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I've had 3 babies via c-section so I had the...

I've had 3 babies via c-section so I had the very lovely overhang as a result. I'd also lost 35lbs from my highest non-pregnant weight which left me with even more skin. I suffered with a LOT of lower back pain and a sway back which was not helped by the 4" separation of my abdominal muscles. My main goal with this surgery was to put my muscles back together so that I could play with my kids again without fear that my back was going to go out when it was so weak.

I went for my surgery November 2nd, 2009. I loved my surgeon and surgical staff, they really were fantastic. My surgery was scheduled for 10 am and I was in the surgical facility from then until 5:30 pm when I was released. My doctor was one of the few in town who used a pain pump with numbing medication for 4 days post-op which was fantastic, it really helped get me over the hump. By day 4 I was off the Percocet and on to Extra Strength Advil. I would say that the pain level was very similar to a c-section but the tightness feels really strange and that was sometimes more uncomfortable then the actual pain.

All in all I LOVE my results. I'm 4" smaller on my waist and I've lost another 3 lbs since the surgery. The only weird side effect that I've had is BURPING! Has anyone else had this???? Any time I eat I belch and burp for an hour after the meal. It's driving me CRAZY!!!

I don't have my official "after" pics yet but I'll post pics once I get them.


Hi,I would love to hear an update from you. Your story sounds very similar to mine, 3 3 c-sections, skin over-hang and a 46 pound weight loss within the last 9 mos. I am scheduled to have a TT in Feb 2010 and would love to hear your current thoughts and see pictures if you are able to share. Thank you and best wishes!
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Well I'm almost 3 months out now and...

Well I'm almost 3 months out now and I'm still VERY happy with my results. I'm starting to have some fading on the scar already and that makes me happy. I'm still holding some swelling below my belly button and IN my belly button but nothing big. I've posted my pics from the end of October and from today.



you look great!!!!
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Hi curiousone! I'm updating with pictures.

I'm now almost 1½ yrs post op and I...

I'm now almost 1½ yrs post op and I still say it was the best decision I've made. Is there a scar, Yes, but now it's almost all skin tone or white. The rest of the benefits like self confidence feeling so much better with the way I look FAR out ways the scar. One of the other benefits is that I have MUCH less lower back pain. That's what I used to call "Mommy back".


I am sorry to hear about the accident, and I hope you are okay. That is not good. :( That is awesome that you are staying fit and trim...that is part of the challenge after getting any kind of surgery. I am really looking forward to not having a muffin around my waist when I wear my jeans...and also to actually be able to wear a bikini. That will be nice... I hope you are well after your accident...
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Thanks for your reply tupperware mama....it does not look like you need lipo at all, you look great! Are you pretty active? Have you noticed where your weight goes if you gain a few pounds? I have read that after a tt, no lipo..the fat gained goes elsewhere and that kind of concerns me. Do you think that is true? Thanks again for your input...I appreciate it.
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I am usually pretty active but had a car accident 2 yrs ago which had me reduce my activity for a while. Now I'm back to working out 3-5 days a week but do find that my flank area is holding some weight. I'm only 4 lbs more then in the picture.
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