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I recently completed 9 sessions with the Lapex...

I recently completed 9 sessions with the Lapex 2000 LipoLaser, and I have mixed feelings about it. Some background: I am 39 years old, have had 3 children, weigh 110 lbs and workout religiously. I have been plagued by pockets of fat below my butt which I fondly refer to as my "second butt", and I have tried in vain to get rid if it. I am about to turn 40 and would like to get rid of it so I can stop worrying about it and move on. No amount of exercise or dieting has helped.

I did everything they asked me to do.....drank 2-3 liters of water per day, cut back on caloric intake, stood on the vibration platform for 10 minutes following each procedure, exercised 30-60 minutes per day. My results were very dissapointing. The technician would measure the circumference of each thigh, as well as the circumference of my entire hip area with my legs together. She would measure before the procedure and then again after. She did a lot of "moving" of the tape measure until she came up with the numbers that she wanted to see. Even though she had marked my thighs each time with marker dots, she would tighten that tape measure until it showed an 1/8 of an inch of progress. In total, her measurements showed that I lost around 1" on each of the "marker dots". SInce there were 3 marker dots on each thigh, that added up to 3" total lost, plus she measured my total circumference (with legs together) in 3 different spots for an improvement of 1" in each spot for a total of 6" lost......what a scam! That's how they come up with all of these claims of losing 3"-7" of body fat in 3 weeks. In reality, I only lost about 1"! My jeans and shorts are not fitting any better, that's how LITTLE I really lost. I didn't lose any pounds, either.

I will post photos below so you can see. I think the "after" photos do look a little bit better, but you can see that I still have a "second butt". When I had a consultation for Liposuction at a cosmetic surgeon, they said that for $2400 I could get rid of all of that fat. Maybe should've gone that route....

Dr. Darren Weissman/Lisa Fardeaux

I never really met with the doctor, only met with the technician Lisa Fardeaux. She was always prompt and on-time.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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you should have saved your money. you have an amazing butt. you should be proud of yourself after 3 children and looking the way you do. This is coming from a 25 year old guy by the way and my lady is 23, i would hope she looks like you at 39. Please save your money you look great!!!
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I complied with everything I was told to do during my laser lipo treatment & I didn't have any results! This is a rip-off! I'm thinking about reporting them to the Memphis Better Business Bureau (BBB).
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I know how you feel, it's so frustrating to be scammed out of your hard earned money with hopes of a better figure .Don't feel bad many have paid so much more....present company included. I can only pray in due time the P S or doctors who pray on the weak get what they deserve.
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I honestly think your butt looks great as is... really!:)
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I think your butt looks great and I do see a slight difference in the second image, but not much. Too bad I just purchased a groupon for lapex laser so I can get rid of my muffin top, but luckily only spent $199 but its for 3 sessions. It's minor fat and I'm hoping I won't need much, but we shall see once I start. I keep getting mixed reviews on this. :-/
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Don't Do It!
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I had the same procedure! I did everything I was suppose to also, and I lost one inch! I don't see any difference at all. I too think the whole thing is a scam. The technician was telling me some nonsense about unique body chemistry, all nonsense. In my opinion, don't waste your time or money.
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I looked up this procedure and I think it's a ripoff. But looking at your pictures, I think you already looked good prior to the procedure. Your butt looks hot.
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what is this procedure? never heard of it, btw I see minimal results as you say, the jeans thing is a better teller that that tpae measure, I agree with ya there*
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