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My left feels so different from my right! Anyone else experience this?

September 10th: I guess first off I'll tell...

September 10th:

I guess first off I'll tell you my stats: 5'8, 124 lbs, cup size greatly depends on bra but let's just say SMALL. Also, I am a Canadian citizen, living in the Carribean, but my fiance does his business in the USA.

I have always wanted to get my breasts done (since I was 13 and realized I would never be voluptuous), but, as a student, I couldn't afford the surgery. I don't mind so much the way I look with a shirt, or even a bra on, but I am uncomfortable with my small breasts when naked, or in certain styles of clothing (like tube tops). I have broad shoulders, and full(ish) hips, and I just feel like my breasts are not proportionate.

I just moved with my fiance to the Carribean, where I am always in exposing clothes and bathing suits (dreamy weather.) I finally have the means to get my breasts done, so I am going for it!

I looked into going to Brazil, but in the end my fiance decided it would be best to get it done in the USA, and since we are in Vegas on business next week, we figured it only made sense. I know they must do a lot of plastic surgery in Sin City.

My consultation is on Monday the 17th, with my surgery hopefully being the next day. It was so difficult to find a doctor online. There are so many options, and I have seen so many breasts in before & after shots that it makes me dizzy! I narrowed it down to two surgeons. My first choice was unavailable for the dates I was in Vegas, so I went with my second choice who still seems like a great surgeon. There are a lot of good reviews and articles about him online.

I'm feeling incredibly nervous about the outcome. I don't want to be disappointed, or end up with ugly breasts after all that money spent. I'm worried it won't be what I am expecting, or they will look too fake. I'm also worried about what I'm going to do living on this island and not being able to submerge myself in water for weeks on end! No surfing, no diving...

To be honest, my biggest worry is that my implants will take a long time to drop & fluff and I'll be walking around with "frankenboobs" for months. If I was back in Canada I could easily cover them up in the autumn weather, but it's a bit more difficult in the tropics.

I have found this site really helpful, and I hope that by posting my experience, and my photos as everything progresses, someone else will be helped as well!

September 11th: I was feeling so stressed out...

September 11th:

I was feeling so stressed out about not being able to see my first choice of doctor. I just have such a good gut feeling about this guy.

Anyways, I ended up emailing the office basically begging for him to squeeze me in. I told them I would send pictures, fill out paperwork and do lab work before arriving. The office manager emailed me back, and so did the doctor, a couple of times. Even though he is on vacation in the Caribbean! ( I wish he was visiting the island I live on!) I think that it is so wonderful of him, and solidifies my belief that he is the right doctor for me. So I sent the info and pictures and hopefully I get my appointment and can still have my surgery for next Tuesday! I've booked a completely fabulous suite in Vegas to recover in :)

I feel less nervous now. And after seeing those pictures... more excited than ever. Ugh, I just think my small breasts look so awful from the 'side profile' view!! I cannot WAIT to post some "after" pictures!

September 15th: I'm in Las Vegas! Meeting with...

September 15th:

I'm in Las Vegas! Meeting with my doctor in 2 days (Monday), then Tuesday is my surgery. I bought some Vitamin E for stretch marks and scars today that I will start using.

I'm pretty nervous. I just don't know what to expect. I want to prepare as much as I can, but I know there will be something I forget.

I'm also worried about being all alone during my recovery. My fiancé is supportive of the surgery, but he will not be very helpful during recovery. He is not the type of guy who can take care of others when they are sick, etc. I just hope I don't get too bored and crazy from being stuck in a hotel room.

September 17th: I had my consultation today -...

September 17th:

I had my consultation today - finally!! It was a really great experience, I LOVE my doctor. I am so glad I went with my gut and chose him. The staff at the office was super friendly and easy-going as well.

