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I'm 27 year old mommy of 3 beautiful boys!...

I'm 27 year old mommy of 3 beautiful boys! They are 2,4, and 6. I am only 5'0 and weigh 113 lbs. I got really huge with all 3 of my kids and have been dealing with my stomach looking unbearable! Before I had kids, I was always skinny. I gained about 60lbs with the first one, 55lbs with the second one and 53 with the last one. I of course lost most of my weight from each one and ended up getting prego's again...So, I decided I'm more than happy with my 3 boys and don't want anymore kids, so, I would complain to my hubby that I hated my stomach and that my boobs were deflating after I started working out and losing my weight. He told me that in order to get a Mommy Makeover that I had to get down to 115lbs. I think I was about 140lbs when we made that deal!! So, here I am 5 days away from my surgery date, which is scheduled on April 7, 2011.

I am going to have tummy tuck, breast augmentation, lipo on the flanks, and reconstruct my belly button/hernia(not sure exactly what that's called). I am sooooooo nervous and am having a hard time sleeping now!! Listening to other people's stories is starting to help calm the nerves a bit, but it is my first "real" surgery I have ever had, and I really don't know what to expect. I do have a worry about the pain mostly. My PS said he'll give me lortabs and valium for pain and to relax me, but I have high tolerance for meds and I'm not so sure that lortabs are gonna kick the pain for me. Not sure how other people dealt with the pain, but sure hope it's better than what I imagine!! I will post pics of before and after as soon as I can! Any advice from anyone is sooooo appreciated!!

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3 days til my surgery....I really am sooo nervous...

3 days til my surgery....I really am sooo nervous and excited!! It's really hard to sleep at night, just pure anxiety now!

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I'm really getting more and more nervous.....

I'm really getting more and more nervous...can't sleep and can't take anything to go to sleep!! Anyone else having the same problem??

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Photo Update


HOpe all is well with you!
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How are you doing? Is the pain getting better/hubby staying on top of your meds for you? I think that is so important! My husband made a spreadsheet of each med and the time to take them. He crosses them off as he gives them to me and also set the alarm at night to make sure I was not missing any doses! The first few days are so important to make sure you stay on top of them! Now I don't need them as much and try to take Tylenol instead of Percocet. Saving that for car trips/doctor visits and night time.

Hope you start to feel better! Post some pics!
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I am 1 day post op....I was feeling pain of only about a 3, until I had to go to the doctors. It's about 1 hour from my house, so 2 hours round trip. Sitting in the car was soooo uncomfortable. By the time I got back home my pain was at a 8-9!! Now, I've been relaxing since I got home. So far, everything looks pretty good.. Can't wait for it to all heal already!! Peeing isn't so hard, I can wipe myself, but the hubby helps get my sweats back on. He really is soooo helpful and I'm glad he's here to help!
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Photo Update


Thanks, and yes, he started finally giving me my meds!! Thankfully!! I woke up that night I last posted on here and I was crying from crazy crazy pain!! That's when the hubby realized I needed the meds more than he am feeling much better now! My hubby remembered every pill he gave me and exactly what time and he set the alarm too after that night! I'm glad he finally "got it" Pain is a lot more bearable now. I have my moments in the day. My PS said I'm gonna be in pain longer than normal patients because he pulled me like mega mega tight. He said that he can't do that with all patients and it was optional and I told him I wanted it as tight as we can get it, so, I guess I wasn't expecting that kind of pain. My breast don't really hurt, just feel engorged. My lipo stings really bad, especially around my lower back/flanks area. So far, so good...pretty happy with results! Let me post some updated pics now!!

I haven't been on for a couple of days, so I...

I haven't been on for a couple of days, so I thought I would let everyone know that I am doing very well! Surgery went great, my PS is very satisfied, along with my husband and I. I am really glad I decided to do this. I am only 5 days post op,and the first couple of days seemed as if I would never get through them...but, I am feeling a lot better now! I can get out of bed most of the time by myself now, but still having a hard time getting dressed, sitting for a long time, and standing! I can pee just fine, but being able to go the other route is very difficult! Doc told me of some stuff I could take and I took it and I couldn't stay off the toilet, so I quit taking it. I know, I know, too much info!! But, in the long run, it helps to know before hand! I eat normal stuff, but of course get really full really quick. I still can't stand up straight yet, not sure when I'm gonna be able to do that. I only had one drain put in, not sure why, but glad there's not 2 of them, this one is annoying enough. It will be taken out on Wednesday, can't wait!! I will post more pics as the days come and I see more improvement of my scars/incisions. Anyone else feel like a small shock feeling in their back from the lipo?? It's only when I move certain ways.


