African American Woman Having Smart Lipo Triplex Done on Inner Thighs - Lanham, MD

I was the grand price winner of a smart lipo...

I was the grand price winner of a smart lipo triplex (one area) event at Beux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery lanham,md.I'm having my inner thighs done because the chub rub has gotta go =).My main reason for doing this is not to get "skinny" legs per say. I've always had big muscular legs and I train a lot BUT the chubb rub won't budge. I'm excited but I'm also incredible nervous.I'm If there's anyone that's had this done with af. am. decent please contact me and share your exp, pics etc. I haven't found a lot of pre/post op pics of African Americn women that has had this procedure done. My pre op date is Feb 15th.

P.S I will be adding before and after pics soon.

So I had my pre op today and I'm feeling a little...

So I had my pre op today and I'm feeling a little in different and disappointed. When I won the prize she told me that she would go all the way down to my knee when I had my 10 min consult with Dr Banks. Today her demeanor was totally different and she told me that she was only doing upper inner thighs. 200cc on each leg. I've looked at a couple of pics where 200cc had been taken out and I must say that I didn't see a significant difference in those patients. 200cc could be a lot on me..... who knows. She said that their wouldn't be a gap and my thighs bit STILL be touching??? I'm trying to still be positive about it since I actually won the procedure and I definitely wouldn't be able to afford this procedure right now on my own. A part of me can't help but feel that I'm going in to get this done to come out with four scars and the exact same legs . Maybe I would get more of what I wanted if I was an actual paying patient. I'm not a happy camper right now. I'll do some more research and keep you guys posted =). I haven't forgot. Pics coming soon.

Hey ya'll.... I think I'm literally driving myself...

hey ya'll.... I think I'm literally driving myself crazy doing all this research about inner thigh lipo,200cc, etc. I def doing too much.... lol. I'm just going to focus on working out out as much as possible before my lipo. I've got all my meds from the pharmacy, antibacterial soap. I'm going to be ordering my compression garment this week from makemeheal. Oh I got called on for another pre op on Thursday. I'll keep you guys posted =). I just have to look at it this way... 200 cc's is still 200cc LESS than what I can have... :-)

Sooooo..... I saw my ps again today and she went...

Sooooo..... I saw my ps again today and she went over what to realistically expect. I feel more confident about getting this done. The way she explained everything me made me feel a whole lot more comfortable about this procedure. All and all. I'm excited! I'm counting down the days =)

Hey people, I'm doing it again.... I'm...

Hey people,

I'm doing it again....

I'm very well educated when it comes to health & fitness & the ONLY way of gaining weight is more calories in than out. (although I've been slacking on my diet for a year and added some serious poundage =) I know that lipo does not make you gain weight BUT I'm little concerned about what I've read online on certain sites from other people who's had lipo. since I'm 2 days shy of having lipo on my inner thighs.I would die IF having lipo would make me increase fat in other places to compensate for the fat cells that's been suctioned out. I'll def double check with my Dr the day of.

Bon jour! So I'm 3 days post. I took the...

Bon jour!

So I'm 3 days post. I took the dressing and stuff off yesterday because they were a little yucky but I kept my compression garment on until today. I had my first shower and I'm actually drying the garment as we speak =) ( I'm wearing 2 under armour stress ompression ssion tights until my garment dries)

The procedure:

Sooooooooo..... I really don't remember to much of it just bits and pieces because I had taken a prescribed Xanax and my antibiotics in the morning and by the time I got there the Xanax was definitely working it's magic. I remember Dr Banks drawing on me but I don't remember how I got on the table. The numbing solution stung as she injected it. I didn't feel the canula at all when she did my right legs but my left was another story. It didn't hurt all the time but sometimes it almost felt like that canula hit muscle tissue a couple of times . Which hurt like a b***!! I think I actually feel asleep a couple of times because I swear I could hear myself snoring... lol.

The aftermath :

As of yet I can't see that much of a difference my tree trunks are still there.. =) but I'm by no means delusional. I am still only 3 days post op and and I guess I'm still swollen. My legs feels sore and numb in some places and itches in other places. The first nights sleep was really uncomfortable because I don't normally sleep on my back so it was hard to get comfortable but I've figured out a system. I sleep on my side with a big pillow in between my legs *biting fingernails hoping it won't affect the final results*
Walking is getting easier day by day and if I sit too long my legs get stiff.

