Lower Eye Lid Complication (Need Any Advice)

Terrible experience. Feel ugly. I am a 53 yr old...

Terrible experience. Feel ugly. I am a 53 yr old female that had upper and lower eye surgery 12 months ago.

I am very unhappy with this wierd look.(mainly the lower) My eyes looked so much better before and I regret ever messing with them. My eyes look pulled down like Michael Jackson, Always red, very dry and frequent headaches. I am very sensetive to sun light and just want to stay home with the shades down. I use lubricant drops several times a day. My under eye skin is always dry and I use several oils and ointments but nothing helps.

I have seen a Oculoplastic three months after surgery and he suggested I wait at least 6 more months so I am scheduling an appointment with him next week. I DO not want any further surgeries on my eyes. Can anyone offer me advice?? Still feeling depressed over this. Will my eyes ever look normal?

Updated on Dec 10, 2009
Has anyone had corrective lower eye lid surgery due to bad bleph job?

I am considering having my eyes redone. It's been one year since my Bleph surgery.

My lower lids are pulled downward, look very round and unnatural. I get frequent headaches along with dry eyes, irratation, over sensitive to light. Nothing good came out of this surgery. I have been self concious, and depressed for many months now.

I would have my eyes redone if I knew they would look and feel better without further complications.

If anyone has had a second corrective surgery, can you PLEASE let me know your results.