Hi there, you look great. I am 4 days PO so our surgeries were only a day apart. And from your pics, it appears that we have similar body shape.

I am also feeling shock like feelings in my back. In some ways it's almost more painful than the tummy tuck itself. I also commiserate with you regarding the BM woes. I can't wait to be normal again. I'll be thinking of you.
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Thank you!! I looked at your pics look awesome! Are you able to stand up straight? How are you feeling today? I feel like I took a step back today, I feel a little worse and way more tired than yesterday. Oh, btw, how many cc's did you go with??
Thank you! You look fantastic as well. I just started standing completely straight and have stopped the narcotics so I am feeling pretty great today. I went grocery shopping with my DH and didn't even have to have a nap. Hopefully tomorrow is as good, id really like to go for a walk outside but I don't expect them all to be great days. I'm sorry to hear you were so tired.

I went with 375 in my left and 400 in the right. They haven't even started to drop yet so it looks terrible right now. Even though our bodies are similar shape, mine is a lot bigger than yours. I'm 5'7 and 155 (or was before surgery!). You also had nicer breasts to start with. Mine literally looked like ziploc bags after my weight loss.

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I went to my 1 week post op appt. yesterday. They...

I went to my 1 week post op appt. yesterday. They took off all the tape from my breast and from my tummy. I was really grossed out to see my incision on my stomach, I knew it wasn't going to look great but it just looked like it was gonna tear right in half. I got my tube taken out too!!! So glad to get that out. Although I didn't look when my PS took that out, but I heard my husband say "oh crap" and so I looked and the PS was holding it in his hands and it was very long!! Crazy to know that big long hose was inside of I felt better for about 5 minutes and all the pain just started coming back. I guess my PS ended up finding a Ventral Hernia inside my stomach when doing surgery. He thought it was only an umbilical hernia, but it ended up being much worse and much bigger! He said that is one reason why I still hurt so much compared to other MM patients. I feel pretty good today, other than not being able to stand straight still and the pain in my stomach from that hernia. Glad to have everything off and get to start to heal!!


You are looking great. It sounds like this surgery was necessary for you for more than just aesthetics. I wish insurances covered TT procedure for so many women who can benefit. Get lots of rest.
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Thank you!! I too wish that all women could get this done, if needed!! So far, I am very pleased with the outcome, but still haveing pain around the incision of my TT. I know that within time I will be completely happy with my choice...just can't wait to fully heal!!
Yes I did but I don't think mine was severe. You look awesome though and I hope now that everything is out ur recovery is speedy and smooth.

Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op!! I feel much...

Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op!! I feel much better than I did last week! My breast feel great, but my right hasn't dropped as much as my left. I'm starting to get a little worried that it won't drop into place, but then again, I think I worry too much! I just want it to all come out perfect...My stomach is starting to feel a bit better. I have a slight irritation of my skin on my incision where the drain tube opening was at. I thought it was an infection because it burns and stings really bad, but I emailed a picture of it to my PS and they said it looked great except for a bit of an irritated area on my incision, and told me to keep applying the bacitracin. I took pics at 1 week and haven't posted them yet. I will take another pic tomorrow at my 2 week mark! Can't fully stand up straight yet...kinda sucks cause it kills my back! I took my first quick shower by myself yesterday!! I was soooo proud, I called my hubby to let him Hopefully I will be able to start doing other things myself soon!


how are you feeling now?
your pics look great ;)
even with them being so early in to it~ they look awesome!
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You look great!! Congrats on your surgery! Are you still having skin irritation? I had some irritation around two weeks, I quit using the neosporine and it went away. I went back to the DR Monday and he gave me to start using bacitracin since my scar has split open where the drain was from doing to much and now I am getting the irritation again. It itches so bad I am not sleep well and people at work are asking me if I am ok. I hope your irritation gets better.
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Photo Update


Looking good girl!
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looking hot mama!! Fab results!!
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You look great. It's good that your breasts are at least dropping some. Mine haven't dropped any!
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Photo Update

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Well, today I am 3 weeks and 1 day post op....

