Lower Eye Lid Complication (Need Any Advice)

Terrible experience. Feel ugly. I am a 53 yr old...

Terrible experience. Feel ugly. I am a 53 yr old female that had upper and lower eye surgery 12 months ago.

I am very unhappy with this wierd look.(mainly the lower) My eyes looked so much better before and I regret ever messing with them. My eyes look pulled down like Michael Jackson, Always red, very dry and frequent headaches. I am very sensetive to sun light and just want to stay home with the shades down. I use lubricant drops several times a day. My under eye skin is always dry and I use several oils and ointments but nothing helps.

I have seen a Oculoplastic three months after surgery and he suggested I wait at least 6 more months so I am scheduling an appointment with him next week. I DO not want any further surgeries on my eyes. Can anyone offer me advice?? Still feeling depressed over this. Will my eyes ever look normal?

Updated on Dec 10, 2009
Has anyone had corrective lower eye lid surgery due to bad bleph job?

I am considering having my eyes redone. It's been one year since my Bleph surgery.

My lower lids are pulled downward, look very round and unnatural. I get frequent headaches along with dry eyes, irratation, over sensitive to light. Nothing good came out of this surgery. I have been self concious, and depressed for many months now.

I would have my eyes redone if I knew they would look and feel better without further complications.

If anyone has had a second corrective surgery, can you PLEASE let me know your results.

I have been looking to find someone that can relate to my story and found this. Thank you for your stories. I had lower eyelid surgery done 8 months ago. Yes , if i could go back i would have not done it. I'm do glad i didn't do upper lids as well. The doctor suggested i do that as well, but they look fine. My lower lids are puffy and uneven. The downers of my eyes pull down especially when i smile and a large deep crease forms under one eye. Therefore i don't really like smiling now. I look hollow Unger my eyes And i don't like looking people in the eye now. I can relate to wanting to just stay home. I thought of quitting good job of many years. It's a struggle to go in every day when people stare at you. " you did that to your self!" That's a hard thought. How to get through this?! I don't have a real good friend or they world have came with me to that doctor and stopped me from doing it. I want to make something good out of this some how. I need hope! Any positive thoughts??
Maybe you could post some pics of just the eye area? No one should be able to make you out but we will be able to see your concern. Please consider it. Thanks.
I totally regret having surgery, It has changed the look of who I am. Such a shock to look in the mirror and see someone completely different looking at you. As far as considering other surgeries to fix an existing problem, unless it is absolutely necessary do not do it. Whatever you do, do not, NOT have a mid-face lift, it is incredibly invasive and you end up with an unnatural look. Everybody, and I mean everybody could tell that I had had surgery, this caused me to have a nervous breakdown, I could not believe I paid money to let someone mutilate my face. Like others on this board, I too had "that feeling" just before surgery. I didn't listen to my inner self telling me not to do it, very, very, regretful. Have lost my life and have become a hermit, never go out unless absolutely necessary. Had upper and lower blep 15 years ago, everything fine until 6 months ago, now one eye smaller and a different shape to the other due to too much skin being removed, not aging. If you are new to this board and haven't had surgery yet then I IMPLORE you do not do it, it will ruin your life if done badly, there are no guarantees.
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