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I have been looking to find someone that can relate to my story and found this. Thank you for your stories. I had lower eyelid surgery done 8 months ago. Yes , if i could go back i would have not done it. I'm do glad i didn't do upper lids as well. The doctor suggested i do that as well, but they look fine. My lower lids are puffy and uneven. The downers of my eyes pull down especially when i smile and a large deep crease forms under one eye. Therefore i don't really like smiling now. I look hollow Unger my eyes And i don't like looking people in the eye now. I can relate to wanting to just stay home. I thought of quitting good job of many years. It's a struggle to go in every day when people stare at you. " you did that to your self!" That's a hard thought. How to get through this?! I don't have a real good friend or they world have came with me to that doctor and stopped me from doing it. I want to make something good out of this some how. I need hope! Any positive thoughts??
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Maybe you could post some pics of just the eye area? No one should be able to make you out but we will be able to see your concern. Please consider it. Thanks.
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I totally regret having surgery, It has changed the look of who I am. Such a shock to look in the mirror and see someone completely different looking at you. As far as considering other surgeries to fix an existing problem, unless it is absolutely necessary do not do it. Whatever you do, do not, NOT have a mid-face lift, it is incredibly invasive and you end up with an unnatural look. Everybody, and I mean everybody could tell that I had had surgery, this caused me to have a nervous breakdown, I could not believe I paid money to let someone mutilate my face. Like others on this board, I too had "that feeling" just before surgery. I didn't listen to my inner self telling me not to do it, very, very, regretful. Have lost my life and have become a hermit, never go out unless absolutely necessary. Had upper and lower blep 15 years ago, everything fine until 6 months ago, now one eye smaller and a different shape to the other due to too much skin being removed, not aging. If you are new to this board and haven't had surgery yet then I IMPLORE you do not do it, it will ruin your life if done badly, there are no guarantees.
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How are you doing now Lucrezia?
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The decision to pursue a revision is entirely up to you. For me it was always a hope, but when it became a reality, I then pursued it with a passion.
I don't regret what was done.
Yes, Canthoplexy is commonly used to correct the problem you've explained. However, as
I've said before , everyone is different in the amount of need in revision.
If you search this Web Sight, REAL SELF, you will find those that had this done with excellent results and those that made there situation worse. Some even traveling to Atlanta and California Specialists.
This procedure should be common among Plastic Surgeons, but again, who knows how to perform it correctly, and see you as an individual, not the "run of the mill" procedure. This procedure needs careful work for a asymmetrical outcome in appearance.
The Shunt pulling your lower lid upward, will dissolve and your lower lid will stay the way it healed permanently. Eye and Muscle Movement over time may loosen it some.
I read where some heal differently in appearance an unevenness. Some failed in holding the lid upward. It fell and had to be repeated. Others end up having more scarring and visual problems.
All surgeries can go wrong, but an experienced surgeon that has conducted this surgery with confidence several times before, is the one to choose.
Bottom line any revision is your call.
This surgery should not cost a small fortune.
Shop around, there are many FINE, EXPERIENCED, SKILLED, and AFFORDABLE, Surgeons out there.
All surgeries hold a risk and always take before ad after photos for consultations so the doctor can see your appearance before, and now. Photos speak louder than words.
Then take before and after your revision.
Oh, one more thing, don't be fooled by thinking a Specialist, Eye Doctor, Ocultiplasty are the only ones for this job.
They don't always know how to fix this kind of problem. Some use fillers, but I don't think it will help your situation.
Possibly a mid face lift could help. But if white globe is showing and it droops, probably not.
You'll make the right decision in the end. Keep reading:) Good Luck.
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Thank you so very much for your consolation. I truly regret this and wish my old eyes were back. I'm really not sure where to go with this. I'm afraid to go back to where I had it done, for revision and end up with a worse job than before. There's something called canthoplexy. The chief surgeon brought it up but that would be an entirely new procedure to fix what they did with the blepharoplasty - which cause my eyes to be pulled further down at their outer edges. I'm so sorry for your situation. I think you're right about only going to someone who specializes in eyes. However, I didn't have the money to do what I did do, and I sure don't have extra money to go to an entirely new doctor. It really is painful to look in the mirrow and know that "we've done this to ourselves" - wasn't the point to look better??? Take care and thanks again.
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Hi Jill, This post is from a while ago . How are you doing now? I just had surgery 8 months ago...mistake! Trying to find a way to live with it .with time does it get better
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Jill, I had the exact same experience
and decided not to do any more or re constructive surgery.
I had very red ,dry, soar eyes but just learned to live with them. It has been almost 2 yrs and I use moisture drops several times a day. It does help but I do miss the look of my old eyes.
We have an excellent doctor in Las Vegas (Dr. Myint) who I have consulted with and is suppose to be the best in the country to fix bad bleph jobs. I would only go to an eye plastic surgeon that specializes in ONLY eyes. That was my big mistake. As of now, I have decided to do nothing. I just wear more eye concealer.
Best of luck to you.
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Hello Jill. I am sorry you had to experience this negative surgery and even more sorry, these surgeries are still occurring.
