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Full Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Fat Transfer to Butt - Lansing, MI

I am 34 and have 4 children, all were c- sections,...

I am 34 and have 4 children, all were c- sections, my first child i had at a young age and pregnancy and c- sections have done a number on my body. I have wanted a tummy tuck for many years but felt selfish. I had my tubes tied with my last pregnancy and decided its time. I love the beach and summertime but I feel so horrible with the way my tummy looks that i will avoid the beach and anything to do with showing skin, my fiance has never seen me naked, i guess i just never got used to or accepted this post babies body:)

i have worked out ALOT!! and have lost weight but never the hanging skin on my tummy my flanks are also very full and dr is going to do los of lipo on them and possibly extend the full tummy tuck scar as to not have loose skin in flank area after the lipo,he is also lipo of upper and lower abdomen then fat transfer to butt (brazillian butt lift) for me this is going to be life changing and a sense of freedom to not have to hide behind sweatshirts, I will admit I am sooo terrified of general anethesia and have a fear of not waking up and my children being alone, is that crazy of me or what? my pre op apt. is april 13th and surgery scheduled april 26th.


I had tt, lipo w/fat transfer to my butt.I must say I'm very uphappy w/my surgery. $10, 000 was spent on this surgery.my stomach Is still sore in swollen. The fat did not take at all to my butt.so keep in mind you don't always get what u pay for.
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I'm having my surg Tuesday and I'm doing a lift with Aug and lipo mini TT and butt fat transfer along with puppet lines correction and meso to my under eye and jaw line! I'm having dr colony do this and in wondering how much pain and if the fat trans to my butt will stick cuz I'm having my entire mid section of my body done. Any advise? Thank you
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I had a tt, lipo w/fat transfer to my butt on april 17 2013.I must say I'm very unhappy w/my results. I spent 10,000 on this surgery. My stomach is still is still swollen, my butt is still the same size.so keep in mind u don't always get what u paid for..
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