I am a mother of 2 girls ages 6 and 2. I am 25 pre...

I am a mother of 2 girls ages 6 and 2. I am 25 pre baby I was 125 at 5'7. I delivered at 225+ both times. I am down to 140 and kind of stuck. I have large amounts of skin and stretch marks. I am really worried about going under general...I fear something going wrong. I am also really worried about the tubes being removed and having a 2 year old that is really clingy. I am really excited to have a flat stomach that doesnt hang!!

I had my pre op appt today...the big day is...

I had my pre op appt today...the big day is getting so close. The doc showed me how low he was going to do it. That made me happy. He did point out that my belly button is off a little and that it would say that way. I hope it isnt too noticeable after. He also told me that when I suck my belly in thats about how tight my muscles will be pulled. I didnt realize how lax the fascia was. I was also told it was going to be kind of hard to breath. Kind of an alarming concept specially since I have a cold and its already hard enough to breath lol. Let me tell you I got to so much info it was overwhelming. I also got three perscriptions, five surgical scrub brushed to use two days before and the day of surgery along with my first two showers after. Then I was also given the volumetric exerciser I am suppose to use after surgery and the day before.

I have to say that all the exercise and cardio I...

I have to say that all the exercise and cardio I have been doing over the last year has been a great help to me in these few days. Its amazing how much I need the arm strength and legs to get up and down all the time. I did end up getting a recliner since my bed is to high and trying to turn and maneuver on the bed was hard. Getting on and off the chair is so much easier!! I recommend it.

I got a cold from my husband the other day and I have been coughing up my lungs and that doesn't feel good! The PS told me that's a good thing that I am coughing. (it doesn't feel like a good thing!) It will keep me from getting pneumonia. I am using an inspirometer to help keep my lungs expanded and clean of fluids which of course causes me to cough most of the time. When I did it pre-op I was able to reach 3500-4000. After Surgery I was at 2250-2750. My PS was surprised at how much I could fill my lungs with air the next day. It honestly is not as hard to breath as I thought it would be. Again I think that has a lot to do with all the cardio I do.

I got to see a picture of what they took off. I will post it if anyone wants to see what it looks like. They removed 1.4 lbs of skin and then 125 from both sides with lipo. Again the lipo doesn't at all bother me. It feels a little tender if something touches it but that's all. I am excited to post the pictures to see what you all think!!

This might be random but my belly button looks...

This might be random but my belly button looks weird and ugly. Did any of you think that? I will try to post a picture of it up close. Also sometimes when I walk I feel a pinch in my stomach on the right side and then a warm feeling floods down my stomach through my leg.

Its been a week since I had the surgery. I am...

Its been a week since I had the surgery. I am feeling pretty good, I had my girls by myself yesterday did really well. I have both my drains out!! That has been amazing. I only need pain meds at night when I go to bed and one when I get up. For some reason my stomach hurts when I wake in the morning and it helps me relax at night and sleep better. My doc did tell me to start sleeping in bed and not on the recliner anymore. Not sure if that is why my stomach bothers me at night and in the morning more. I am still not standing all the way up right pretty close tho. I do have a question sometimes when I breath really deep or more it feels like my abs on the right side of my stomach are ripping apart mostly in one spot all the time. I swear I feel something and it hurts rather bad and to top it off it feels like it burns. Then it stops a few mins later. It seems like the same place that popped when they pulled that last drain tube out. Other than that I have felt amazing. All the scar line hides perfectly under all my underwear even the lowest ones I have!!! Apart from the swelling I like the look of my stomach.

Two weeks tomorrow man times flies!I have been...

Two weeks tomorrow man times flies!I have been doing really well no meds as od basically day 6-7 cant remember. I was worried I would be in pain but I just kept forgetting to take them and decided to see how it went. Last time I told you I took them before bed and in the morning but the next day I stopped. So when ever that was lol. On thursday everything will be removed all the stitches!! That will be a good day bc the stitches are poking me lol and they dont look so happy around the holes. I am basically sleeping flat and walking all the way up right. Back pain is pretty much gone!! Swelling does get worst at nigh. The weird stomach pain and pulling is gone!!! All seems well!

Ok, so tomorrow is week 4. I am feeling really...

Ok, so tomorrow is week 4. I am feeling really good walking all the time and jumping on the treadmill when I can. I am trying to eat even more healthy than I do. Trying to do very little carbs and more veggie and protein. I already eat a ton of fruite and have cut out almost 100% of the salt in my diet. I was shocked when I had a chip at my moms because it tasted like nothing but salt...eww.