I tried on some moderate-profiles and high-profiles under a sports bra. My diameter was about 11.5 so I could not get a very large implant. I went with 350 CC high profile, which they said was the largest I could go while keeping it natural. I have to say, wearing a t-shirt over those things was AMAZING. My body looked so balanced out, I never wanted to take them out of the bra. Which is good, because as of tomorrow, I won't be able to!!

I'm so so so so so excited for tomorrow!!!!!!!

My surgery is today at 2:30 PM!! I didn't sleep...

My surgery is today at 2:30 PM!!

I didn't sleep at all last night, and I actually got in a fight with my fiance (non-boob related). So that is really weighing down on me :(

Something happened with our reservation and we have to switch hotels this morning, which is sooooo stressful. So, all and all this day seems like it's going to be a bit of a mess. I just hope the surgery goes well.

Wish me luck!!

Just a little update: My surgery went well....

Just a little update:

My surgery went well. Chest has a lot of pressure but the pain meds and muscle relaxants really help. I've had no nausea, no trouble eating. Haven't seen my boobs because they are all bandaged up. I have an appointment in the morning to get the bandages removed. I'll post pics tomorrow!

I've also been able to microwave a burrito and go to the bathroom by myself as well as walk around a bit, so I feel like I'm doing pretty well.

Thanks for the supportive comments, it really boosted my mood today :) Also seeing my doctor before surgery helped a lot, he gives off such a comforting presence. I felt really safe in his hands.

Got my bandages off! I am really happy with the...

Got my bandages off! I am really happy with the way things are looking so far. I don't want to jinx myself, but I am feeling pretty good. No pain at all (I'm staying ahead of the pain with my muscle relaxant and pain killers). Just a bit of tightness and discomfort when I try to sleep. Feeling really bloated, but I took some stool softeners (too much information?) so hopefully that will help...

I've been eating normally, drinking lots of water, walking around my hotel suite a lot. My doctor even said I could take a shower! I hope things continue this way and don't get worse. Has anyone had experience having a great first day and then having things take a turn for the worse? I guess I am staying optimistic.

All in all I am thrilled. The girls are the perfect size, I feel natural (except for the fact that they are up to my collarbone with all the swelling).

I need some advice here ladies: Did anyone go...

I need some advice here ladies: Did anyone go through the some serious emotional turmoil after their surgery? I am completely happy with my results and have zero regrets, but today I am feeling incredibly emotional, sensitive, fighting with my fiance again, and basically on the verge of tears at all times. I feel like it's the worse PMS of my life. Is this from the medication? The stress? Should I be worried about the underlying causes of it in my relationship? I can't even talk to anyone about it because I will burst into tears.

Other than that I am doing alright today... still no pain, went to the Hoover Dam this morning and although it exhausted me, I was fine.

Still haven't gone number #2 though :( Feeling very bloated and gross in that department that's for sure.

I'm starting to feel like I didn't go big enough....

I'm starting to feel like I didn't go big enough. It's not that I'm 'disappointed,' I'm still really happy with the results, I guess it's part of the emotional turmoil. Everyone else says they are quite big but I just don't see it. I'm afraid after the swelling goes down they are going to look even smaller. I went as big as my doctor said I should, but I'm worried. Is this normal?

I am just in such a bad head space right now. I wish I had some support here in Vegas... All my friends are in Canada, and even though I've been skyping with them, it's not the same. Plus, no one in my family is supportive or willing to talk to me about it. And my fiancé... Well... He's just not any help at ALL, psychically or emotionally. I guess I'm just venting here for now....

I think my healing is still going really well....

I think my healing is still going really well. I've cut down drastically on my pain meds so I can try to act like a normal human being haha. And I finally was able to go #2 (yay Metamucil!)

I woke up at about 5 AM really sore from sleeping on my back, I could barely move but I took a painkiller and was able to go back to sleep for a few more hours. I'm sleeping much better now actually.

