after 2 weeks of 575-590 implants/then an explant 1 week ago my boobs r back to normal in appearance(no extra stretching)

This has become my go-to site for research/comfort...

This has become my go-to site for research/comfort. After my husband (while doing research 4me) found a very informative story on here that he figured would help me know what to expect, and it got me hooked. So I've decided to contribute, to help others. I'm a 28 yr old wife/mom of 2.. A 9/4 yr old. Did not breast feed. Pre babies I was 100lbs and a B cup. During my last preg I got somewhere around D-DD at 170lbs!. Now at 124lbs they are somewhat deflated and at a full but low C cup. I've always loved the big round fake look. So needless to say I've been very unhappy with my 'girls' for many years now (except during pregnancy, lol) Even though noone would guess I want a BA thanks to Victoria Secrets Miraculous bras, I've been filling out a fake D for a few years:-) But Im tired of all the 'help' So I made the consult and I'm ready to take the leap. At first I was suprisingly scared even though this is something I've wished I could do for prob 10 years. I've chosen smooth round High Profile saline at 575cc's hoping I went big enough to plump these babies up and give me the wow effect I like (without the help of Miraculous). Surgery date is 9/27/2012 so I'll update after my pre op appointment the 26th. I think Im pretty prepared from reading all the stories Im just ready to go! Ready to experience all the pain/swelling/frankinboob for myself, since everyone has diff experiences and diary it here. Pics of b4 and after Will be posted after surgery. Noone needs to see the "bad" without the pretty pictures of the "Good" as comparission:)


Thank you so much for starting your story. We're thrilled to have you here! I hope the augmentation gives you exactly the look you want and that you and your husband enjoy the results for years to come! Please keep us posted.

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A little ove one week now, I went today and got a...

A little ove one week now, I went today and got a comfy sports bra (D) to wear after surgery hoping it will fit, since they do have give in them and they will be pre-drop pre-fluff. It just cant get here fast enough!

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P.S. I have Too Many recognizable tattoos to post...

P.S. I have Too Many recognizable tattoos to post nude :-) (recognizable when I wear any top in public) Ty for understanding


Congrats on going for what you want! I love this site because everyone here is really supportive and the stories helped me prepare for such a big step. I don't blame you for wanting to keep your privacy. You have a great shape and the new girls will help you feel your sexy, confident best. I will be watching for updates and sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Never hesitate to ask questions, the ladies here are always willing to share.
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ty very much i know I love it here lol. i will def post pics and make the girls as visible as possible.
I'm from Lake Charles too! I'm 15 days post op right now. I used Smoot and he did a good job. I'm about to post some updated pics. You're def. going to need a comfortable bra for after. I got a Danskin sportsbra from Walmart and it has been a life saver. The first few days after are rough, but it gets easier.... just take it day by day. I'm waiting on the drop and fluff right now....
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Ive started planning/getting prepared. Getting...

Ive started planning/getting prepared. Getting meals prepared for the week, making sure I have fresh sheets on the bed, purchased a comfy post op bra, got my sister booked to come Wednesday morning to go w me to my pre op appointment, find the surgicare center, be w me for surgery and stay through Sunday to take care of me & be my "stand in" for my normal duties for a few days. I wouldnt say Im nervous, Im ready, I hate waiting for anything. And Im not excited to see them up by my colar bone for a couple of weeks LOL. I emailed my mom pics of what they will probubly look like at first and her reply was "ewww scarey"..... LMAO ''''WHO U TELLIN?!''''' I think the thing Im most freaked out is being put to sleep....I've been put to sleep once for a pervious small surgery and i know what to expect (Anesthesia wise) . Im usually very in control of things (not bosey, more structured)lol, so being Groggy, confused & forgetful just doesnt sound like my idea of fun. I dnt wana forget the most exciting part, right b4 and right after surgery. But i think my sister will have a video handy to record all my loopiness, and remind me of what I forgot....wonderful! ..... Any last minute advice???

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So I have Insomnia since my husband went back to...