Anyways I dont have another appt until the 29th or something like that. I did call to see what my Doc said would be good to put on the scar and he told me Bio Oil like I have heard from a few other ladies. So yesterday I got some topical Vit E, and today I got coco butter with Vit E and I ordered Bio Oil from amazon for 8.89. I hope that everything helps because my scar is really red looking.

I was excited today when I got the nerve to step on the scale. I was worried I put on like 5-10lbs but I was 134!! I went to my appt for the tt weighing 137 and two days after I was 139....but today after eating and walking around I was 134!!! So excited I would like to be down to 130 and I am so close!! Ony 10lbs above my pre pre pregnancy weight from when I was 18 lol not to bad. So I guess you can tell I am really excited lol. Its been a long time since I was lighter than my hubby. I hated being larger than he is.

Well I am not sure what else to say. All is well and working like normal but abs are still sore, the scar is still tender on the edges, belly button still not my favorite, I am back into all my clothes, and sleeping normally in bed (I am not a belly sleeper only sides and back). I am ready to workout like normal but I have to wait two more weeks and see what my PS has to say at my appt. I do have swelling but not bad. I will post a pic tomorrow in the morning.


Its been over three months since my TT and I love...

Its been over three months since my TT and I love my belly. I still get swollen later in the day, I still have numbness all over, and my scar it still a reddish pink but none the less Its amazing.

Today at 7:45 I went in for a BA and recieved 550cc's. From what I can tell they are the prefect fit for my body shape! I am excited. However, I am in a little more discomfort that I was with my tt. Mainly because I use my arms for everything and I sleep on my side so its been hard. I was told by my PS that it should feel way better after the first 12hrs. I was really dissappointed with my chest being so flat and I honestly feel I looked so disproportionate and I feel even without having seen them yet it looks so much better from the front and side. Dr. Zilmer seem pretty amazing.

Photo Update

I had my BA done 8 days ago and I am so happy with...

I had my BA done 8 days ago and I am so happy with how everything is coming together!! I had some really bad swelling in my stomach area after my BA. It was a little depressing because the swelling had gone down so much. I had some back pain again after but this time it was a long the upper back not the lower. The nurse told me it was just the muscle dealing with being pulled so much by the implants. I was on pain meds for 24hrs or so mainly because of my back. Implants went under the muscle. I was a 34A and I believe I am a 34D. I went with 550cc's smooth round mentor mod plus. Wish I would have gone with probably 600-625cc. They are a little smaller than I had hoped for but none the less I love the shape and the look of them. They seem to be dropping into place rather nicely.

Photo Update

Oh my goodness its been so long!! I have been busy...

Oh my goodness its been so long!! I have been busy busy with kid in soccer, school started for both kids, trying to move, remodel the condo, and my schools starting. Any who I am loving my new me!! My Left boob however has been bothing me and is still really sensitive. It was a little swollen and hurt if I layed on my left side at night. My tummy is normally super flat but it does still swell every so often.
Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

he did an amazing job, I love how low the scar is, the lines came together nice and smooth, all the staff was so kind. I love my new tummy and plan to go back for my boobies!!!

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Wow you look great. Thanks for posting! Dr. Zilmer has caught my attention for sure these are great results. I too was 220 after kids and am down to 155, still have a little way to go with the weight loss before I get tt, i also want breast lift with augmentation. Your breats are the perfect size. This is definitely inspiring!
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Man do I love the 550's!
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Your bra is gorgeous and shows off those nice big boobies!! Your belly in the red panties looks like you are a teenager...tight tight tight!!
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Thanks so much and I love the bra also its really comfortable. My belly even six months out is still really sensitive. I swell really easily and it doesnt always looks so tight but on a good day I love it. I also just started to really workout a about a week ago and I hope this will help.
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They look great on you!
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OMG!!! You got boobs!! They look fabulous Cass! It is amazing how much they drop and fluff in the months to come. They will get bigger but regardless they look awesome now!!
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BOOBS!!! Thanks I enjoy having them. I hope they don't drop much more because I love how they are perky. It would like it if they got bigger!! I think that they are a little small.
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U dont want bigger, more chances of saggy. And wont find cute bra, or go without bra... U look great!!!
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I think they look great! I went 400cc and think they are the most perfect things LOL We were on vacation a couple of weeks ago and I walked around with a tank top and no bra...that was great and incredibly liberating :)
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Haha so funny that you say that because I went out shopping for bra and I couldn't find anything that fit. I ended up at VS and I was a 34DD their and in some bra they said I would be 34DDD. I am going to wait and see if they shrink before I spend 40-50 on a new bra.
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I am soo afraid to walk around without a bra. I am already afraid they are going to sag down to much. I needed to go larger than 400 although I wish that was all I needed.

