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Finishing the Procedure - Las Vegas, NV

I just had braces put on today! Or should I say...

I just had braces put on today! Or should I say they only put 6 of the little blocks on my teeth!! I was told I have to come back next available appointment so the procedure can be finish!! Is that too long? I'm embarrassed because my teeth aren't finished... Before I call the dental office to raise hell I was just looking for some answers.

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I really can't say if I can recommend them or not! I just wasn't informed of anything. I was told I need to get use to having metal in my mouth, but that was it! Everyone was nice, and professional... I just don't understand why I have to wait 3 weeks to get the rest of my braces on!

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When I got my brace..They put the full front and bottom set in I just had to wait two weeks for my appliance..
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how much po braces up lng po then pwede ba hulugang 1k monthly
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I have seen a big difference in these past 5 months! The bottom row if teeth specially! My wisdom teeth crowed the bottom to were it looked like I had a tooth in the center of my jaw. Im so amazed how fast my teeth straighten. All in all, when I did my time, and the braces are taken off I have to put 2 veneers on the front teeth.
When I was a young boy I was running with my old school metal tonka dump truck! Hit a crack in the concrete fell on my face and chipped my tooth!
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Ah yes, back when we had toys that actually rusted, haha!!

Sorry to hear you chipped your tooth. I'd love to have you post some pictures of your teeth if you felt comfortable. It would be fun to see the before, during & (eventually) after. :)

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So it's almost been 5 months since I have my braces on!! I have to say "I'm very happy I made the decision to keep them on!" The first month in a half was torcher! I actually lost 8lbs. It takes a while for the inside of your mouth adjust to the metal, specially your tongue! The actual braces itself dont hurt, not even when I get them adjusted!
I also invested in a waterpik (Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser)and I love it! My teeth are always sweeky clean, and I dont have braces breath. It's much easier than flossing!
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So glad to hear you stuck with it & that you have gotten use to it now. :)

Did it seem better as soon as the wires were placed & tied in? I've heard the brackets without the wires can sometimes be extra irritating since the wires keep the lip from pushing in between the braces as much. Curious if you noticed a difference right away with that change?

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I have about 3 weeks with braces.I have all my braces on in the same day, with the wire and everything.
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My daughter gets braces on Nov. 15. All on the same day.

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OMG!! I can't take it, even though my whole procedure hasn't been finished I can't stand to have these blocks on my teeth! The tip of my tongue is sometimes raw as well as the inner part of my top lip. I'm so claustrophobic, sometimes I feel like ripping the blocks off with my nails. I try to block it out of my mind but it only works sometimes. If only having the blocks make me feel like this I could only imagine how all my teeth being braced would feel. One more week to make an executive decision!!!
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Hi Jag,

Welcome to the Braces community. Nope I would not call and yell at them yet, ;) often times braces are done in sections. I'm not sure why they do that, but they do. When I had mine done, they did spacers one day, blocks on another day and they finished everything after. Sometimes they need the cement to cure to your teeth before they put the wires on, because the wires pull. Do you know how long you have to wear them? Thanks for the picture. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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