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Finishing the Procedure - Las Vegas, NV

I just had braces put on today! Or should I say...

I just had braces put on today! Or should I say they only put 6 of the little blocks on my teeth!! I was told I have to come back next available appointment so the procedure can be finish!! Is that too long? I'm embarrassed because my teeth aren't finished... Before I call the dental office to raise hell I was just looking for some answers.


When I got my brace..They put the full front and bottom set in I just had to wait two weeks for my appliance..
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how much po braces up lng po then pwede ba hulugang 1k monthly
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I really can't say if I can recommend them or not! I just wasn't informed of anything. I was told I need to get use to having metal in my mouth, but that was it! Everyone was nice, and professional... I just don't understand why I have to wait 3 weeks to get the rest of my braces on!

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