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Only a Week After Surgery, but Already LOVE the Face Lift - Lakeland, FL

My courage came from many of the people that...

My courage came from many of the people that shared their stories here, and from many of the wonderful MD's that gave their opinions and shared their expertise with us. THANK YOU to each and every one of you. I am in my mid 50's.

I am a week and a half post op on my face lift, neck, Bleph and ptosis. Although I still have a lot of bruising and some swelling, I am very happy with the results. I know, from all the research I have done, that swelling can take up to 3 or more months to totally subside, so I do have realistic expectations.

It's also good if you can get the procedure done away from home so you can recouperate in a nice atmosphere. I had my surgery done in Lakeland, FL

When it comes to surgery, I am the biggest chicken, but I was totally knocked out and don't remember ANYTHING, so I was so proud of myself after the procedure. I had pain for about 2 days, but after 2 days, the pain was tolerable. I sleep at an approx 45 degree angle, and I put cold compresses on the operative sites frequently throughout the day.

At night, I wear a support which goes around my chin, cheeks and holds in place at the top of my head. This will be worn for 2 weeks. The 2nd week just at night. I do wear the support occasionally in the day time as it helps with the uncomfortable feeling I still have around the ears and upper neck area.

For me personally, I would not venture out in public unless I had my sunglasses and head/neck covering on. If I'm covered up, you cannot see the bruising which is on the way to subsiding right now, but without a scarf, you would see red/blue/black around my neck jowels, eyes and ears.

I did my research of the surgeon I used, and am VERY HAPPY with his qualifications, his personality, and most importantly, the before and after pictures of his patients, and talking to his patients, so I had full confidence in my doctor. That is very important. I'm on the road to recovery now, and really looking forward to the subsidence of all the swelling.

Before you do any cosmetic procedure, do your homework and don't rush into anything. Also, it is very important to have REASONABLE expectations post op, so if you have issues, discuss them with your doctor, but wait at least six months before you make final judgement.

Glad to hear your facelift went well. I am also thinking of going out of town for a facelift, so I was curious (1) how long you intend to stay in the area before flying home; and (2)where you are staying. I found an out-of-town surgeon I really liked, but I am afraid I will go stir crazy in a hotel room for two weeks. Also, at how many days did you feel comfortable venturing outside in scarf and glasses. Can I at least go sightseeing after 3 or 4 days?
Delighted to read that everything went well,and you are happy with your precedures, i,m not a doom merchant by any means,but initially we do look quite amazing during the first few weeks post op. I was over the moon with my results at first,but once all the swelling was gone,i,m afraid i was bitterly disapointed. And so i hope you will continue to be thrilled in the months to come.x
Hi 'Secrets', I know what you are talking about. I have spoken to many post op patients who had to go back for corrective surgery. I think you should talk to your doc about what you don't like and see if it can be corrected. Since I wrote my initial accounting of my face lift, I do see two ridges on the side of my cheek. I'm almost at 2 weeks post op so I'll talk to my doc on Monday about this. I tend to have a positive outlook, and have experience with cosmetic surgery patients, so I think what I see is all part of the healing process. I wish you luck, but PLEASE talk to your surgeon about what you don't like.

Almost 3 weeks post op and I'm starting to...

Almost 3 weeks post op and I'm starting to heal well, and bruises are ALMOST gone. Just very faint at present. I am DILIGENTLY using Witch Hazel soaked compresses which is bringing out the bruising and aids with the healing.

The ridges on the sides of my cheek are almost gone. The hardness on my cheeks, neck and back of my ears is softening up. Scarring is healing up really nicely. I am slowly starting to see some really nice results, even in the 3 weeks since the surgery.

I also had an eyebrow lift, and that area is still somewhat numb, but the feeling is all coming back gradually. The feeling in my ears is almost complete. Just the lobes have no feeling, but I can feel the feeling slowly coming back there.

One thing I have noticed is that my taste buds are really explosive. It's kind of neat. Anything I eat, my taste buds immediately spark fireworks LOL. It's kind of funny.

So far, I'm VERY HAPPY with the results and the healing process.

I'll give another update in a couple of weeks.

3 weeks and two days after surgery. All the...

3 weeks and two days after surgery. All the bruising is gone. I still have some hardness on the side of my cheeks, neck, upper eye lids. I can feel everything slowly softening up, and I really like what I see. My ears are still tingly and a bit numb on the ear lobes now. Right after surgery, I could not feel my ears at all.

The scaring around the front and back of my ears has healed up nicely and is not visible at all.

The ridges originally appearing on the side of my cheeks are disappearing and moving down towards the chin line which is still a bit hard and numb.

Scaring on my upper eye lids is still visible when I close my eyes. If my eyes are open, you can barely see the scars.

The scar on under my chin is visible, but fading.

I am still wearing the chin strap at night, and it feels really good to wear it. I am still sleeping in an upright position, but I think it would be ok to sleep on my back.

I see the doctor again at the end of the month and I'll post another update then.

Hi Doberman. I come down to FL for a few months every year. I did not come here just for the surgery. I have a summer home here, so I plan on staying here until possibly June. IF you did plan on going out of town and can afford it, I would suggest you rent an apartment for a few months. There are some short term apartment rental units in a lot of areas. Just do the research. No one will know you so you don't have to be worried about people seeing your swelling and bruising. After my surgery, I went out the following day with my sunglasses on, and my head/neck covered by a pretty scarf. I would say, sure.... you should be ok to go sightseeing after 3 or 4 days, but remember, everyone heals differently... some quicker, some shorter, so as long as you have realistic expectations about post op recovery/swelling/bruising you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK!!

Almost 4 weeks post op and ALL bruising is totally...

