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Nervous About Tummy Tuck - Las Vegas, NV

I have been debating on a tummy tuck since 2009....

I have been debating on a tummy tuck since 2009. At one point I was so ready and the Friday before the surgery I called the Surgeon's office and canceled. Luckily he refunded all the money but $500 for blood tests. Now two years later I am ready to do it. I went from 115 to 222 pounds after I had my second child. They are now 8. I had them 10 months apart. After that I had 3 miscarriages. I finally learned I would not be able to have more children. I am now at a steady 145 pounds and 5ft-2in short. I had a personal trainer tell me he didnt want to take my money because no matter how hard I tried, that excess skin will always be there.

I have such great fear of being put under anesthesia. Death always comes to my mind. I think of my 2 girls and how they would suffer without me. But I am at the point where I also get frustrated when it comes time for a special event. I hate how my clothes fit me or actually the clothes I want to wear don't fit me. Even my girls tell me I could wear a bathing suit only if I fix my stomach. One even said my belly reminds her of a peanut. Both the shape and texture from all the stretch marks.

I am scheduled to have the surgery done September 12. I met with 6 doctors. I have read many of the stories here in order to give me motivation but something in the back of my head still tells me not to. I want to do it for myself. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next year and are going on a cruise. There is no way I can wear a swimsuit looking like this. I have posted some pictures so I can get some feedback. Also, I noticed all surgeons advised me to get lipo on my flanks. Is that really necessary? Does it make a big difference? Has anyone declined lipo and was unhappy with the results? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

19 more days until surgery date. I am getting...

19 more days until surgery date. I am getting really anxious and want to just get it over with. I want to see how I will look after the surgery. Monday is my pre op.

Less than a week for the big day. I am more...

Less than a week for the big day. I am more nervous as the days go by. But I think about how good I will (hopefully) look and feel better.

I picked up my meds yesterday. Luckily the...

I picked up my meds yesterday. Luckily the pharmacist that was so negative wasn't there yesterday. The date is getting near.

Well it is now 3 more days until the big day....

Well it is now 3 more days until the big day. Today doesn't count any more :). I have lost a lot of sleep over the past two nights. I have been waking up every hour. I try to be positive but the waiting is horrible. Hope to catch some sleep tonight.

The weekend is here. Monday is just around the...

The weekend is here. Monday is just around the corner. Surprisingly I don't feel too nervous but I have not been able to sleep for about 3 nights now. My daughter said I have under my eyes. Not what I want to hear right now. This weekend will be very busy. I home school my 2 3rd graders so I have to prepare all their work so they will be able to work on their own for a couple of days. I have to do lots of laundry. As if it wasnt any worse, my parents are out of town and I have been the supplemental babysitter for my brother's two step kids for the last two weeks. A 1 and a 4 year old. I have fallen so behind on my house work. I think I am freaking out. Hopefully today I can actually sleep knowing I don't have to get up extra early tomorrow to babysit them. Today is the last day, and hopefully I get all my housework done between today and tomorrow.

Day one post op. I wanted to see if I could make...

Day one post op. I wanted to see if I could make it without pain killers but a few hours ago I gave in. The doctor told me I had to take them because he wanted me walking around. What a difference they make. I had an appointment today to change my dressings. My incision is very low and so far it looks good. I am so excited and cant wait to see myself in a week.

Hi everyone. I am 6 days post op. I have mixed...

Hi everyone. I am 6 days post op. I have mixed feelings about the whole surgery. I know it is normal to be emotional. I hadnt gone online because I see others at 5 days post op and they have a flat tummy already. I am so swollen I regret doing this. I am afraid I will stay this way. Yesterday I got a big scare. I woke up to a pain and a tingling on my leg. I looked it up and the first thing I saw was DVT. Clotting. So I decided to call my doctors office. Right away they sent me for an ultrasound of my legs and everything came back fine. Thank God. I only took pain meds Tues-Thursday. I felt so constipated I stopped. But the pain is not too bad. Actually being swollen bothers me more than the pain. I havent been able to see my belly button because I have dressings on my whole tummy. When I went for a dressing change I couldn't see. Actually, I was afraid to see but now I regret it. I am doing very good with the drains. Today the whole day I have only had about 10cc on each side and it is almost clear.
Tuesday is my follow up to hopefully remove a drain. I am hoping they remove both. Will keep everyone updated.