I'm really looking forward to my post-op appointment on Monday so I can learn the massages. My breasts feel SO tight. They need to be squeezed!!! I'll post some more pics today. I think they are dropping a bit more, although it still looks like I'm wearing an extreme pushup bra when I'm in this sports bra. They do feel a bit softer though.

Are any of you wearing the compression band? I'm wearing it when I sleep and whenever I am home.

I've spent the weekend in LA and evening was fine....

I've spent the weekend in LA and evening was fine. Walked around a lot and just rested whenever I felt tired or dizzy. I went to Victoria's Secret and tried on bras and literally cried!!

I'm completely off my meds, taking only Tylenol now. The only pain I have is at night or when I wake up, I miss sleeping on my side and properly cuddling with my fiancé.

I will post some pictures as soon as I can access a computer (I'm on my iPad) but I am dropping a bit more each day and have had no trouble with bruising or anything like that. My boobs look normal in clothing, it just looks like I am wearing a push-up bra when I'm obviously not.

Overall I think my healing process has been going really great, I feel lucky!!

It's post-op day day 9 today and I still feel...

It's post-op day day 9 today and I still feel pretty good. I think I took one Tylenol yesterday because I went to the Grand Canyon and I think the elevation made my boobs hurt, but other than that there is zero pain (although to be honest I never really felt much pain, just discomfort). I feel tight when I wake up in the morning, but the massages help. My boobs are starting to look more normal each day.

I have noticed a LOT of men staring at my chest, it's a bit weird to get used to. But hey, they are pretty damn nice, I would be staring too! In fact, when I catch my reflection, I DO stare.

I also have had to tell my fiance quite a few times to stop staring at my boobs and look me in the eye haha.

Any thoughts of going too small are gone, that's for sure. I had a bit of a roller coaster of "Too Small, wait, no Too Big!!" but I am feeling good now.... like Goldilocks, they are Just Right :)

I have a terrible rash on my chest!! I think this...

I have a terrible rash on my chest!! I think this discomfort is turning out to be the worst part of my surgery. My doctor said it's fine but oh my god does it ever itch and burn!!!!!!!

I saw Dr. Edwards on Monday and Tuesday and he is...

I saw Dr. Edwards on Monday and Tuesday and he is a bit worried about the rash, but I had to fly home today. I might have to take some steroids to make it go away :( I have never had a rash this bad! I was practically dying on the plane, my chest is on fire. I think it is a culmination of things: hotel soaps, hotel bedding, I already have super sensitive skin which might have become extra sensitive skin from the stretching, bra rubbing etc etc. Hopefully being at home helps. I will rub some fresh aloe on it, straight from the plant.

Other than that everything is still okay. I have started "towel rolling" which is a pretty crappy experience, but I'll do anything to make these babies drop and fluff. I'm happy to finally be home, even though the Caribbean waters are literally right outside my door and I can't swim for another 2 weeks.

I got my tape off so I can see my incision and they are not too bad. I will post some more pictures in a few days.

Hey all, Everything seems to be going as...

Hey all,

Everything seems to be going as planned. I feel like I went a little too small, but my fiance assured me that they are perfect for my smaller frame, and that they are going to look natural. AND that since I surf and am physically active it is better that I don't have a big heavy chest, which is a good point!

I am very excited I get to go back in the ocean in one more week, and I can't wait until I can surf and dive again.

Sorry for the terrible quality of pics for my 3 week post-up update, I took them mostly from my webcam on my old 2007 Macbook (spent too much on boobies, no money for new technology!)

Hey all, Everything seems to be going as...

Hey all,

Everything seems to be going as planned. I feel like I went a little too small, but my fiance assured me that they are perfect for my smaller frame, and that they are going to look natural. AND that since I surf and am physically active it is better that I don't have a big heavy chest, which is a good point!

I am very excited I get to go back in the ocean in one more week, and I can't wait until I can surf and dive again.