Well, today I am 3 weeks and 1 day post op. Yesterday I took 2 new pics to show that my breast both have dropped almost evenly and my tummy tuck scar looks just as bad as last week. Can't wait to start on the scar tape and gel!! I still have 3 stitches that haven't dissolved yet, I'm starting to think that they are the permanent ones, and that the assistant didn't take them out at 1 week post op. Yesterday I went in my jacuzzi for the first time since before surgery. It actually was very relaxing! I thought it might put too much pressure on my stomach, but, it was fine. I still have some pain in my stomach to the left of my belly button, I think it's just sore muscles, not sure! It looks and feels like both of my breast are completely dropped, but I guess I will find out in a week when I go see my PS for my 1 month post op appt. I am able to stand a lot better than last week, I feel a bit of a stretch feeling when I stand all the way straight, other than that it feels fine. I keep on having mixed feelings with my breast. I keep thinking I should have gone bigger!! Although, I think I might be where I wanted to be in breast size, but, I still have those thoughts when I have clothes on, just cause they look smaller than when naked. I'm sure once my swelling on my stomach goes down, they will look bigger to me. My Mom leaves tomorrow and it's soooo bitter sweet. I really am sooo happy that she was able to come and help me out for 3 weeks. I'm still not able to do a lot of things and it's going to be difficult without her help. I already told my hubby that the house probably won't be as spic and span as when mom was He says he understands, hopefully he really does! Does anyone else have sore muscles???


How amazing do you feel in that blue dress?!? Because you look amazing!!
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Wow you look great and your breasts have dropped beautifully! Did you go with under the muscle?
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you look amazing :) I cant wait to put on a slinky little dress (without spanks and standing the whole time)
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Ok, I'm slacking on updates, I know I know! My Mom...

Ok, I'm slacking on updates, I know I know! My Mom left back home last Saturday, so, trying to go back to full time mommy and wife has been hard!! Finally right around 3 weeks, I was able to stand straight! Which I was really happy about. Yesterday week 4 post op. I went to my appt. and my PS said that my breast have dropped too soon!! Not sure why, but he told me to exercise them 2-3 times a day. I wore my supportive sports bras that opened in the front, so, I went to Victoria Secret and got sized (I'm a 34D!!!) And I bought a couple of really good supportive bras with no underwire. Hopefully it will give the "girls" the support they need. Over all I am very happy with my results. Has anyone else had their PS tell them they are too good too soon???? Cause that's what he said, they look really good, too good, way too soon. I'm hoping they don't bottom out or anything. So, he told me to only massage them 2 times a week now. I keep trying to google how long it should take for breast to fully drop, cause now I'm getting paranoid, and I can't seem to find crap!! So, if anyone else has had this happen, please let me know what ..Thanks!


Thank you, I felt great, but still hoped I could have worn it without my Another week or two and my PS said I don't have to wear them anymore! Can't wait!!
Yeah I can't wait until I get to wear clothes without some type of garmet on under it! I've been wearing something to hold me in everyday for over a year..I can't wait to have nothing but bra and panties under my clothes! Here's to wearing clothes without garmets!!!
Yeah, I went under the muscle. Yesterday was my 4 week post op appt, and my PS was actually dissappointed that my breast dropped as much as they did. He said they are too good too soon! He kept asking if I had listened to him about the bra's I should be wearing, I'm like, uh yeah sports bras that hook in the front and that's it! So, I actually went to Victoria Secret and got a good supportive bra with no underwire. Hopefully that will help give them the boost they need!

Tomorrow is 3 months post op!! Time has gone by so...

Tomorrow is 3 months post op!! Time has gone by so quick!! It's been a while since I've updated, so here goes! I am really enjoying the new me, still not use to shopping for things that actually fit! It's a lot harder finding a small shirt that the "girls" fit into. I have gained 11 lbs since surgery, not sure why?? I started doing the Insanity workout a month ago and ever since I've been gaining!! Doesn't make much sense to me, but, I really need to start doing some cardio and lose the weight I gained. Ugh, I really don't understand... Anyone else seem to have this problem?


The weight gain could be muscle. Muscle weights more than fat. But don't be discouraged cuz you look AMAZING! I'm considering using Dr Smith too, and after reading your posts and seeing your pictures I'm almost convinced that he's the one. Thanks for posting!
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You look AMAZING! Like a VS model. Thank you for sharing :)
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Wow you look so great !!! I want to so bad 3 kids also I weigh now 185 Still can't get weight off at all I've tired :(. I also have fibromyalgia .
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