23, 5'3" 130 Lbs getting 500 UHP! - Las Vegas, NV

Hello everyone! I am very glad I found this...

Hello everyone! I am very glad I found this website it has been extremely helpful with researching for my upcoming ba. I had actually planned on doing this procedure years ago but in the process of setting it up and getting everything together I found out I was pregnant! Life has a way of changing your plans and throwing curveballs.

Fast forward to this year and I am ready to start the process again. I reconnected with the doctor I had seen previously and have scheduled for sometime in early October (still working with my work superiors to finalize a date as I am active duty). From what I have seen on other before and afters I am leaning towards ~450cc silicone hp under the muscle. I will take the doctors recommendation when I see him next of course. I don't want the super fake super huge look but I do want cleavage and for it to be noticeable that I got work done. The overwhelming percentage of people I've personally spoken to have all said they either a) wish they'd gone bigger or b) they're glad they chose the bigger implants. I'd much rather be in the latter group.

Looking forward to chatting with y'all and seeing more of all your awesome results!
heyizzy, so glad you started your journey with us! I will start an October 2014 Breast Aug Forum for you similar to this June/July BA Forum. It will start out slow, but over time it will pick up and become a great support group for you along with all the other members you meet via your review and commenting on other member reviews. Looking forward to following your journey!!

My current smalls

Took some before photos, will be adding more later with a bra and a white tank (the ultimate top for breast augs! haha)

After running this morning...

I realized my sad little sports bra that doesn't have much of a job
Heyizzy, congrats on making the decision! There's a ton of info on here and some really amazing women. I'll be following your updates along the way. I'm so excited for you :)
Thanks so much!

I think I found the one!

Had another consultation today and I loved the staff for the most part, they were really nice and knowledgable and encouraging (of course they are but enthusiasm is always appreciated). I also got to try on sizers for the first time and holy moly I think I'm going for 500cc UHP! I just loved how curvaceous I looked. Never thought I would go that big but I know I would like to achieve a D cup. I have tentatively scheduled for October 8th. I'll finalize my deposit next week once I check with work. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! (:
Can't wait to see your results! I am almost thirty & I'm getting my BA done October 10th, it was supposed to be done on the 8th, but I decided to get an otoplasty done as well & there's not enough time to do it on the 8th. I'm trying to be patient, but the anticipation is killing me!! I want my work to be visible as well, I am a full a, barely a b, but I'm doing silicone underd 435ccs. Keep us posted!
Can't wait to see your results I'm 5'3 and 129lbs and I want a D cup as well from a A cup. I am a little older than you (28 yrs) but I am researching and all these diff high and moderate profile has me not sure. I want projection but I'm not sure if I want it high up. Decisions, decisions.. Good luck!
Tell me about it. Have you tried on sizers? They have different projections available to "try on" and when I had the ultra high on one side it was so out there in comparison to high!
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