You must of looked amazing and felt that way!!
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Im a 34 c... And i wouldnt go bigger just put back where they belong but i also always had boobs... So i see how u would want to go big... Congrats girlie enjoy ur boobs....lol... I love my new small tummy ill add new pics soon...i moved now cant find my camera . Go figure right...
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I was a little worried at first but I was only going braless a couple hours a day and now that I'm back home I am in a bra daily :) I have to go shopping for a new bra now that I've been given the all clear to wear a support bra. For the last few months I've only been able to wear cheap flimsy sports bras but now I can go back to VS to be fitted.

They said you were a 34DDD? What CC did you end up going with? I as a D before and am at the top of a C or a D now. Everyone says I look bigger even though I am in the same bra size I was before but I explain the difference is my breasts are round and now hanging to my knees anymore LOL

I loved how I felt on vacation. I was confident and very sure of myself. We went out to this really nice place for dinner and I wore this form fitting sun dress with kind of a halter kind of top...for the first time I looked in the mirror and thought wow, I look good :)
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How long did your PS have you in a sports bra?? When I asked my PS at my appt a week ago they said I could wear a bra with a wire for up to four hrs and then in about 3 weeks at my one month I could wear a bra more often but at 6 weeks I am in the clear to wear it when I would like.

At VS I am a 34DD and hope it stays that way. In one of the bras I would have needed a 34DDD only because she said it ran about one cup size small.

I went with 500cc implant filled to 550cc. I was a small flat sad 34A and when I went into VS one days after my BA I was a 34C-D and then After they dropped down hopefully into place (I dont want them to move anymore) they measured into a 34DD very nicely!

It is amazing how much more confident one can fill with some boobs and a smooth stomach. Clothes no longer are an enemy since we have nothing to hide!! The dress you are telling me about sounds beautiful! You will be telling yourself you look amazing more often because its true you look amazing!
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I use to have boobs mine have never been an A except when I first started getting boobs. They normally went between a B and a C. When i was nursing they went between a D and an E. I liked them larger between the D and the DD which is why I wanted them larger. My body frame is to large for just a C. I am enjoying my boobs they are so pretty. I didn't think I would get such a nice shape lol.

Every pic you post of your tummy looks better than the last. Your PS did an amazing job and as the swelling goes down even more I am sure its going to just keep getting better. Hope you find the camera soon!
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I cant wait to make my boobs happy.. Now that the weather is nicer i been in a 2 piece everyday...lol. Need a new suit.... Lol...
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I wish it has been nice here. The weather has been ugly, cold, and rainy....Every girl needs a new bikini or two....maybe even more!! :)
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Agreed. It finally got nice this last week!! Bikini shopping soon... Loly
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Sorry, I should have mentioned that I needed a slight revision on my right breast. After surgery my implant moved up so in March she opened a small spot under the breast and pulled it back down. She didn't want to take any chances with bras that push your breasts up but now I can start wearing them again.

My husband says the breasts are nice but it is my confidence that is sexy to him :)
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oh wow so how long after did the implant move up? Did your PS say why it did that? Ok so did you get to wear bras that didn't have padding? I got a bra today that has a wire since wireless are hard to find but it doesn't have hardly any padding.

My husband love the boobs more than I can stand....Although at times drive him nuts because I am often saying I thought they would be bigger and he doesnt think I like them but I do. I guess I got a pretty bad case of boob greed...:)
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It happened right after surgery. They were having a hard time bringing me out of it and on top of that my right breast started to swell. Well the swelling is what moved the implant. She didn't even want to think about doing anything that day so she said we would wait a few months and see what it did. It did drop on its own but it was still up way to high so I went back in and had it fixed, she also did a little lipo on the side where I had a previous incision. If you look at my pics before you can see the old incision but the picture doesn't even begin to show how badly it messed up my skin! She did a great job removing most of it, I just have a tiny bit at the bottom that she couldn't remove. Because of how the scar was I still have a little loose skin on that side but the lipo did help that quite a bit.

I can now start to wear bras that push up, she just wanted me to wait after fixing the breast to make sure it stayed down.

Oh I get it. I still look in the mirror and say OMG I'm fat, drives Mike crazy! He says the only way I'm fat is if I'm PHAT LOL He always says how lucky he is to be married to me. He loved me before I lost weight and now he gets the trophy wife without the divorce LOL He laughed when I told him about your husband loving your boobs...he said well hello, he's a guy :)
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You look just absolutely beautiful. Those 550's look fantastic on you!!
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Thanks so much I love having boobies again
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how does the tummy scar look your pics didnt say date im surious what they look like 4 motnhs later =)
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