Hello! it's my bday and I woke up with huge...


it's my bday and I woke up with huge legs but I think I had something to do with it. I slept with a heating pad for my lower back last night and may have effected my legs. I can feel like I over compensate with other muscles when I walk when my legs get really stiff and it is starting to hurt my lower back. I know the symptoms because this has happened to me once before when I had a major surgery far worse then this. I don't know if icing is a possibility idea. I will ask my ps tomorrow when I have my follow up. So I've been browsing om here some more about inner thigh lipo and this one ps in Miami said this: "The second stage takes 2-3 months and will show you the details of your new shape as the swelling subsides and your tissues.The final healing can take up to one year. It is not uncommon to have areas of numbness that take up to a year  to resolve."

Those stages really make sense and he also said...

those stages really make sense and he also said that lipo on the lower extremities take the longest to heal. So as of today my legs are really swollen and numb and it's still very uncomfortable to walk. I ordered a smaller size compression garment today because the one my ps provided is tighter in the waist then what it is in the leg area and I just want to achieve the best final results. I'm going to post pics of my cuts on my thighs that I tool yday. They are very close up so they might look bigger than what they really are in comparison to my legs. The only reason why I'm only my legs is because I can honestly not even find the ones that are on my upper thighs.

ok... posting the pics didn't work but I'm going to write Kirsty (page manager) so she can post them for me. She's the best! =)

Hola! So I had my 1 week post op appointment...


So I had my 1 week post op appointment on the 14th. It was a really quick and check up. The back and the inside of my thighs felt really hard and heavy and me and my little internet researching self thought that it might be calsisified fat which I had read about because they felt so hard. Dr Banks checked and she did it was just swelling and she taught me a little trick of the trade so to speak... lol. She said if I use a finger and push where it feels hard and it leaves a little indentation that "pops" back out again it's just swelling (fluid) That's a reslly good way to keep track of things. The swelling and tenderness has gone down faster in my left leg. I'm only sore on the lower part and back of my thigh. I can touch the upper part of my thigh quite firmly and it doesn't hurt. My right leg is still quite sore, swollen and tender to touch on the inside and the back of my thigh. She set me up for a Velashape appointment. I know it's definitely way too early to even consider a revision but for my 2 weeks post op appointment I'm going to ask her opinion about it and the cost. After I'm FULLY healed of course.

So I'm now 21 days post op and I'm feeling so much...

So I'm now 21 days post op and I'm feeling so much better. I can walk normally and the only time I can really feel my legs swelling is when I get out of the shower or when I walk on the treadmill. BUT it's not as bad as it was =) I have my 2nd post op appointment on Thursday I'm going to ask her how much a revision is and start saving ASAP =)

Hey, So I had my 2nd post op and it was great....


So I had my 2nd post op and it was great. Everything looks good and Nia set me up for an appointment tomorrow for my Velashape treatment. I addressed my concerns about going in for a revision once I'm completely healed and she said that that wouldn't be a problem =) My next post op will be in may.

.... II also forgot to mention that I had a total...

.... II also forgot to mention that I had a total of 650 CC's removed from both legs

Everything is healing perfectly. I still have some...

everything is healing perfectly. I still have some swelling/hardness in certain areas. Me right leg still has a bit more. I posted my 44 post op pics.

I posted some updated pics. I still have some...

I posted some updated pics. I still have some swelling/hardness in certain area. My right leg has more swelling then my left still.


So Im 3 months post op and I can't say I'm happy with my results. My legs looks like I never had anything done at all. I planning on having a revision done with another Dr. I went to a consult with dr Heron in va because Ive heard and seen good things from his patients. A friend included. He specializes in lipo and now smart lipo. He doesn't do any other procedure BUT that. At my consult I was informed that only "partial" lipo was done one me aka ONE AREA. I was under the impression that the inside of your thighs was one area in the world of plastic surgery. NO, the inside of your thighs are counted as two areas. So at this current moment I don't have a smooth transition going on and I have a sligth shark bite. Dr Heron would do a revision of my full thighs plus my knees for free for the same price as Dr Banks charge for one area. I'm also considering Dr Khalief.I won't be doing anything until winter though so I can give myself time to heal completely and lose some weight which might improve my results.


let me just reiterate the fact that I DO NOT regret having the procedure done period. I just want it done to my satisfaction. I wanted to put that out there because my previous post sounded very negative....;) ???
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I meet dr Banks August 2011 for a breast reduction consultation