So I have Insomnia since my husband went back to his past job and will b gone 99% of the year for the next two years, So Without taking my sleep aid meds I stayed busy last night watching a YouTube set of videos diaries from start to finish 13 days b4 surgery to 8 months post op. If your interested type in the YouTube search her user name its HeyThereImBrittnay (w no spaces). Its worth the watch even if your stats or implant are not the same... Time is actually passing pretty fast during my wait. I had a dream last night me and one of my friends got implants at the same time/same o.r. and everything. then later our boobs turned into loofa spounges in our bra, lol....weird! But other than a couple of weird dreams Im feeling great and SOOOO ready to see my sister Wednesday, She lives an hour away so I only see her about every two weeks or so. So her being w me for my pre op appointment Wednesday morning & that first pain free pre op night will be fun.. (shes actually my sister in law) btw, bestfriends for a few years then I met her brother when he came home for r&r...and a few years later she became my sister in law. after two year of being home he went back to work to finish his last two years up at work so he wont be with me during surgery so having her here is a must! But even though he DOES NOT like the fact he wont be with me during the Opp I think its good that by the time he comes home for break he can enjoy the healed product:)


Ive watched that YouTube channel and it's awesome. She is so detailed and articulate. It's a wonderful resource. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get the results your looking for.
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ty I hope so as well.
I think it's awesome your sister in law is more like a sis and is your best friend. My sis-in-law is my best friend, too. She was my matron of honor at my wedding and we raised our kids together. It's great that yours will be there with you. I bet she's going to take really good care of you.
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Pre op went good, he got implants that need to be...

pre op went good, he got implants that need to be filled between 550 and 590, so we went with 590/595? in one and 565 in the other...idk what happened here lol but oh well id rather go bigger than smaller, because when i finalized my size i wished i wouold have gone bigger, so i guess now i get that chance. lol. my sister is here and went w me to my pre op, weve been spending the day getting ready for tomorrow, still not done yet but im having fun. filled my script also....but fyi while i was in the doc for my pre op a lady walked in who got her boobs done yesterday (SHE LOOKED MISRIABLE!!) which was scarey for me to see the day b4 my surgery she was walking with a very stiff upper body....(freaky) hope Im better with the pain than her lol... In my head im picturing too huge saggy natural looking aweful boobies,,,,,i know thats not going to happen but idk my mind is going crazy if u cant tell by this very random and very all over the place ok enough rambling wish me luck ladies!!! 6am is coming fast!!


Good luck!! Cant wait to see the new girls and hope u get the results ur lucky for!
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Hm. Dr. Smoot wouldn't clear me to use ice packs, but I wish he would've! That would've helped A LOT! But anyway, I just looked in the mirror 3 weeks post op, and I finally feel like a woman. I think we both chose the right doctor, I'm sure your results will be great! Don't judge them too early. I made that mistake and ended up crying. My husband told me to hush and not even look in the mirror until 12 weeks out. Lol (He's practical, I'm not....) I was worried that I had gone too small, but now they aren't fitting in the D cup bra that I bought pre-op. They fit fine for the first two weeks....I guess they are finally dropping and fluffing out. But anyway, good luck tomorrow. The staff at surgicare is great! I hope you get the same sweet ladies I got. I would definitely shower in the morning if you have time so you can just go home and rest after.
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Yes mam, he does a check the morning after. Then again at 3 weeks - I have to go see him today. Hopefully I'll be cleared to get the heck out of this stupid compression band and grandma bra!

Wonderful. Yesterday i developed a sore throat and...

Wonderful. Yesterday i developed a sore throat and runny nose due to allergies....idk if this will effect my surgery this morning....guess ill find out in about 3 hours!


Good luck today! Thoughts are with you.
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i didnt think it was possible but you freaked me out. all i saw in my email was the title Oh No! and i thought the worst..thankfully its just your sniffles LMAO!
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Surgery day, i was very nervous they would hear me...

surgery day, i was very nervous they would hear me with my clogged up nose and sore throat and delay surgery tll i was better, but noone seemed to notice. I was the first patient the at 5'55am. The had me sign in, do urine and off to the back i went, no waiting for anything. they gave me a beautifl tie in the back gown,LOL. and put me in my bed, took my vital and let my sis & daughter come sit w me. I seen my pre op nurse then met a nurse who would be assisting in my surgery and spoke to my doc. then got to meet the womderful anastesiologis with the wonderful drus. i remember being rolled in bed away from my family and then waking up in recover. I wasnt in any pain what so ever. I went to the bathroom and then sat back in recovery where my sis and duaghter met me, then the very intense 'barfing' started. Any time i tried to eat or drink,,,puke! even them asking me if i wanted to eat caused me to gag. they ended up letting me go home because all they had to eat was crackers and those just dried my mouth out. we got sent home a little b4 noon. and i slept very uncomfortably that whole evening/night

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Post Op Day 1----MISSRIABLE! the pain is mostly...

