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it was worth the money - Langhorne, PA

I am a 27 year old female and I wanted to lose the...

I am a 27 year old female and I wanted to lose the lower stomach bulge that I spent hours and days in the gym trying to get rid and it just would not go away. I tried everything from ab belts to ab benches, nothing seemed to work! After only 5 sessions i started seeing noticeable results. I can finally go swimsuit shopping without looking in the mirror in disgust and go jeans shopping without seeing those undesirable bulges or that God awful muffin top that sat over my jeans. The staff was very courteous and the environment was very modern and inviting. And my Dr. Bobbi was awesome! I LOVED IT! My friends all wanted my secrets of how I shed the fat so quickly… it’s simple… ZERONA!

Just follow the instructions (cardio for 30mins a day (I ran for 30 mins a day), half your body weight of water or more, the Curva, and the spanx and a healthy diet. If you don’t stick to it you only cheat yourself out of your results!


This doesn't work. You will lose ware much like when you take a diuretic, but it will all come back. It's not a long term fix, just something good if you happen to have a wedding, photo shoot, etc. to do and need a quick fix. It defeats the purpose to spend money on this gimmick if you have to workout like crazy and drink a gallon of water every day. My concern is for those of us who have chronic conditions where workouts are unsafe, and those who just don't have an hour or 2 to dedicate to a gym every day, nor the money for a trainer, etc. What can they do to get rid of the weight? Old fashioned lipo is best. You cannot spot reduce with these type of procedures. Only a scalpel can do so.
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Lose water , I meant
Thank you for your thorough comments. Me and my cousin (who are both black women) are considering getting a procedure done. Its good to see another black woman on here because as you know, a lot of procedures don't work well on us. So thank you. And you look great. Especially in the after photo. :-)
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