First..name your doctor, it is legal and your simply letting others know you had a bad experience, leaving emotional scars along with physical negative affect from a surgery that you were either not told of, these negative outcomes,( a good lid surgery has NONE !~) or this surgeon isn't educated or experienced enough to perform them.
This is a Form-mat Web Sight for consumer reports on Plastic Surgeries.
What you are explaining is common in aggressive lower lid surgery,. I know too well and have lived with the emotional scars this can cause.
There is nothing more disturbing than
to look in the mirror and see a stranger looking back. Many have had to Cow-boy up and live with it, but you will never be the same, and those are the issues that need to be looked into by the A.M.A., and offer help.
I would stay on this Doctors butt. Let him know you have checked into this surgery and what your experiencing is "NOT" the Normal outcome.
Your genetic appearance has been altered. Do not let this doctor or his staff, tell you your outcome is normal, because it is ""NOT!!! At best your eyes appear wider, but the round hollowed affect, droppy lower lids at corner, whites showing in lower lids, is aggressive surgeries and the surgeon took too much fat, tissue.
Tell him you want it fixed! You may get your money back.
Now he isn't going to like you, or the fact that your complaining. I was always rushd in and out by the one that ruined me.
Post before and after photos ( just eye area if you prefer)and ask these Doctors on this Sight what can be done. You will get some information and tools to then start your own search.
The next steps in reversion is up to you. And No, it does not have to cost an arm and leg.
Going to the original surgeon may not cost you anything, but I lost faith in mines abilities and I'm Glad I did not let her butcher me further.
There are procedures too lift the lower lid, and you will get those terminologies from these surgeons on this sight. Who is best? Well there again is where your reading of other posts on here may help and research on your own.
I've Googled every term I could find. And then I decided on what I thought was best, less invasive and long term, coast effective.You must approach reversion as you would with any corrective surgery.Plus, It's YOUR FACE !!!
You may have to travel, which is what I had to do.
You may have to have invasive surgery for correction or try the other facial fillers for correction.
Again read on the long term effects of all.Fillers all absorb into you system after time. So be aware of this and do not let a doctor tell you they last longer than 6 months. Some only 3-4, and one application is never enough.
Everyone is different in there need for reversion, so what worked for one, may not work for you.
Again, I wish you luck, don't give up and there is help.
Most of us in need of reversion seek it out, sometimes for years. I had to save my money for a very long time, but did my research too.I had over 20 consultation, some on line, others in Office. After you begin to educate your self, it isn't hard to figure out which Surgeon you trust to help and which ones are high priced no it all's that really don't have a clue if there procedure will work. Plastic Surgeons are rarely sued. It is elective surgery, and unless your blind, or maimed horribly, negligence is hard to prove.They are aware...So Sight's like these are very needed, and you can be the one that helps another from using this doctor is not experienced enough to perform this surgery.
My alternative was too much for me to accept and live with. I'm happy I did what i did and I now have some resemblance of old self back.
Start reading and good luck.
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I had bletharoplasty surgery Oct 16, 2010. I'm really sorry I did. Everytime I look in the mirror I'm horrified. What have I done. I liked my eyes before. Yeah, they we're older looking with the upper lids laying on my eyes somewhat - but my eyes we're pretty attractive. Now - I have these round eyes, with lids, blunt downward cuts on the outer edges of the eyes, under half of one eye a hollow area and really bad dry eyes. Plus the corners of my outer eyes are pulled downward displaying more white than should be shown. It's been 2 1/2 months, and each day it gets worse - not better. Plus, I now have a vein under one eye going down horizontally that I never had before. I am beside myself. This was a really bad idea. I don't know if anyone could fix this, even if I had the money. Any suggestions???
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Fav123, Personally, I wouldn't recommend having it done just to "refresh" your look. I had 5 procedures done at once (3 1/2 weeks ago)...I am 52 years old. Lower bleph was one of the procedures. I'm doing ok, but not thrilled. I don't think it's worth the risk unless you have "real issues" and it doesn't sound to me like you do, as you said it would be just to "refresh" you. There are apparently more risks and complications than patients are led to believe; and also there are definitely emotional issues following plastic surgeries...I speak from experience, because I am my husband are going through some right now.
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thank you for your feedback, although my doctors office keeps reassuring me I am still very nervous, did you believe you chose the right doctor beforehand, did it change the shape of your eye, please keep me posted, and I so hope that you will become more pleased as time goes by
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Yes,I did believe I chose the right doctore beforehand and I still feel confident that he is as good as there is. I do not feel that he did a bad job; In fact, he probably did a superb job. I just feel that you are going to have some negative results from any plastic surgery, done by any surgeon, no matter how good they are. Even though you may have some positive improvement, you may focus on the negative aspects and find that the good really doesn't outweigh the bad...I know that's how it's been with me. I haven't seen a photo of you, so when you say your eyes "aren't bad" and that you would be doing this to be "refreshed", I can only use my own experience to put this in perspective for you as best I can. I personally know that for myself that would not be reason enough to have the surgery, knowing now what I didn't know before. Yes, the shape of my eyes has changed. Part of that is due to the brow lift, but the shape along the bottom of the eyes has changed too, and that is only due to the lower bleph. If you think you look "decent" and "average", I just wouldn't go through it. If you said you looked "really bad", etc..I would recommed carefully considering before proceeding.