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How are you feeling now? Will you definitely have revision surgery? I'm interested in having liposuction to my inner thighs to achieve an inner thigh gap. My P.S only wants to take about 150 cc per inner thigh (300 cc in total) and I'm concerned this will not be enough to achieve the look I want.
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I want to have the Lipo on my thighs too. Cannot decide on which technique to Have done on them. Your results are an inspiration because I was told I had too much muscle. Not!
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Thanks Vanit! :) they looked good back then. Now it's like the are the same size they were pre op
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To me you look great what a good surgery
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I'm really impressed at the pic of the back of your legs 44 days post op. Comparing your post-op to your pre-op photos, I can tell you've lost size in your thighs, and they look smoother. Dr. Banks performed my tummy tuck in February and I plan to return at some point to have SmartLipo done on my back and bra rolls.
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Thank you so much :-).How's was the tummy tuck.Did you heal nicely?
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It went great! Best decision I've ever made. I'm so glad I chose her.
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Do you exercise regularly? You look great! I had my thighs done last Friday, I'm excited to see final results
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Congrats on having them done! =) how are you feeling? Any update pics? Who was your plastic surgeon? I'm just now starting back on my exercise regimen. (spinning & HEAVY weights) I've kind of half a*** it to be honest since my procedure exercise wise BUT I started watching what I ate and I'm 5 lbs down and I think that has helped =) I was doing squats daily in the house though when I was 2 wks post op. it's always been easy for me to gain/maintain muscle mass so that's really what I've been trying to do.
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I haven't posted pics or information, I've just cruising the site, which I have fell in love with. I'm going to get the nerve to do it one day. I'm very sore, I walk like a penguin. I had my inner and front thighs done. I was tired of the rub.
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oh I absolutely LOVE this site because it's actually real people. It's ok if you don't want to post I understand. I know the penguin walk all so well.... LOL. I took me a good 2 1/2 weeks before I was walking semi normal. Now all you can do is to be patient. The lower extremities takes the longest to heal... but trust me your final result will be great. =) Who was your surgeon?
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I apologize, Dr. Berergon in Houston, Texas. He's on this site as well. He did a great job. I like that he was honest, he didn't sell me a dream. He said straight up your thick and your going to touch but I'm going to take you in some. Day of surgery he decided not to do the outer thigh, but to do the front part. Didn't explain or if he did I was too excited and drugged up to ask questions or remember.
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lol....straight talking Dr's are few and far in between so that's a good thing. I have more confidence in a dr that doesn't say yes to all of my demand and says everything is possible. =) I've had several surgeries done so I'm a seasoned quack sniffer. All though I'm happy with my results so far I most likely will still have a revision done in the fall/winter. . I want my thighs done all the way down to my knees. My surgeon only did half.
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How are your thighs feeling/looking?? I decided to get my chub rub done too! Were you able to bring your phone or iPod in or were you too out of it?
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Hey honey love, weeeeellll my intentions was to bring my phone with my in there BUT I was way too woozy... lol. So if the relaxation meds works on you like the did me. You'll be ok... =). Here's my email You can hit me up whenever you like. =) I plan on taking some update picks this weekend. My thighs are feeling much better. I can walk much better without swelling up as much. I see more of a difference on the lower part of my thighs and a minimal difference on my chub rub. I'm not longer swollen or tender to touch in my chub rub area. I can pinch it and it doesn't hurt. The lower half of my thighs are still has some swelling and is still tender to touch on some areas. I still have more swelling in my right leg then my left. Email me.... =)
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So I'm seeing Dr banks soon too!! I'm glad to hear that the xanax worked! Can't wait to see your progress!
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I'll post some pics after my post op which is on the 14th. right now my thighs are swollen and they're actually touching more now then before. I pic now probably wouldn't do the lipo any justice =) but I promise to keep you posywz
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I just had my inner thighs done and it makes a huge difference. So you will have good results. But its one of the sorest spots..ugh
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yaaay! I happy to hear that =) how much did your surgeon take out? when did you have it done? do you have any pics?
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Good luck with your pre-op on Thursday. Maybe ask the doctor what difference she thinks 200cc is going to make to you. If you think you need more is there a possibility that you could pay for an extra 100cc or so, without having to pay all of the other costs (because the surgery itself is free)?

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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that's actually a great suggestion =). I have a question. I posted a question for the Dr's to answer but there was no option for me to upload my pics soni could really get an honest opinion. Although the Dr's are being very helpful in their responses. They want to see pics. now I have uploaded pics in my review and I thought I was going to be able to so the same when I posted my q. By the way. The this website IS the best thing since sliced bread.... :-)
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You should have been able to add photos to your question, just as you can to your review. If you'd like me to, I can take the photo's from your review and add them to your question for you and then send it back out to the doctors.

Also, thanks for your compliment, RealSelf was designed for people like you, who need support, information and advice. So to know you're getting so much out of it, just proves that all the hard work is worth it.

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oh wow.... yes ma'am. I would absolutly appreciate that. That way they can see what I'm talking about =)
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No problem, I've added those photos to your question and sent it back out for answers.

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you're a life saver Kirsty! =) *mmwwwaaahhh*
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