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Mini Lift ~ So Happy, Well Worth the Investment! Thank You Dr. Hankins

I'm a 51 yr old female. Dr. Hankins did an...

I'm a 51 yr old female.
Dr. Hankins did an outstanding job on my mini face lift !! I'm soooooooooooo happy!!!
The picture I am posting is "before" with a "3 day after surgery" pic when they were removing the dressing.
If you are thinking of having a face lift, I know it's a big decision and scary because it is YOUR face!!!
I would highly recommend Dr. Hankins. He has an office in Las Vegas, NV & Lake Havasu City, AZ
I did choose to go under anesthesia which added to my investment price.
The only problem I've had is sleeping sitting up.... because I like to sleep on my stomach. Other than that, It's a great investment!!!! So happy I did it!!!
Very little pain (if any), no infections, can hardly see the incisions, very natural looking....
I do have a ton of pictures before and after surgery. if you are interested send me a message and i'll be happy to share.
Good Luck with your procedure what ever you chose to do!!! YOU Are Worth It!!!!

MINI Lift after 1 week post op

almost all bruising has gone, still a little swollen but extremely happy with my results!!!

1 week after mini face lift

1 week after Mini Lift

9 days post op Mini Lift

feeling great!!

Before Mini Lift pics

10 days after

11 days after

12 days post op (included ears this time)

I'm having a crisis.....

I can't explain it, it's a mental thing i guess. I look at myself and say did i really have something done, I think it's all falling back into it's "old face" again.... Thank god I have a lot of Before pictures to compare which is keeping me sane.
Anybody else have this happen to them?

2 week post op

2 weeks post op feelings

I'm starting to enjoy going out more in public, feeling more comfortable in my "new" face. At first I felt like every eye in the room was on my swollen face or that I appeared so differently now. Even tho I know I didn't really have anything too drastic done. But as I have become comfortable with my new look, I feel that is what I emulate to others... it's just "me" same as always... :-)

18 days post op picture

Things are moving right along, so far so good,,,, no complaints.... my daughters make me laugh, say they are going to introduce themselves as "Mom" now cause I look like the "daughter" haha

18 days post op

just realized all of my pics have no smiles,,,,, so here is a no smiling pic :-)

Emotional and Physical Reactions

I found this information very helpful after my surgery, it shows the emotional roller coaster you will experience after your surgery. It's good to know that "it's not just you" and just part of the process.

5 weeks (minus one day) post op pics of my mini

Feeling Great!!! Things have healed very well and fast! So Happy!!!

7 weeks post op Pictures

8 weeks

Before Pic w/ 8 week post op pic

Good or bad ????

I don't feel like or look like I've had a face lift...... is that good or bad??? Husband says that's good because then people wont look at me and say to themselves "she's had a face lift". He says I don't have that pulled tight fake look, but I look at myself and think maybe i should have done a full face lift......

Merry Christmas!!

May your Christmas be filled with love and laughter. :-)