Post Op Day 1----MISSRIABLE! the pain is mostly coming from the tight strap around the top of my chest cuz it makes my back hurt as well. Wnt to see my doc this morning. and that went very well i got to see my frankin boobies, not a perfectly pretty site but they are definatley in there lol. Doctor asked me how i was feeling, if i was following his insstructions and if i had any questions. Then my sister and i went to bed bath and beyond and got a 45* angle pillow because the plan i had to lay on this giant stuffed bear i had w some pillows was def a fail, i felt like i was hunched over the whole first night. ((btw i remember last night everything hurting so bad i would sit on my butt and lean forward and rest on a pillow in front of me. my back was feeling like someone hit me with a bat.)) anywho, last night i started being able to keep fruit down, so thats all ive had for the last two days. im home now and resting while my wonderful sister has to help me do everything, even going to pee is not a job i can do alone. surgicare also called to check on me today which was very nice. i think thats all, im very loopy and groggy from my meds, so ima stop typing while this is still legible. ty for all your kind comments, they r very swet! //// all i know is everyone handles pain differently and i was a fn rock star until the puking began that caused alot of unneed stress on my body so i think that has alot to do with why i feel so horrible in my back. but if i had known this was how bad it would hurt....i would not have gone through with no seriously----ok im seeing two computer screens now, meds are kickin, ttyl ladies


I agree with all of the wonderful advice given. I'm PO day 2 with a BA, BL and TT... Due to the extreme nausea from anesthetic or the Percocet I decided to stick it out with extra strength Tylenol. Keeping a constant level is key!! So happy that you're out and on the road to feeling a lot better!
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The first few days are hard, but it gets better pretty quickly. Rest and sleep as much as possible, make sure you stay hydrated and on top of your meds. Feel better soon!
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ty maam, im about to update as we speak:-)

POST OP DAY 2--- well it seems I feel btr during...

POST OP DAY 2--- well it seems I feel btr during the day than i do at night or in the morning. i wish i could take off these stupid stockings but the doctor said i needed to wear them for 5days to minimize the chance of blood clots. but when i wake up in the middle of the night cuz i cant feel my feet bcuz they r so fn tight it kinda seems stupid!, and this strap to make my boobs drop is totally annoying but so is the fact it feels like i have giant rocks by my colar bone. lol. today is def much btr but i can honestly i didnt know this was going to be quite so hard, it seems the videos i watched b4 surgery the girls did much btr than im doing and im good with pain so that kinda threw me a curve ball. anywho. ill check in tmro dolls (ill post pics in a couple of days hopefully the top rocks will drop a bit b4 then lol, if not youll get the delight of witnessing my scarey large and in charge frankin boobays;) lol


ty surgery went good, i did great afterwards too, until they tried to make me eat and drink, then the vomiting started and it got pretty rough im doing much btr now. still didnt realize the pain i was getting into lol. but i hope in a few weeks it will feel worth it. and mine look HUGE now so im almost scared to see what they will look like dropped and fluffed lmao
i agree i think the ibuprophen is helping me more than the narcotics do. so ima stick with them. my sister leaves tmro so im trying to wean myself off of her help so much so that tmro wont be so hard lol
thanks, will do. the first day was def a blur, thank god cuz it was probubly the worse lol. but progress is slow, so im just waiting for that wonderful day when i can honestly say i have no pain lol

Well Im feeling tons better! but I had a major...

