal? Should i really go up to 525 maybe 550cc ? Im going under the muscle afraid i will be a little to small!
Go for it 525cc!! Lol! I wish my. PS DIDNT talk me out of it!

3 more days!

Just dropped off prescription still stressed over size but i stuck with 500cc in the long run i don't want to be an old betty with huge knockers
Lol Go big! If you go with something you are comfortable with now your more likely to have boob greed. I got 550cc HP and I was terrified because I thought it was too big but now I wish I would have gone bigger. Good luck and congrats!

Changed date!! Boob greed

Final changes were made today. I have yet again upped my CC 's. 550cc it is !! The saying goes when in doubt.. Ao i did it! surgery is Monday April 28th!!

550cc rice sizers

You will look great. Keep me posted!
Awesome! Make sure you PS gives you a perscription for nausea it totally worth it :)
Yes! stay big! I started thinking 375.....went up to 500! My PS could only fit in 495, but I am calling that close enough! I think HP are great and I found I loved them so much more than mod +. With going under the muscle, you are going to lose about 20% (ish) which will still keep you right in the range you want! I am so glad I went with the biggest I could!

OMG! horrific dream!!

Funny but scary moment! I had a dream i woke up from surgery to find that only 225cc could fit me cause im so flat!! So i woke up with tiny totts!! I cried and cried! Lol!!


On my way as i am typing this
Mood- nervous and excited
Speaking to family and praying is all i can do! Wish me luck!
I wish you the best of luck today! OH what a great day! You are going to do just great and the rest of the day will fly by because you will probably be in and out of it for the evening. Excited to see your results! Do you meet wtih your PS the day after?
Yes tomorrow hun!
Btw do you know there is a profile in between moderate and high

Im out! And out of it!

I wanted to hurry and update while the meds have kicked in! surgery went well. painful, but well. I woke up sore and dazed for about 30 minutes. Im now home and trying to take my mind off the dis comfort. I cant describe the pain at all. I had two kids natural and this hurts more mainly because it does not stop unlike contractions. No nausea at all just very uncomfortable but meds are kicking in so its tolerable. My chest is hard, and very compressed. But i still am excited. This was worth it so far.

Before pics

Sorry i forgot to do this in the beginning!

Before 32 A

Congrats. The pain will go away quickly. You'll feel better each day. Did your doc put pain Meds directly into your breasts? Mine did. That helps with the pain a lot. Maybe y I didn't feel much. Only on the car ride


Very uncomfortable keep up with your meds and stay on schedule or you will be in a lot of pain.
Congrats hope healing is well
That is great! I am sorry that you are in a lot of pain. I am really glad that you do not have to deal with nausea. I could never imagine having that tightness and having a troublesome stomach. Did they send you home in a surgical bra? I hope you are able to get some sleep and shower after your appointment tomorrow. If you are given the go to shower, it will be the best feeling in the world!

1 day post op! Feeling great!

It was hard to sleep the first night. Back hurts really bad, but i made it through thanks to my BF. My bands were removed today and that feels soo much better! My doc also gave me stronger pain meds as well. Other than that they look great! Day by day!
Happy healing! Yea sleeping is tough on the back "/ I had back problems for days! What you get on cc?
I went 550cc they look small right now is that normal? Besides that im doing great!

A little bruising but loving this process

They are like a flower getting ready to blossom

2 days post op!!

Feeling much better!! Ima able to walk around a lot more. And move my arms just a bit more. My armpit area is very tender and sore and frozen peas help alot.
Keep track of your pain meds and stay on scedule or you will get muscle spasm ouch!

Lookin good


Looking good ????


Surprisingly I have had no issues thus far pain is less and less each day. I am able to sleep on my sides as well. The girls are still firm but im going to start mesaging them today. I do have bruising but they are slowly disappearing, I have been taking it easy and still no driving but i will attempt today. Im taking less and less pain meds and im also back to work. Im just so anxious and want the girls to drop.
They are coming along nice

More photos!

Ugh 550cc looking small : (

Anyone else have this issue of feeling they are not big enough! I knew this would be the case with me because i was super flat i keep reading about tue drop and fluff fairy please tell me this is true!
As your muscles relax and get used to the foreign objects they are tensing up about, they will soften and also then appear larger. I felt the same way as you when I was a couple weeks out but now being 8 weeks they have changed SO SO much. I can't even tell you. Like every week you will see differences. Be very patient. U have to be!! Just know that in 2-3 months they will look so different and you will be fitting into a D or DD or who knows maybe even bigger. I started at 34AA (couldn't even for into an A cup) and now I'm a 34D 32DD. And I got 500 and 475. So patience is a virtue!! :) just massage if your PS tells u to in another week or so, and take it a day at a time ;)
Yes!! I needed to hear this!! Thanks luv!!
Sorry, I got confused and thought u were further along. It's only been a wk. Gotta give it time

13 days post op pain???

Im only 13 days and im still trying to take it easy. However is anyone else experiencing odd pains throught the day? Dies this mean im doing too much? Cooking , cleaning and such. I tend to get real bad pains closer to my armpit area. I sit down, add peas, and take a mild pain pill. Should i be concerned it really hurts at times. Is masaging ok when this happens?

Sorry about the typos this mobile app isn't the best please ignore the dates they are wrong im only 13 days post op

Please let me know how to edit that ugh

New photos ugh please D&F!!

Pics not in order

Starting to see results!! D&F!!

girl you have a beautiful figure! you should learn to wait and LOVE your new boobies..they will drop and shape out to be perfect Im sure! you should post a new full front / profile pics to show the progress..you look great!

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