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I've always wanted braces since I was young but...

I've always wanted braces since I was young but family was not able to afford it. I always smile crooked cuz I didn't want to show my teeth. My dream came true on the day I got braces put on. I loved every moment every pain and headache while wearing braces.

I started the journey in 2012. I visited 3 orthodontists and settled with dr Heinrich because he was the only one that said I didn't have to extract any teeth, but recommended that I did but I would have fanned out teeth. I have overcrowding and cross bite. I didn't want to go the extraction route so he tried straightening using IPR to file down my teeth to make space. The pictures are ranged from 7/30/2012 to about 5/15/1013. At this point I did not like now my smile is forming. Looked like I have horse teeth and too full for my mouth as shown in the last picture . I didn't like the fanned out look. I knew that this would happen but I wanted to see the results before I chose to take teeth out and regret it. After thinking about it, I decided to extract my 4 of my 2nd bicuspids in hopes of giving it better esthetic look.


05/2013 I debated for a while wether to extract 4 teeth or not because I didn't want sunken in facial profile. I didn't know how dramatic it would affect my face. After careful thought , I admitted to myself that I should follow through with extraction. It was not painful at all , it was additional cost of about $400 without insurance, local anesthesia. Soon after having them pulled, my teeth relaxed more inward. My gaps closed fairly quickly in about 5 months. I was worried that my teeth would be moved too further back so my ortho made sure that my back molars came forward a little.

Extraction space closed

After extraction closed I came across another issue where my upper front row was dipped downward a little , when I smile big I have minor gum line showing , my ortho suggested TAD ( temporary anchor device) which was screwed into my upper gum area with rubber band attached to my upper brackets so that it will lift my upper row upward a little. My experience with tad was sooo painful! I had them on for one visit and off because it got really tender and sensitive every time the ortho jerked it , super painful to have them removed. That did not work out for me and I wasn't going to try that again. I will just have to find another way to correct the gummy smile . Other than that I am happy with the results so far, after extracting them have soften my facial profile and no more fanned out teeth.

Non extraction vs extraction

Here is side by side photo before and after extraction
Dr. Calvin Heinrich

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How long did it take for your space to close after the extraction?
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congrats dear am so happy for you I have just put my braces on and my problem is that the upper jaw is becoming forward so i want to push it backward
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Wow!  The difference is amazing.  Have you discussed a gum lift for the gummy smile?  Do you even have enough gums for that?  I think your smile looks perfect in the second picture.  Really, really beautiful.
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Aw thank you very much! I haven't thought about how to correct the gummy smile but I'm thinking that procedure where they partially paralyze the upper lips so that it doesn't extend pass the gum line. I don't thing a gummy lift is a good idea for me since my teeth are on the bigger side already, removing more gum will make it appear even bigger.
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Yeah, I don't think you need a gum lift either.  I honestly don't think you even have enough of a gummy smile that it'd be worth correcting.  If you're set on it, though, from what I can glean from the Q&A, botox and lip repositioning are the two main ways to go about it at this point, if you don't want to do a gum lift.  The botox is obviously not permanent, and can cause some asymmetry--it's a risk each time you do it, and the doctors are pretty split on whether they think it's a good idea.  Plus, it can make your smile look less natural since it paralyses the muscles.  The lip repositioning is surgical and permanent but expensive, of course, since it's surgery.  Here is some discussion around it in the Q&A.  You can also try asking your own question in the cosmetic dentistry topic and see what the doctors say (include at least one picture).
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Wow. Your progress looks amazing!
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Thank you!
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Wow, thank you so much for starting your story here, and uploading all those pictures!  I'm so grateful you took them along the way :).  I never considered that one could go the route of having the teeth fixed without extractions first, then extracting and continuing.  Are you paying extra to go that route?  Have you had the extractions done yet?
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Yes I paid extra for extraction :) more updates to come :)
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