Well Im feeling tons better! but I had a major breakdown on the phone w my husband (since hes away at work) i began crying uncontrolably and told him I think they look way too big and when they drop and fluff they will be even bigger, I even asked him if when they healed if i didnt like them if i can have them taken out and just do a lift or even a smaller implant, of course he agreed and made me feel 100% better. because i was begining to feel like i made the stupidest mistake of my life, but after we talked i suddleny started feeling btr about my new breast and tried on a few of my shirts and im starting to think it will all be ok. lol everyday is a new day and brings new challenges. FYI---seeing YOUR POST OP boobs high/hard as rocks/sitting right below your colar bone, then the rest of ur swollen natural boobs hanging low and stretched to the MAX and feeling like ur boobs look more like egg plants than boobs is TERRIFYING NO MATTER HOW MUCH RESEARCH YOU HAVE DONE AND KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT! ! ! ! NOT EVERY STORY IS WHAM- BAM- DONE- PERFECT BOOBS- RIGHT AWAY lol :-)


Please know that all your feelings are NORMAL... regret it a BIG one the first few weeks, I had it as well... It does get better! I LOVE my boobs now!!! Stay Positive and time time time... in 5 months, you will forget you ever felt the way you do now! Good Luck!
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Ive been trying to stay hopeful and tell myself...

ive been trying to stay hopeful and tell myself all my fears are normal, this morning was my breaking point ive slept for the most part of 24 hours. I hate them, they r hard as rocks, and huge and when they drop and fluff they wont be any smaller or weigh any less, my hate for them will only grow i fear, i cant really name one thing i actually like about them. when i go wednesday for my check up im going to ask that he remove them asap! i want them out now b4 they stretch out my skin too much, I think u never know how u feel until they are in you so there was no way for me to know but, i guess im one of the few who just cant hack it. i feel like ive made the biggest mistake of my life and i wana fix it as soon as possible and i dnt care about the price!


I'm sorry you're so unhappy. I want you to know that you're not alone in hating your implants in the very beginning. Some women do and then adjust and end up liking them. Some women just realize they aren't cut out for implants. To connect with some ladies from the latter camp, please check out the breast implant removal community. Those women are great and so supportive. I've seen several women there who knew immediately that they wanted them out.

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Hi , SO sorry you go through rugh time! I am scedualed for Friday oct fifth, your post scared me to death. Did you try the rice test or sizers before? Or when you went to your consulting ? How did it look back then? Please let me know asap.
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I'm sorry you are feeling this way- it seemed like you were so excited before the actual surgery. Cant imagine your disappointment. Besides the size, what else is different than you imagined?
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The doctor did a great job, exactly what i thought...

the doctor did a great job, exactly what i thought i wanted. but i hate them, they are crazy heavy. i feel so unlike me, idk i guess im just the 1% who just regret it from the word go. i cant sleep because they r so heavy and hurt so bad. worse pain that giving birth naturally times 100! maybe because i went so big, idk. they look great i finally look 100% perfect in my clothes but its not worth it. my week check up was today i walked in and my nurse asked me how i was doing, and i started balling. she hugged me and listened to my fears and said the doctor would help me. her face was beyond suprise when i told her i wanted em out. The doctor came in and was very understanding, he was kinda confused about why i was so unhappy if they were exactly what i wanted. i cant explain it. i feel like an alien, ive been depressed, crying, havent left home, back hurts, cant sleep. i just hate them and i get they get better over time but they dnt get smaller or lighter, and then the thought of more surgery in the future is a big HELL NO for me! so i want them out asap so my natural boob doesnt get too f'd up by this huge implant. so the date is oct 19. in office, local anistesia, very simple. cut/pop/drain/pull out/stitch up!! hes not charging me all he is supposed to, hes only charging me for the supplies he is using. so the price is unbelievably low, like going out to eat at a nice reasturant! so i went and got a tigh tigh tigh sports bra to keep these babies bound down so my skin wont get stretched too much these next two weeks! IVE LITTERALLY NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO GET THIS GREAT NEWS! My doctor is definately the best!


That's weird that he doesn't have a website. I thought I would check him out and look at his pics, but couldn't find a website.....
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yes i thought so too about the whole website thing, but as good as he is, he doesnt need one. Word of mouth should do him just fine, he amazing. Ive been told alot I would get used to them if i wait it out, but sometimes a woman just knows in her heart when shes made a big mistake and it doesnt take time to fix it or change it. I knew deep in my heart this just was a mistake, and im so relieved to know ill have my beautiful old mommy boobs back. lol. push up bras are just going to be my luxury lol
I know a girl who wasnt happy with them from day 1. She kept them in as the dr told her to wait for 6 months (if i recall correctly) and then she got stretch marks which made the issue worse. So you are probably right to do it right away. Good luck! Oh and if you could post pics after your explant, i think that could help other girls who experience the same issue.

