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Mesotherapy made my thighs and butt worse than...

Mesotherapy made my thighs and butt worse than they were before and I now have cellulite where I did not before. Although I have always been tone due to working out for most of my life I've always had some cellulite on my butt (the kind you can see through pants).

I went through five sessions of Mesotherapy and thought that, beneath all the bruising, I was looking better. After the swelling went away I (and my boyfriend) noticed I had more cellulite on my hips and butt than before.

The doctors who perform Mesotherapy say it is important to eat a healthy diet and to excerise to have the best results. Thats not true! During the treatments I was training for two half marathons and ran another a few months later(I am also a fitness instructor). And look at me, I have cellulite like never before.


Foolish treatments cause very unhappy patients! Did you not research these very expensive, painful, non FDA approved injections? Even on this site Real Self stated the failure rates over 80%. Sorry for your waste of $'s and poor expected result.
Arrogant doctors cause unhappy px's too! Why kick a girl when she is down? Obviously she feels foolish for going ahead with this treatment. They need to have a social skills class in med school, where they teach empathy. Maybe even a some kind of rotation!
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This doctor insisted there were results where I saw none; I trusted her.

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