I have posted my one week follow up. I still...

I have posted my one week follow up. I still cannot believe it is me. my swelling has been going down since then and the scare is healing. Even at this point I look way better than before. I cannot wait to start the gym and wear a cute workout outfit. No more oversize tshirts and having to hold in my stomach so it wont bounce around.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was really nice in explaining everything to me. He does seem a little rushed but he makes sure all my questions are answered. Great bedside manners. I think so far I made a great choice. His staff is always available. They are really helpful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Do you mind answering some questions? I was hoping to connect with local tummy tuckers so, I would feel more at ease with my decision.
I am in the process of selecting my PS and came across your post from last yr. I see that you've selected Dr. Stile for your TT. How do you like it now after a year? Are you happy with the end results?
Your response is greatly appreciated! Thank you
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How are you doing with recovery?
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I did opt for the lipo. I had my initial consultation before finding this website. So I didn't have as much ammunition as I do now. Yours is the first one where I see the similarity in our shape (I'm larger than you), and you didn't get lipo. I'm getting lipo of the flanks and lower back. Hoping the lower back will get some of my butt. I'm also hoping as an added bonus he can get a bit of the hips as well. LOL! I have my pre op appt tomorrow. So now I have tons of questions for him.
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wow! You look great! I now question if I really need the lipo. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm going to start my journal tomorrow after my pre op. Looking forward to joining you in flat tummy land!
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Thank you very much. The question of needing the lipo is a difficult one. I couldn't and didn't want to spend the extra thousands but I was lucky because he did go around to my hips with the incision and pulled down some of the skin that would have needed lipo. I went with my instincts. Like I said, all doctors, except my surgeon, tried to upsell me. I guess it is like when you buy a computer at best buy or a car. Good luck and cant wait to read your progress. Did you opt to do the lipo?
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Such a beautiful stomach!
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You are really looking great! I'm so impressed! I wonder do you feel lighter? I don't know if you ever did this before the surgery but just lifting up your stomach you feel such weight off, is that how it feels all the time to you? Would love to see some more after shots! I bet now you can't even tell anything happened. The picture before you look like a model!!
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You look fantastic! Wow!!
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You look beautiful!!!  Love the flat tummy and tiny waist:)

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Thank you so much. I would have never imagined I would ever get these great results. Part of the reason why I decided to go through with the surgery is because of this website. I felt as if everyone was there for me.
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What a difference, you look great!
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Thank you
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Hi! You're looking fabulous. I am very happy for you. Keep going!!!
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Hi u look great I also met with a dr that upsold me lipo and one that didnt. I decided to go with the dr that didn't. How do u feel ur results were without lipo. And how much extra does it cost?
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I didn't have any lipo done. I did ask about it a few days before surgery but it was $3500 and that was a bit too much so I decided to not do it. The doctor said I really wouldnt need it. So far I am happy with the results. I think getting lipo would have been a waste in my case. Everyone is different. I was afraid I wouldnt have a waist but now that the swelling is less I see there is one there.
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You look fantastic! Amazing results, I see why your so happy.
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Just read your review and was wondering how you've been doing? You look like you've had great results from your tt, judging by your before and after pics. I go in 17 days and am so scared and nervous. I'm reading all the tummy tuck posts on here to get myself mentally prepared for what is coming lol. Hope all is well with you and your recovery.
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I am doing much better although I did seem to swell up in the last few days. I think it is because I have been walking a lot. I called my surgeons office and they said if I am back to my routine I will swell. I will be 4 weeks on monday. It is normal to have different feelings. Reading all the stories on here helped me get the courage before surgery. Just try not to read the negative ones. Good luck.
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Thanks ;-) Just saw your new pic and you are looking fabulous!!
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Thank you. I am hoping I get the other drain removed.
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Your tummy is beautiful!  Congratulations on the new you:)

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You look wonderful, scar looks good. Wait until you fully heal.
How long were you under anesthesia?
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The doctor said I was only an hour and a half under anesthesia. If felt like 5 minutes to me. :)
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lol. That's great. I was told 3 1/2 hours. As you can see I have a lot of work. You look great.
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I know it is swollen, but you look great so far. Hang in there!
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