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I have been thru an inverted tummy tuck in Sept 11...

I have been thru an inverted tummy tuck in Sept 11 I think that was the most painful thind I have ever been thru in my life.But I would do it allover again in a minute. you cant laugh cry bend you do get depressed about a week into it and ask yourself why you did this to yourself.. but yes it was worth it.. Jan 12 breast lift June 12 implant March 13 belt completed now the last piece if the puzzle is a medial and Bilateral thigh lift and lipo .. Excited scared and just want to get it over :)


Hi there, welcome!

Good luck with your surgery next week. I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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6 days and counting


How did everyhting go?
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3 days out It went really well thanks ..I have a lot of swelling today and bruising but moving pretty good I thnk the worst part is trying to sit to go to the bathroom
Thank you Kristy

3 days out from my thigh lift

Everything went well, I have a lot of swelling today which they said was normal and bruising 1 1/2 litre of lipo and 260 grams of tissue on l leg and 320 on the right leg. the worst thing out of all this is the going to the bathroom tried the toilet seat riser but it is to tall I have a 3 inch one so cant use it :(


6days out today. I see the Dr. Monday morning ,everything seems to be going ok.. No drainage since Saturday which is good a lot of bruising and swelling which is normal But I have to be honest I had an inverted tummy tuck and the pain in my legs when you have to go to the bathroom is worse then that.. I believe them now it is the worst.
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6 days out thigh lift and lipo

doing ok a lot of bruising and swelling which is normal,, I see the Dr. Monday morning hopefully to take some of these evil stitches out.. And the worst part is going to the bathroom,, it hurts worse then having my inverted tummy tuck


How is your outcome? Can you tell me how long your legs were swollen? I had my thigh lift with lipo done 11 days ago and I fear I'm not seeing much of a change.
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Hi there I'm 2 1/2 months and it took about 6 weeks for all of the swelling to subside. they say it can take up to 2 months for the swelling and up to 6 months for all the results for the lipo.. I was like you couldn't see much of a result so you get frustrated for all the pain you go thru but it was all worth iy now
Thanks that makes me feel better!

2 1/2 months out from thigh lift and lipo :)


Your looking good girl! You should update your picture. I hope your happy with your results. I had some issues with stitches and also got a huge hematoma suck. But feeling pretty good. Hope you do too!!
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Yesterday it was 4 weeks out for me. Swelling much reduced, and most of the bruising is gone. I lost about 2 inches on each leg (saddle bags gone!), and sagging skin is mostly gone. I say mostly because as swelling goes down, some skin will invariably sag. Incisions still hurt, but healing well. And yesterday I went out for my first run/walk! It felt amazing, even though the incision area itched like crazy!
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Good to here that TerriV!!
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I Love everyone at the Avalon Clinic!! I have been very pleased with the whole staff kind and very caring

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