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Mother of twins that are 11 and a 5 year old...

Mother of twins that are 11 and a 5 year old daughter. Lap band surgery in July of 2008. I lost about 60lbs total and now I have a mud flap (aka fat gut) I am a size 16 in Gap and Old Navy. I recently bought some 14's from Target but they hurt my belly bulge. I am scheduled for a combination of Fill Tummy Tuck and Hysterectomy on March 2nd 2012 and I am so nervous. Here are some before pics and as soon as I get some after pics I will share. I am so greatful for this website


Yes we do seem to have similar belly. Good luck with your surgery! Looking forward to seeing and reading about it.
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Good luck. I am so excited
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My sister had lap band two years ago this May and has also lost 60 pounds. She wants to lose 20 - 40 more and then thinks she may want a tummy tuck. I'm having mine done this Friday, too. Good luck!
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Today I have pre op for one of my surgeries and I...

Today I have pre op for one of my surgeries and I have been all morning. I have not updated the worth it rating yet since I have not had surgery, but If it get this gut off my lap I will be thumbs up all the way!


My md said I didn't have to loose weight b4 he said to leave it to him
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Good luck I'm going in for my tt end of this month mother of 4..but im looking thru these pics and loving the body contouring what's the difference betwn contour and full tt with lipo?
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I'm getting better. Stopped taking my pain meds yesterday. Still can't stand up straight nor for long periods because my back hurts from leaning over so much. Just the tt cost about $7000. I had some lipo done as well which made my total $9000.
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Day 5 pre opp Ewww.. I am miserable. I am tired...

Day 5 pre opp Ewww.. I am miserable. I am tired but can not sleep. It is impossible to get comfortable.I have dropped 11 pounds of water weight since pre opp. I am in and out at times because of pain medicine. I also had an abdominal hysterectomy so I can not tell which pain is which.


:( Sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable and in pain, i hope that you feel better soon, it'll all be worth it. I'll send happy thoughts your way.
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Oh sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hang in there. That's 2 tough surgeries all at once. Did they take your ovaries too? You are still really early in recovery. Stay on top of your pain w/ your meds. Hope you feel a little better soon.
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I was ok after 1 1/2 weeks. still swollen. I remember the first week thinking this will NEVER go away but it will. Tara you already look like 1/2 the size you were. Hang in there!!!!
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9 days Post Opp I feel a little better. I am...

9 days Post Opp
I feel a little better. I am wishing my back would stop hurting so much. I take my showers by my self with my husband on stand by and ready to change my gause and bind me up in my binder. Used nair today and goodness thank gosh I needed my legs shaved so BAD! All for all everything is getting better slowly,


Hi Tara, congrats on ur surgery, looking good girl!
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Thank God for post opp appointments. My Dr. he's...

Thank God for post opp appointments. My Dr. he's GREAT! He sees me every week. post opp. Thankfully because if he would only see me every two weeks I would have been in bad shape. I guess I am the rare cases that had an internal infection. I also had a hysterectomy when I had my tummy tuck so the infection isn't blamed on either one of the surgeries. You see when I had my twins 11 years ago my stomach had opened up due to infection. Maybe It's just my body. This is honestly what I believe. I was placed on my doctors table and he proceeded to open my incision up and flushed out a cavity of infection. YES I screamed and hollered and had some shallow breathing followed by a few curse words. My 5 year old daughter was in the waiting room while I was being cared fore and when I walked out my baby said "mommy I heard you screaming" My fever has broken and I feel a little better. I still have a lot off stinky infection coming out of the infection spot but I am hoping that It will subside soon with antibiotics.


Just had mine done 3 2612 so tired better tho so non comparable to childbirth lol
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Child birth was easy compared to this torture
no I completely agree I thought this was so worse than childbirth and it really sucks because I guess we were cleaning up the right way I got a little infection in my belly button as well as I keep getting this draining from both sides that is really sore but they put me on some antibiotic and were starting to take more better care of the areas so I'm hopeful at least by the end of this week or next time this week it'll be a whole lot better

Ok feeling 80% back to normal. Walking 3 miles a...

Ok feeling 80% back to normal. Walking 3 miles a day and still geft swollen aterwards. But my hole from the necrosis. Is almost closed. Would i do it again? Absolutely! Good luck and if I can offer advise please let me know.


Had sugery the 26th of march I feel about 80% myself when will the swelling. Stop? My hole is almost closed as well,off antibiotics etc..thank god! And yes I would Do it again. Too
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Oh lord I'm almost 11 weeks post opp and I still swell. When ever you can start walking. Jog maybe for about 30-40 seconds and you will start to tingle in your stomach it will help get those blood vessels working in your stomach and the damage nerves to I guess. I message NY stomach and scar it helps too. Good luck and if you need anymore advice I'm more than willing to help.

Ok Ladies, Its been 4 months and I am finally back...

Ok Ladies, Its been 4 months and I am finally back to normal. Boy it has been rough but honestly worth every minute. All openings in my stomach are closed and all is well. I do wish I could not feel pulling around the incision but I am sure it will go away soon also swelling YES I STILL SWELL! What the heck ....At the end of the day I am swollen. I do continue to wear a waist cincher the girdle type so it reduces swelling and it is better than a panty girdle.


Wow havent gotten a chance to thank you after my surgery for all your support. How are you feeling? You look great!!! Yesterday made 2 weeks for me. Im still swollen but the lipo pain which was the worse is subsiding very well. Im extremely happy with my results. Thanks Again
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Hi Kathryn. I think it was from the amount of fat removed. If too much fat is removed it dies and then turns to liquid. This is what causes the incision to re open. In my case my Dr. recognized the issues early and opened me up to spare me the busting at the seems.
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Hello, I still swell as well, it starts about 7 at night. LOL I am also stating to close, since my incision opened back up on May 14th. I sometimes wonder was it because we had way to much skin removed? I guess we will never know really. Do you get muscle spams at night or when you are sleeping and switch positions? I know I do its weird. I feel my abs tighten I think it is because I am still healing. Have a great day
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New post and update 4 1/2 month approximately. I...

New post and update 4 1/2 month approximately. I am still down a pants size from a 16 to a 14. I have lost a total of of 17 lbs since surgery. Still swelling as expected. I am sure it wil subside eventually when my thyroid in my abdomenre attaches. I am happy with the results. I still could use some lypo I was unable together during FT due to my hysterectomy but I am ok with that. I wore a one piece on the beach with no shorts covering my stomach or no crappy swim dress for the first time in 15 years and it felt Awesome.

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Dr. Colpitts

My Doctor is great. He is funny and personable.Post opp care is wonderful. As soon as I walk in the door I am shown to a room and seen in moments. He gets me in and out so that I am not there in pain waiting. I would recommend him to anyone. Nurses and staff are AWESOME!

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