Sorry for the terrible quality of pics for my 3 week post-up update, I took them mostly from my webcam on my old 2007 Macbook (spent too much on boobies, no money for new technology!)

Ummmm so for some reason all my pictures deleted...

Ummmm so for some reason all my pictures deleted off my profile? Boo :( I guess I will re-upload them tomorrow, since the pictures are really the most helpful part of this site. Argghhh, very annoying! Maybe they will come back?

IDoes anyone have suggestions for the best scar...

IDoes anyone have suggestions for the best scar therapy to use? I get to start treating my scars next Tuesday. I am thinking the silicone strips are the best? Hopefully I can get them on the island.

My boobs are officially 4 weeks old today. I got a...

My boobs are officially 4 weeks old today. I got a terrible rash on my chest around 1-2 weeks after my surgery. I took steroids for it for a week and it went away. Now that I'm off the steroids, it is back. I'm really freaking out, my PS and my family doctor don't know the cause.

On the plus side, I can return to the water today. Maybe the ocean water will help my rash?

Patience... I know. BA is a waiting game. I want...

Patience... I know. BA is a waiting game. I want my boobies to look normal!!

Also, I am having trouble getting dressed every day. All my clothes fit, but none of them show off my boobs, and I am very obsessed right now with making them noticeable! Isn't that awful?

When I do my massages, or just play with my boobs...

When I do my massages, or just play with my boobs (lol), I can feel the implant in my left breast. Like, I can move it around pretty easily. My right breast, however, feels more 'natural,' and when I poke around, I can't specifically feel the implant. I guess the pocket in my left breast is bigger?

If it's only me that can feel it I don't really mind. My fiance gets back tomorrow, so I will ask him opinion. I don't want him to be able to feel the implant as a separate entity from my breast!

It's an odd sensation to explain, but has anyone else experienced this?

Fiancé is finally back (after 2 1/2 weeks!) and...

Fiancé is finally back (after 2 1/2 weeks!) and he is VERY happy with how the girls are looking and feeling. He says he can't feel a difference between them, so I guess it's just me.

I am feeling much less critical and much more sexy now that I have someone to appreciate them! I can't believe it's been almost 7 weeks already.

I went diving this morning, and hopefully I will be back surfing soon as well. Life is returning to normal!
Michael C. Edwards

