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Didn't Work for Me After 2 Treatments - Langhorne, PA

Procedure wasn't so bad-- the numbing was the most...

Procedure wasn't so bad-- the numbing was the most difficult part.

Recovery was fairly easy--I followed the icing instructions exactly and minimal pain.

But..I'm still sweating a lot-- both arms.

I'm due up for my 2nd treatment in two weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed as the procedure was very costly.


Update- it's been a week since my 2nd treatment. Apparently my first session was level 1-- which is probably why recovery was minimal and it didn't work. They upped the level the second time to level 4. I am much more swollen and tender to touch, more lumpy, etc. jury is still out on whether the sweating is gone.
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Awe, what a bummer. :( Were you still sweating right after the treatment, or did the sweating actually go away for a while then gradually come back?

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I was "sweating" right after the treatment but I read that this could be pseudo-sweating in the beginning. I think it may have been improved for maybe a month and now it's back (or maybe even worse?) I'm anxious to have the 2nd treatment to see what happens.

2nd treatment- same story. Recovery was easy but...

2nd treatment- same story. Recovery was easy but still sweating. Didn't work for me!!


I had 2 miradry treatments done (both on level 5) and it HARDLY reduced my sweating. My second treatment was 6 months ago and my armpit sweating is back to what it was before. What a joke and waste of money. Miradry works for some, but the statistics they show are clearly exaggerated. You might be better off getting botox because even though it's temporary, it works!
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Any updates or changes in your results? I am curious to see if this procedure alters in any way over time. Thank you!
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No changes-- still sweating 4 months later. The 2nd time I went in for treatment, they increased the level, however, they were having a difficult time opearting the machine..would have to try 3-4 times to get the suction to work. I'm not sure if that was the problem, that my 1st treatment was level 1 and/or just didn't work for my body. Big waste of $3600!!
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