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I have to thank you, and right now I am going through some personel issues too and could not handle a negative outcome, I am going to put off the surgery for now. Not saying I wont do it in the future but after really listening to you and others its not such an easy procedure and perhaps the risk outways the improvement. I appreciate your time
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I am glad you are putting a lot of thought into your decision. You can always have something done "in the future" if you so choose, but once something is done you really can't "undo" it. I hope the best for you.
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After consulting with a few ny doctors I booked my surgery for a lower bleph job to eleviate some of my bags and fill in my hollow area of my tear trough, Dr. Kisner said he would repostion the fat, not take it out and fill in this area.He would be cutting under the lash line, I am 50 years old, my eyes are not awful but I was told it would make me look refreshed. Any success stories out there,,, I have heard so many bad ones and my heart aches for any women thats happened to.
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Hey Fav123, Where is the the Doctor go to take the fat out from first. Make sure he does it from the inside the Eye and Repostion the fat. And Skin pinch from outside under lash line. If you do all from the outside you may have aloot of Eye issues.
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I want to have my lower eyelids done but I am now terrified of the outcome of hollowing. Dr Antell in ny just wants to remove the fat and Dr. Kisner wants to do fat repositioning , I am so afraid my eyeshape may change and my eyes will become hollow like people say, do you know of anyone in ny you can recommend, thanks
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Alway have lower Bleph done From Inside the Eye. Less trauma. And if you have loose skin under you're Eyes. They can do a Skin Pinch from outside. You may just have some Volume loss under you're Tear trough area and upper Cheek area. Have them Add Fat graft to those areas to Blend the under Eye lids down to the Cheek area. I wouldn't let them remove any fat from under you're Eyes.Either reposition it to the needed areas. Or just add Fat Grafting to the needed areas. This is a great test Some Doctor inject SALINE Solution in the needed areas. That would be a Fast a safe way to see how you would look with the volume added to the needed areas. And it removes on it's own in aroud 45 mins. I afew year ago i had lower Bleph done from the inside of the Eye for baggy Eyes. And all the doctors said to me was to remove the fat. At the time i din't know about removing fat. You go to these doctors and they are suppose to know all about these things. Well i had it done and i was left Hollow. This doctor i went to was so Aggressive in removing fat. I was so mad. I want to kill him. It is so hard to fix Hollowiness. Good luck.
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God bless u Babyjoe u are very good with advices. I wish I would love to hear from you when I had my bad quadblepharoplasty 9yrs ago I would opt for some of ur wonerful advices.
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Hi Gi gi, its called lower eyelid retraction, think the others are going on about hollowing, it can be done, I'm having to wait as my surgery wasn't that long ago. let me know how you get on with your quest for success stories, as I will be booking myself in in the summer. Good luck x
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My upper and lower eyelid surgery, done 12 years ago, was a complete success, but now at the age of 60 I have developed puffy lower eyes. I know the upper lid can be lifted again with little risk, but I would like to know if removing the fat from puffy pockets under the has well-documented dangers. I was told by a surgeon that the only way to deal with wrinkles (and puffiness?) under the eye at this point is laser treatment which can take many months, up to a year, to look normal again--something I don't want to risk. Please reply with thoughts and comments on any of above. Thanks.
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Hi Second Time, from everything I've read on this post, the procedure that seems to have the least amount of complications while addressing your issues is the transcontival (sp?) bleph (the one where the incision is inside the eyelid rather than under the lashes). But, of course, ask your surgeon. Good luck, I hope that all goes well in your future surgery!
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KTA..I was told after consultation with a facial plastic surgeon regarding my hollowed eye sockets that for lower lids it is best to lift the tissue ,rather than injectable. He had suggested mid face lift. I thought, here I go, another invasive procedure and costly. Whether upper or lower hollowness occurs, you can be sure finding a fix that lasts and doesn't make things worse is a challenge. I'm still at a loss.
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I had lower lid surgery 8 years ago. I was pretty happy with it, (I got it done in the spring) until it started getting really cold outside and I noticed that I still had a huge fat pocket under my right eye. I went back to my plastic surgeon and he told me it had to do with the barometic pressure in the air and that it would probably go away over time. Well...low and behold...IT DID NOT! He also suggested injecteing fat from my stomach under my eyes at that time but I didn't want to do that. Now I have that hollow look under my eyes. I went back to the same surgeron over a year ago and got restalyn injections. Well...he really messed that up! I had severe bruising under one eye and lumps and bumps. I went back to him after a week and he said to give it time. Three weeks later I decided to get in touch with a different plastic surgeon who worked mainly with the face and he gave me hydase injections to dissolve the restalyn. A few weeks later I let the new surgeon give me juvederm injections and it looked ok at first but now the fat deposit left from surgery looks worse! And that was over a year ago! Juvederm last longer under the eye area then other parts of the face and I don't think I would ever get it done again. Now I don't know what to do since I am reading that lower lid surgery is a little "iffy" being done twice. You really have to do your homework and try to find the best surgeon for your needs. The doc that did my surgery was VERY prominent in my area but he didn't have as much experience with eye surgery as he did with breast surgery! Unfortately....I found that out after he screwed me up. I wish you all a lot of luck regarding your botched surgeries!
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