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I'm 23 yrs old and I have a quite a few tattoos....

I'm 23 yrs old and I have a quite a few tattoos. When I decided to get the half sleeve done I felt that adding more tattoos to my collection would be no biggie. After my two sessions I realized that this tattoo wasn't me and not at all what I imagined it would be. I became very depressed and couldn't bare the idea that I had put myself into this situation. After a few months I decided to pursue laser tattoo removal. The first clinic I visited gave me mixed information about removing my tattoo. One technician said that I could have it removed just like any other tattoo, but the next technician I saw at the same clinic said that my tattoo was not removable because of the bright pinks, purples, and whites in the tattoo. I originally felt defeated after hearing that my tattoo was not removable but I decide to keep searching anyway. I ended up at a local laser college. The tech there assured me that the tattoo is removable with the technology they have access to at the college. I am now on my third treatment. The treatments are very painful and pretty draining. I find myself both physically and mentally drained for a couple days after the treatments. But I would say that the hardest part of this process has been trying to stay positive and confident about all of it. I often times feel overwhelmed with anxiety about it all being worth it and wondering if it will actually work. I am hoping that these feelings will begin to subside as time goes on. I don't have a picture of the tattoo before treatments but I do have picture of my arm a couple weeks after the 3rd treatment. Note: the flower on my shoulder and the buds outlining the flowers did not have color originally.


hey, there is a review on here (sorry i forgot by who!) where she is getting a rose on her knee treated with Picosure. The Picosure faded the purple in her tattoo in one session so have hope (:
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That's me! I'll post pics of my 3rd treatment results soon. Just had it done today.
Thanks for sharing! It's nice to be able to talk to people that can actually relate to what I'm going through. Your pictures look promising. It seems like the purple has faded a lot. Is there anything you are doing to encourage more fading?

4th treatment

Just had my 4th treatment done. It's getting harder to keep going back. I feel like my body has become more familiar with the pain and the treatments seem to be more painful each time. Regardless I'm trying to stay positive. My next treatment will be mid august. I'm hoping to see some good fading this round. I am wondering if any of you have any advice on things that help with fading. I know that working out and avoiding toxins is the best in helping with the removal. But does anybody know of any other methods or vitamins that help? These pictures are from the day of treatment. Will post more pictures a few weeks post treatment


How is the fading coming along, would love an update. 
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Hi! I'm sorry the treatments are getting tougher to deal with each time, but it looks like you really are having some great fading! I live in Denver and am in a similar situation. Have always liked tattoos and got a larger one on my back that I thought I wanted and ended up immediately regretting it. It was just too big and too much color for me. I haven't started treatments yet, but I did check out the laser college (I'm guessing same one that you are going to) and she did a test spot. I noticed below you said you thought they were using the Picosure on you. When I went they didn't have that laser. Did they get it?! I would seriously consider starting removal if there was a Pico in town! Anyway, try to stay positive and just think of the end result! Oh and as far as helping to aid the removal process...from what I hear drink TONS of water, do what you're doing with the activity and eating healthy, and from your name it looks like your a yoga person (me too!) and that is definitely great for the lymphatic system and getting toxins out. Good luck!
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hey but there seems to be alot more fading from treatment 3 so keep at it (:
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