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Hello, I am 39 years old. As most of you my...

Hello, I am 39 years old. As most of you my stomach is the area of my body that i absolutely hate. I am a bigger girl but am very happy with myself as the same. I weight 185 lbs and am 5 foot 5 inches. I have had 3 pregnancies and that has left me with alot of skin. I also gained about 100 lbs with my second pregnancy due to medical reasons. I have lost 50 of those lbs. The rest is very difficult. I am having my tummy tuck in May of 2011. (around there anyway) I am so excited. This website is a gem. Its the best source of information i have found. Thanks everybody for all that you have shared.

Hi Mel! Welcome! I hope you find this website as helpful as I did. I'm 19 days post op from my tummy tuck and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision to do it AND the results! I have pictures posted from before and 9 days post op. The change was incredible! :) If you have any questions I can help you with please ask! Good luck to you! You are going to love your new tummy.
Still debating, Hello. It is nice to find people that resemble yourself on here. This website is awsome. Im glad you chose the TT. I have never had PS before. I am meeting my doctor on monday 1/31. I had a friend that went to Dr. Shah in Columbus. She loved him and his work. The website put the wrong surgeon on here for me lol. I have to do my surgery in May due to paying a bill off and my new job. May is a date i have in my head, not scheduled yet. Its when i have a bill payed off lol. I am so darn excited. Who are you going to have your surgery with? Glad to hear from you, take care girl.
I have to schedule mine too. I am going to Dr.G Holland. He's has been recommended to my by my OBGYN and another Doc. I met with him 3 yrs ago, and his is very patient and discreet. The cost was $6,300. He told me whenever I was ready, we can schedule. It will be done one month after scheduling. So, I already decided to contact him @ the end of February and let him know I plan on it @ the end of May, right before the kids are out on summer break...my mom is coming in for 2 wks to help me after surgery. I am nervous as all get out, but I know if I don't do it, I will always regret it. I think for the most part, there are more positive comments than bad, so I will take my chances...keep an open mind, and stay positive.

I will check in to see comments on your visit with Dr. Shah. Keep moving forward, it will be great~

I met my surgeon and scheduled my tummy tuck with...

I met my surgeon and scheduled my tummy tuck with upper abdomen liposuction on May 3rd, 2011.

I have chose to have TT with liposuction to upper...

I have chose to have TT with liposuction to upper abdomen. I would love to get my flanks done but that would be another 2000. I think i will still love the results. I can always get rid of my flanks, which is what i am currently doing. I have extra motivation now lol..

I will be adding lipo to flanks, woo hoo.

I will be adding lipo to flanks, woo hoo.

Hi Mels :-) I'm happy for you that you could do the flanks as well!
I am the same ht. and wt. as you just with a diff body type. You are going to look fantastic since your butt and legs look so in shape!
I am really fat in the butt and leg area but I'm hoping with cont. weight loss it will come off.
I finally got the courage to post a review of myself with before pics. Down to 5 days till surgery!
Hello, I am getting my TT and breast reduction first week in June. Nervous and excited at the same time. I have been on this sight everyday for a week looking at pics and reading. I'm on over load, by the time I get the Tt&BL I will be a pro. I just am so busy with work and travel fitting it in and making sure I can do other things a month or 2 Post op makes me nervous. Anyway keep me posted.
I will post pics when I get to a computer, my iPad won't let me do it.
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