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I get this done tomorrow morning. Excited and...

I get this done tomorrow morning. Excited and nervous, I dont know If I will hate it or love it. The more I think of it the more I think Im crazy for doing this. But here goes. Ive always been self conscious of my chin which has led me to always have a full beard and shape my chin with my hair. In fact i have a full beard now to cover up the bruising and swelling, which has me nervous. Im on the fence on whether this was a silly idea or a good choice. Ill be updating soon.


Hi. How did everything go? How are you feeling? Did you go under "twilight" anesthesia? I get my chin implant on June 24th. I'm so nervous!
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Hi! Everythinng went perfect! I wen inder full anesthesia it was honestly like I got there went to sleep and woke up on my drive way. Its been 12 hours and Ive only taken my arnica once I ot home and one pain medication so I have not felt any pain today. There is no visable bruising from what I can tell but then again I grew out my beard for this. Swelling is also minimal only a bit on one side of my lip but other than that I can probably go to work tomorrow and no one will think there was anything done on me. Good Luck, everythig will be fine! Ill keep everyone posted.
That's good to hear! Are you happy with your results?

Chin Procedure

Its been 13 hours post op. Hardly any pain and swelling is a bit but minimal. My beard doesnt let me see full results so Im excited to trim it down later down the road.


Looks good! Does it feel weird having something in your face?
Thank you! Lol the thought of it is a little weird Ill admit but for now it just feels like I had dental work or something along those lines. My bottom lips is a bit numb from it and I cant smile as wide as I used to yet but its very well worth it at the end.
Hey man im glad your doing well...hey i was wondering how did you grow out your beard so said 13 hour post op but you have a full beard...i too grew out my beard to hide the receding chin..i know this is a stupid question but did they perform on you while you had your facial hair? thanks

Incision post op

Incision post op hidden by beard


Hi, it looks great. Which kind of implant did you get ? Thanks
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Thank you! I used an extra large implant.
dude thanks so much for that insight. Your awesome for posting the pic...and the results look your doctor let you keep the facial hair and still perform the surgery? Because if thats the case im going to talk to my doctor if i could proceed the same way. Thanks for replying man i appreciate that
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40 hours post op

Well my speech isn't impaired my bottom lip is pretty swollen and when I close my mouth completely i feel like I have an old man mouth but thats from the swelling I can tel.. I can tell i have at least on bruise but again my facial hair covers it. As far as pain, there is a minimal amount of that. Mostly feels like the skin around that area is tight and is under a fever because its trying to heal the wound. Ive taken pain medication 2 times today to play it safe when I feel as if the pain could get worse. Getting this done has been a great choice so far and cant wait til the swelling goes down and the results start to show for what they are.


Awesome results! Congrats! Your before picture doesn't look bad either. How you feeling today?
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Thank you! Im feeling okay no pain at all just uncomfortable swelling and numbness of the mouth. Im icing right now so the swelling can go down.
New pictures look good by the way :-)
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Before Pics

More pics of my journey.


Today sucks. Im at work feeling very dizzy and nauseous I think ill be going home soon. Swelling makes me nervous for the chin. I dont know how much is swelling and how much is chin. It feels tingling and burning probably from trying to heal its selfI really just want to see my bed right about now.
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Oh no! Hopefully you feel better soon. The pills are making you dizzy and nauseous? Which pills are you taking?
Thank you! Im home now resting again. Right now only Hydrocodone for the pain arnica for the bruising and celebrex for the inflamation and keflex as an antibiotic.

1 week post op

Overall this has been pretty much a walk in the park because of how quick and easy the whole thing went. Apart from one day of dizziness I pretty much had no pain just a bit or tingling and warm feeling around my bottom lip. I did good by choosing to go with an extra large as its been what I was looking for. My advice, to anyone thinking of doing this and are worried or scared, dont be. Its worth it 100% and once you know it you'll be 1 week post op like me.


Looking good man. Glad you like the result. My recovery has been pretty simple so far as well. Im at 48 hours post right now. Lots of swelling still.
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Thanks dude. The recovery has been easy for me as well. On a scale of 1-10 on pain I would rate it 1.5 -2 at most. Hows it going for you? My swellig is mostly gone 10 days post but there is still aome there.
So glad to hear that you are doing well! I have my surgery tomorrow and I'm nervous/excited. It's always good to read about positive experiences. Your chin looks amazing, by the way! Are you numb any where?
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Before and after. Facial hair different lengths.


I love your new chin. Yowza. Anyway you can post a better before and after profile pic? :)
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Your chin implant looks great! I'm thinking about getting it done with a buccal fat pad reduction just to slim down my face. I've always had chubby cheeks lol did your implant give you a lot more noticeable balance and symmetry?
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