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Hello ladies, I have been "stalking" this website...

Hello ladies, I have been "stalking" this website for over a year now doing my research. I went for a consult last year but was not able to secure financing through Care Credit, so I had to wait. I have been researching doctors, prices, pictures, reviews and stats for awhile. I am a 36B, with the help of padded bras, but have always been flat chested. I don't mind the top of my breast being flat but I want more fullness of the bottom portion. I can't wait until I can lay on back and still have boobs, lol. I went for my consult today at the same doctor I went to visit last year because he's local and I am still impressed, a year later, with his work. I found another doctor with VERY reasonable prices($3,800 silicone includes all fees) but I have to travel to get there. I did the math and the cost to fly, get a hotel room, take time off work for 4 days, meals, cab fare and pay a nurse(I will be travelling alone and you MUST have a caregiver with you), it would balance out to be about the same price to stay local. My first choice was Dr. William Hedden of Birmingham, AL. I decided to go with Dr. Scot Martin of Las Cruces, NM. I would appreciate any pointers of what to do to prepare for surgery, post-op and any other suggestions that will be helpful. Just a reminder:my surgery is in 6 days!!!!! I'm sooooo excited and a bunch of other emotions also. I can't believe I'm really doing this....


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Hello ladies, my pre-op was today. I wanted...

Hello ladies, my pre-op was today. I wanted a tummy tuck also but I'll have to wait for that one. Three days and counting. I've never been so ready for the weekend to be over, lol.


Lol my surgery is in 2 weeks ! I fell ya girl! All types of emotions nervous excited Anxious second guessing lol but knowing this is what u want .... Take care of yourself as u have been .. Congrats on the new boobs :)

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Tweety79th good luck with surgery. I'm 3 days post op and your breast look similar to what mine were pre op I think 425 to 450 would look amazing on you. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Imbossy what size were you before surgery? And what size were you aiming for? Also, did you do a lift? Patiently waiting for my evaluate in 2 days :)

In less than 24 hours,I will no longer need to...

In less than 24 hours,I will no longer need to wear a padded bra!!!!!


Don't worry , I was nervous to, but I promise. The pain u will feel is not bad AT ALL. it's just a little uncomfortable !
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We'd love if it if you could do a review on your upcoming journey!

I did it!!!! Photos coming soon. So far I felt...

I did it!!!! Photos coming soon. So far I felt the most pain during recovery before I was given the Valium. My chest like someone was squeezing my lungs. I just handled the pain the best way I know, BREATHE. Every deep breathe was work and thought I was going to pass out. I didn't have any nausea. My doctor gave me the nausea patch and pill before surgery. I brung some saltines crackers and a sandwich with me. I also had vitamin water(this once I got in the car). I'm doing arm stretches to ensure my muscles don't stiffen up tomorrow . The experience wasnt as bad as I thought. I went ahead with 450cc under the muscle silicone sub mammary incision. I think I went big enough. I'm 5'5 160lbs 36B(not a full B).


Tweety what size implants did you end up getting?
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450cc. I almost went 425 but my doc told me to go with my first decision. looking at them now I probably could have went 500 but I didn't want to over do it.
You look great! Do you love how full they are? How do they feel?
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My upper back on the left side hurts. my ...

my upper back on the left side hurts. my incision burns. the frozen vegetables really helps with swelling. I'm still waiting on a bowel movement. I've eaten cereal, cookies, coffee, fresh fruit and took my detox system but so far just gas.


How long did you stay in Birmingham? I would be out of state too and I don't know how long after the surgery I should plan to stay before flying home.
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Had to say hello, I am from las cruces too! I decided not to go with Dr. Martin but am curious what your experience has been so far?
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Hey Tweet you need to get some colace stool softener apple juice and prune juice that will help you go. Take you're meds with those juices. And take the stool softener twice s day.
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I have been missing for awhile ladies but thanks for the concern. I will put up some recent pictures soon. I am 5 months post op and I go see my PS Wednesday. I love the fullness of boobs and I can now go bra shopping :) I still have shooting pains on the sides of breasts' every now and then but nothing that warrants pain medicine.

I am scheduled for a full tummy tuck on the 21st of this month and I am NERVOUS because this surgery is more invasive than the implants( and I also live alone).

I bought two bras at Victoria Secret last month and I vow not to go there anymore. I have two support bras that I use as everyday bras, size 38D. I go to VS and let the fitting room attendant measure me and my size is 38C, in their store. The bra looked good at first but once I got home and wore it for awhile, it was very uncomfortable. I was able to see part of my areola and the straps were not comfortable. I like push up bras but I do not like to have "spillage".

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Tummy Tuck without lipo

Today is the day!!!!! This is well deserved and long waiting. I look six months pregnant in my before pictures.


I went local. My comfort won the battle over pricing. Going out of state was cheaper but I wanted to be at home and I wanted to see my surgeon face to face (in touching distance, lol) for my post op appointments.
I drank coffee and it worked immediately.
450 silicone

This shit HURTTS!!!!!!

Tummy tuck is no joke. Thank you doctor for admitting me.

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Different doctor for the tummy tuck.

I went to a military doctor.


How are you doing? How did you your surgery go? What size did you get? Saline or silicone?
West Texas Plastic Surgeon

Lots and lots of research. Real Self and Love your look were my main references. I would like Dr. Scot Martin's entire staff. We kept each other laughing and I felt at ease during my entire process. Dr. Martin answered every question I had (I had a two page list) and so far I like my results. I didn't feel like I was going in for major surgery; it seemed like a regular doctor's appointment. I would've loved a MILITARY discount-I had to throw that in there.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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