ear pic 4 months post op

4 1/2 months post op

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

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Can I ask. Do you have any scars behind your ears? Did he just go around the ear or out somewhat? Your results are wonderful.
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Thank you. Yes i had stitches behind my ears... they are no longer visible. After some time you wont be able to see anything. It just takes a little time. I know we always want it to "hurry up" How are you doing????? Hope you are enjoying the "new" you!!! :-) Can't wait to see some pictures :-)
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You look great! I too am 53 and thinking about doing the Mini but then wondering if that would be enough. Question? How long before you could wash your hair after the surgery? And as a stomach sleeper myself do you know how long before you can actually sleep on your side or stomach?
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a full or a mini lift???.... you would need to discuss that with your PS. Don't think mine would have given me a full lift. I waited 4 days to wash my hair. Had my surgery done on a Friday, saw Dr. on Monday to remove dressing and I waited til the next day Tuesday to gently wash my hair. I wasn't going anywhere so I wasn't too concerned and besides you keep your face wrapped up. Thank goodness for Valums (sp?), they helped me sleep at night in a recliner and upright on the pillows. After a while I was used to sleeping on my back and it didn't bother me. I would say it was probably a 2 to 3 weeks before I started sleeping on my stomach again. Take care :-)
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You look really great!! Did you have any incision under your chin. And btw he did a very nice job on the ear incisions. I'll bet they will be virtually invisible soon. grace
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Thank you Grace. I can't even tell there were incisions on my ears at all. And yes there was a small incision under my chin, so small I never noticed it (even right after surgery)
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Wow, you were beautiful before now you are stunning!!! You make me want to take the plunge. I can't see how you could have gotten better results. It looks sooooo natural and perfect. I am really happy for you. How do you feel your ears look now?
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Thank you, Thank you. My ears look great, almost like they were never touched, can't see any scares or anything!!! I'll post some updated pictures later this week. I'm so happy I "took the plunge" best thing I ever did!!! So happy with everything!! Keep me posted on your adventure!!
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You look fantastic, just a question, what did the good Dr. Hankins do with your lips? Very noticable difference...you go girl!
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Dr Hankins didn't do anything to my lips, I had a vial of Juviderm put in May 2013. I'm actually going to have PermaLip put in my lips(medium size - i think) .... In one picture I had my teeth whitening trays in my mouth, that could be why they look fuller .. I didn't think anyone would notice .. haha
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thanks so much! that helps a lot! I been researching now for weeks here in San Diego CA...it takes courage and time takes time to post pics...I'm 52..and really ready for a mini since my neck still looks good I just I need my lower part of face start to show my age. I'm a latina with good skin still but I want to look fresher I notice when I smiled I don't look as attractive as I use to. I also have some dimples that don't look the same anymore i'm terrify..but I'm ready. One of the Dr suggested full face which I really don't think I really needed except that my eyes are some hollowness not much thank you for your postings this really help me! I will do same once I decided and find the right Doctor I have a feeling that like you I won't regret it and that I will have fabulous results!! thanks
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I'm excited for you!! Can't wait to see your pictures. I completely understand about the dimples..... mine turned into long lines going below my jaw line on my face, now they look like dimples again :-)
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You look terrific!! How nice to have your youthful appearance restored probably a lot closer to the way you feel. Thank you for the photos and updates. Gives a girl the courage to move forward:)
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I'm feeling better...not so sad about age....little more positive about everything ...if you understand. Ml
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We are all here to help you with your journey!!!
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Thanks for this...I'm experiencing a lot of swelling and at 3 weeks post OP, I'm still lumpy in the neck. I was told to massage my neck and I do with coconut oil, twice a day. My ears hurt and one is swollen and red and looks silly. I'm back to work in turtlenecks...didn't tell anyone. Thanks for your review, especially about the emotional feelings...where is that from? Can't reAd it on here.
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Hi MyLady, I received the "emotional feelings" papers from my doctor. It was a great help for me to understand the ups and downs Send me your email in a private message and i'll try to forward them to you. btw I was told to massage my neck also, still a little sore so I still wrap up my face seems to make it feel better (compression is my new best friend) lol
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How are you doing? You look great and I'm glad I found your profile! ML
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How are you doing?????? Hope all is well with you !!!
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Hi! I'm feeling fairly good...after months of surgery healing and then pneumonia. How about you? Did people notice the difference in you? Not many have noticed me...LOL...I can totally see the difference. I still have swollen glands which is causing a crapey feel to the skin on the right side...I wish they would resolve! Thanks for writing, and I hope your happy :)
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I guess..... people not noticing is a good thing, because that means we look natural, right? But it gives me doubts... did i waste my money? did it really do anything? I HAVE to always go back and look at my before pictures to get past that feeling. It's weird how this stuff plays tricks on our mind at times. I think it's more about what's going on in my life and not the surgery... my husband just asked me to send his ex a christmas present... the kicker is... when i answer the phone she hangs up, I've never spoken to her and it's been over 4 years now. The part that sucks is he still allows her to do all of his "bookkeeping" so they talk often. Perhaps they can get together over the holidays and count pennies together!! Feeling a little left out. :-(
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btw I was not the cause of their divorce, nor did I even know him when he was married to her.
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Some guys just don't think. To him she is a business arrangement. It's obvious it isn't love, that's why he is with you! I so agree about our minds...but I know when my husband is looking up at me from below, let's say we are laying on the couch or something, I lol much better then the hanging skin I had before! I'm the bionic woman...tummy tuck..06..boob lift and implants 2011 and now this, which was the most difficult healer of all. I figure, if I can afford to stay the way I'd like, not be 20 but look better then I would have if I wasn't overweight 15 years ago, well, I wouldn't have needed to do this. We are like trusted old Harley's! keep us in the best shape! replace the parts and we will lok sweet for a long time! LOL...forget the dopey ex...she isn't worth the time. :)
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There you go. He had a dead heart for her. It happens...I just got remarried at 53. Never thought I'd do that!
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Thanks for the smile you put on my face!!! :-) You are soooooo right in saying some guys just don't think, and he is with me and not her....... she prob wished she still had him, I know I would. No MIL to deal with just a crazy ex.. haha Glad everything is working out for you with your "replacement" bionic parts!!! Awesome!!!!! I'm working on becoming more bionic also, lift and tt early next year along with Permalip. A few years ago I was 35 lbs heavier,,,,, and i understand about the "skin" It just doesn't go back anymore haha One quote from either Sophia or Rachel was "anyone can be young and beautiful but not everyone can be older and beautiful, it takes lots of work" & $$$$$$$$$$
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