Almost 4 weeks post op and ALL bruising is totally gone. I still have SLIGHT hardness and numbness from the surgery in front of, and behind the ears, chin and upper eyelids, but I can definately feel that slowly disappearing, as well as the swelling which is almost nonexistent, but not totally gone.

I still have slight visible scarring on the upper eyelids, and the under the chin. The scars in front of, and behind the ears have healed very well.

I still see a few bumps on the side of my cheeks, but those bumps and lumps seem to move around from day to day, but they are disappearing more and more.

I go for another post op check up with my surgeon on Monday April 26, which will be 4 weeks post op.

BTW, Forgot to post the doc. Dr. Jeffery Epstein, He does hair transplant and face.
I had a mid face lift so my forhead was not involved. But there are no scars in front of the ears ! the stiching is hidden in hairline and really don't show at all. Also , I had some fat removed from under chin with one stitch and some same amount of fat remved from jaw line, now my jaw is clean again, yes. I didn't do a neck or forhead procedure because I don't think I need it yet. I am in Miami and there are several good facial docs here, my doc is a facial specialist. How did I choose him? I went to several other surgeons and this doc was one of the specialists for face only. doesn't do any body work haha, and he had an outstanding book of the procedures he had done. a pic is worth a thousand words , to me. Look for a doc who has a book demonstrating his work and... he discussed the pics with me in a professional way, no names, just "This patient desired to correct a ....." You can also look up the medical education of the surgeon, online. Keep in touch, good luck, I'm doing well!

Please keep us informed about your procedure. How did you go about deciding on your Dr.? I am in the beginning process of finding a surgeon in FL. I had an appointment in Beverly Hills in July, but only to find out "stem cell" face lift is a scam. Stem cells cannot be obtained from fat in your abdomen or legs. It did sound too good to be true. I really did not want cutting, but now that you say around your ears is non-visible I am considering it. Is the scar around your forehead non-visible as well? Thanks for your reply.


Three and a half month update - Under my chin is...

Three and a half month update - Under my chin is softening up but still quite hard. The back and front of my ears are slightly hard. The ridges on one side of my face, are softening. The upper eyes are still slightly numb but I can feel all the hardness fading slowly. On my cheeks and in front of my ears, I feel a slight tingling, which I think is related to the scar tissue healing. My main concern is under my chin. It looks like the lumps are disappearing, but I know I still have probably another month of healing. I go to the see the Dr on June 24th which will be my 3 month post op check up. I am still happy with the results and I do see the healing and swelling disipate.

3 month update: I'm 3 months and STILL have...

3 month update: I'm 3 months and STILL have some hardness under chin and in front of ears, healing is still going on as well as the twinges of little tiny electric shock kind of feeling around the cheeks/ears. I am very happy with what I see. I saw my Dr on 6/24/10 and he said he was not happy with a little area under the chin and neck, and he wants to do a correction (no charge to me). I asked him if we can wait the six months as I know I'm still healing. My Dr is a perfectionist, and wants to correct the area in 3 weeks, but I will insist on waiting six months as I am quite sure that things will go into place at the six month mark. I had another 2 syringes of Restylane around my lips done too. Being as it's only lasting 2 months, I may just use up the one syringe I have left and stop doing it, as I spent $2400 in six months on Restylane for the lip area, and I think with that kind of money I could do something a bit more permanant.

Believe it or not, I'm post op 7 months and...

Believe it or not, I'm post op 7 months and STILL healing. Can you believe it? I am very happy with the outcome.

In front of my ears on the sides of my cheeks are still a tiny bit hard and healing, as well as behind the ears and under the chin.

I may have to go back for surgery for a tiny correction on the neck but we shall see what happens when I go for my Dec 2 appointment.

oops also need to tell you that I have had Limelight treatments on my neck and chest. That has helped get rid of the discolartions and redness. I was on swim team for years and always lived with a pool, and very fair skin. I'm trying to age gracefully. LOL
thanks, and I was reading some reports from patients that said the neck was the worst - in pain. But I can still consider that in the future. And I am pain sensitive, so I took the pain med regularly until I was through the most painful stage. i worked in the medical field for about 12 years and know some people are more sensitive, or maybe i'm just a baby, whine , haha i don't like pain. Funny thing too is I had natural childbirth for second child and no drugs was great. But first child was an 18 hour horror story, ending with forceps, but almost a C section. ugggg.
I had bruising and advise people to take the vitamin c and other prescribed natural vitamins to help you heal well. But I sure was glad to have my friend an RN come and stay with me during the first week. She drove and timed meds, etc.. big help!Thanks and good luck to you!
So glad you are happy. The pain isn't that bad when the neck is done. You should have let them do it while you were out. There is no more pain with the neck than there is with the rest of the face lift. In fact, it wasn't painful for me, just slightly uncomfortable. Good luck. Glad you are happy.

Dec 5 2010 - Had a visit with my MD on 12/3/10....

Dec 5 2010 - Had a visit with my MD on 12/3/10. Unfortunately, I have to go back in for surgery for a revision on the neck/jowl area.

I was hoping the problem would correct, but in just over 8 months post op, the problem did not correct.

I'll be doing the correction under general anesthesia on 12/28/10 SIGH.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything turns out good.

Just corrected an error

Just corrected an error

update at almost 8 months
Best part of the work result is that my eyes are back and my chin line is smooth. I may do the brow lift and neck in the future but haven't decided yet. i thought about getting some lipo on the body but read some very bad reports and although I have just 2 areas to be done, I'm afraid. Very worried about the uneven results some people are getting.
I know this is a few months past your post, so I don't know if you have done anything yet. I had a facelift and temple lift last November. I love the results. The scars around my ears and at my temples have completely healed. I have to say they are almost invisible. I could easily wear my hair pulled back and no one would ever know.
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