Too Much Skin/muscle Removed from Upper Lids - Lake Forest, IL

I am hoping someone else out there found a skilled...

I am hoping someone else out there found a skilled oculoplastic surgeon who corrected the same problem I have. The cosmetic surgeon I went to did an upper lid blepharoplasty and destroyed my eye shape, which was a large almond shape by removing TOO MUCH SKIN AND MUSCLE from my upper lids. One eye is so bad I cant close it. My eyes are uneven, with saggy corners and smaller eyelids,

Has anyone had success with an oculoplastic surgeon for correction of the same problem?

I would appreciate your experience and recommendation

I had the same experience, but am able to close my eyes. As I said in my review of my (horrible) surgeon (he doesn't even deserve the title), I have used fillers to disguise the hollowness but now need a revision for scars and sagging outer corners. I'll also likely need fat transfer to replace what was taken out. Do you have photos you can post? I'm not sure which doctor I'll be using, but it will probably be the facelift doctor I'll be seeing in NYC. Very expensive but great reputation and amazing work, at least on facelifts. How long has it been since your surgery?
Hi Thank you for responding. Surgery was 5 months ago. I took videos and can take some photos. Been massaging, drops, ointment, tape at night at times, and there has been some improvement. I can close the eye if I really force it, but the eye is weak, and I can definitely see the incision line that has cut my eyelid size significantly down. It's like a bad tailoring job where the lid is too short and tight, but there is still some loose excess skin above it. Like a dress that is poorly fitted, it tugs in one area and balloons in another. Who are you going to- Jacono?
I'll be seeing Dr. David Rosenberg. I've put down a deposit and just need to schedule surgery. I think no one is doing better facelifts right now. I've heard so many good things about him from doctors and former patients. He works with his wife, who specializes in blepharoplasty. I'm also considering Mitesh Kapadia in Boston, who does eyes exclusively. I need a consult with him first, though. I'm sure you can get great improvement with a revision, though you might need to wait several months more until healing is complete. I knew I didn't like my result 6 months after surgery, but swelling continued to resolve for a few more months. Do you have any revision surgeons in mind? Avoid the surgeon I saw at all costs! (Robert Goldberg at Jules Stein Eye Institute in LA).

I need information regarding Dr. Robert Weiss of...

I need information regarding Dr. Robert Weiss of the Chicago Eye Institute and Dr. Mark Codner in Atlanta.

I have limited information about them.
I need a complicated revision & am trying to find legitimate information about these two surgeons.

Thank you.
Dr Robert Weiss was arrested and not practicing at the Chicago Eye Institute. I scheduled an appt with him and they called me to cancel. Its hard to trust anyone at this point. Who can I go to in Chicago??
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