I found my doctor online and I went with my gut, I'm SO happy, he is amazing. Couldn't recommend him enough.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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I really like your results I think they look great
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very nice, your doctor did a great job. I can tell a differance since I was a 32A and now a D. I am so excited i dont have to get padded bras anymore. I can notice the weigh in my boobs now though, compared to when i had small ones.
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I feel your pain in regards to that nasty rash, last night 15 days post op I begun getting one aross the tops and sides towards the middle of my breasts. Prior to the rash i was scratching like crazy which I'm pretty sure was due to stretching of the skin, so I've just been applying lotion, which seems to sooth it, but then I started to scratch like a mad woman last night & broke out in a rash. I have very sensitive skin to begin with. ALso my right has always felt different then my left, in regards to swelling, size and position, it's slowly catching up to the other side. You look great by the way!
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I'm 5 and a half weeks out and my left is dropping slower the right. I can feel the implant more in the left. I think because its dropping slower. Mine are still high. Higher than yours. My doc says to quit worrying, that it will take at least 3 months. I think yours look really great and have from the start. I hope this helps.
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Thanks, I'm happy to know it's normal! My fiancé says he can't feel a difference, so I guess I can just feel it from the inside. I noticed a big difference from 5 weeks to now (almost 7 weeks). This "waiting game" from BA is hard, but the patience definitely pays off!
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they look really good! im so excited and nervous! my surgery is in 6 days! and so much running through my mind right now!
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Thanks! I'm going to post some new pics soon. At almost 7 weeks, they are finally starting to look normal and feel like a part of me. I'm excited for you - I remember the days leading up to my surgery and what an emotional rollercoaster it was. Good luck!!
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How is your rash? Hopefully it has gotten better! You look great and how awesome does it feel to fill out a bikini top?!? Congrats!
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Thanks :) My rash seems to have cleared up. I guess it was just my body adjusting after all the meds I took during my recovery. I make sure to go in the ocean every day and wear sunscreen on my chest.
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Re: Rash - Were you taking antibiotics after your surgery? I will assume so. That said, because you were exposed to the sun while taking them, it is probably a reaction to the antibiotic medication. Yes, going on steroids will (temporarily) make the rash go away. But any additional exposure to the sun 'can' cause the rash to reappear! You may have problems for awhile. Did you tell your PS about any sun exposure?
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I had little to no sun exposure when it first appeared. And it was under my breasts and on my sides as well. It seems to have gotten better now, the skin on my chest is just sensitive and itches ever so slightly if something touches it. Although one day my arm will also be a bit rashy, then today it was my legs. My doctor at home told me my body is just having a response to the surgery and I need to take anti-histamines. Unfortunately I can't avoid sun exposure, since I live in the Caribbean. I'm just hoping hard that this whole thing will clear up on it's own eventually and go away!
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I am now 17 days post surgery, and I also have developed a rash. It is where the tape was surrounding my outer breasts. I finally put Benadryl cream on it and it is getting much better. It no longer itches and is not spreading. I also have very sensitive skin -- even though it was paper tape.
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Awful? Nooo.....it's not awful. It's some other word that begins with an A. It's AWESOME. I'm glad you are in the spirits too. If we lived near each other I would insist we go shopping together. We both had different boobie dreams but I bet we could help each other out . I must have been the female version of napoleon because I def overcompensated. Right now riding boots, tight pants ( leggings and jegging) and loose or tight tops are in. If your wore the tight top (has to be thin) with skinny pants and slink into a pair of riding boots you would look classy and sexy.
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I love that look, but I live in the Caribbean, so no Fall fashion here! I don't even remember what is like to wear pants. (Although it does make it a bit easier to show off my boobs... I just wish my tank tops were lower cut!) I think you look geat btw, I know you think you went too big but I find you still look natural. Maybe you just have to get used to having them! I wish I had gone bigger, so at least you don't have to worry about that haha.
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You look amazing!!! Congrats!! Can't wait to see more pics!
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Thank you :) I'm trying to post more pics now but it doesn't seem to want to let me update.
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Salt water does wonders for rashes. Fingers crossed that it works on yours!
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you look beautiful!
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Still not sure what the cause is, most likely an allergic reaction not connected to the surgery (my doctor assured me it is practically impossible to be allergic to the implant). I haven't used creams or oil on my breasts, and no the skin is not peeling. My PS told me it is not a normal reaction :( I'm sure it is from something unrelated, and my skin was just extra sensitive there so it decided to show up right on my chest.
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Thank you :) I'm excited for them to drop and look normal! They still look so weird to me, sitting so high on my chest.
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I've been following your story, as you are a few days ahead of me. What is the rash all about? Have you been using any creams or oils on your breasts that you may be allergic to? Is there any peeling skin? I've read about the feeling like its sunburn, from the stretching, which eventually gets itchy and peels. Could that be it? Hope your feeling better, you look great!
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Wow abroad, you look beautiful! They will look bigger once they drop & fluff. You're so slim and have a gorgeous flat tummy...what's your secret?? Lol
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Thank you :) I am a vegan and don't eat wheat products so I eat lots of whole, fresh foods :) And now that I've got a great rack I am feeling very motivated to start working out so I can have a nice behind/legs too! lol
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You look great, don't worry. I had panic moments about going too big for my frame, and others about going too small. This whole thing is a complete emotional rollercoaster. I think, no matter what, it takes time to get used to such a major change to your body. I hope you're feeling better and starting to find some cuddling positions. My fiance and I have got creative haha.
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