Update, the boobs have settled in no...

update, the boobs have settled in no complications, but i def went too big and im not liking my choice, dnt get me wrong they r beautiful and exactly what i asked for. But i def should have chossen a more natural size, just because I love the Coco look doesnt mean I would love it on myself. I look decent in most clothes but naked in the mirror i look like i need a boob reduction lol....not the look i was going for... and in some clothes i actually look fat (because of my giant boobs) if i am not wearing skin tight clothes (even a tee shirt makes me look fat), grrr. and i tried to go extra big to avoid having to get a lift cuz that scares the crap out of me to think someone would move my entire areola.... supposed to get them removed th 19th but the doc upped it to the 10th cuz i was complaining about not being comfortable sleeping and keeping these huge things in there for a total of three weeks and stretching out my natural boob so much....the only part im worried about it being so stretched after removal and them not bouncing back. But thats a risk ima take. Im the idiot who did this to myself, and i think ill love my body more if its a mess than if my body is a mess with a huge foriegn object in it i paid my hubby is very supportive he works away so he hasnt even seen them in person (nor will he get a chance to) but he isnt concerned, he is amazing. so i told him, as long as u love me and my sag bags ill be just fine:-) .....wednesday is the day:) ------local anastiesia in his office....wide awake...fml wish me luck and elastic skin! lmao------


Good luck on the removal!
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It sounds a lot easier to have them removed than put in! Good luck to you, sincerely. We all have to do what is right for us. I'm glad you were strong enough and proactive enough to take a stand and move in the direction your heart pointed. I hope it all goes smoothly and you are back to your old self soon.
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Is there anyway u can post a pic of them bare? Just cuz me and u were about the same size and i wanna see if u acheive the look in expecting because now im scared of doin it
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Had my implants removed 2 hours ago. and i feel...

had my implants removed 2 hours ago. and i feel 100% better. Im def happy they are gone maybe because they were just way too big. but all i gotta say is i feel like a normal person again even though im all wrapped up and have stitches. being awake was very akward, but it went similar to how i expected, it was like my breast gave birth. the left one went fine the right one hurt a bit because he made such small incisions it was hard for him to see and grab the right implant and pull it out so the digging around inside me SUCKED. but was so worth it! my head is pounding from the pain meds but i was so excited i had to update, everyone kept telling me to keep em and wait it out, im so glad i didnt! and i got a fast peak at my boobs/cant unwrap them until tmro afternoon but from what i could see they looked pretty normal even though they were stretched to the max for 2 weeks. whew. ok ima let my head and eyes rest, later girls:)


I feel so bad that you didn't get put to sleep for this! That must have been so crazy. Happy healing.
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Glad to hear all went well! Hope this round of healing goes quick so you can feel like yourself again!
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Yay! Good for you!! I am sure that was a huge weight off your shoulders!
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My last post was right after removal so I was...

my last post was right after removal so I was slightly loopy and tramatized lol. its been 1 week since removal. My boobs look as much as I can tell completely back to normal:) I cant understand why I hated them so much in the first place. no they arent where they were b4 i had kids. but im still sexy lol. ok so update. i am getting stitches out next monday (and) having a mole removed lol. all is normal, i was still told to keep my chest muscles quiet for 3 weeks after removal. and im doing my very best to do that because IF i do use them they feel SO WEIRD! The very best way I can describe it which will sound completely crazy is, they feel like floppy muscles that feel like they rise up when i use em and they may fall of and down into my stomach lol....yea told u it would sound crazy! and i have either numbness or extreame soreness. since i have to keep them bond/in a sports bra for 3 weeks its very hard to tell. but its so annoying. its like someone is constantly rubbing my nippples. and it makes my entire boobs hurt even to touch them! even to rub lotion on them, wash them, or leave then naked during showers. they r very very sensative like i have milk. but im sure that will pass very soon (fingers crossed) Im very embarassed that i went through all the trouble and money to do something i had reversed 2 weeks later. and now i feel like one of those crazy women who say. "they arent for me, it felt like a foriegn object in me{duh it is}, i felt like a different person, bla bla bla" but honestly you dnt know how u will feel until they are in there, maybe it was the crazy size i chose, but either way I couldnt be happier to have my mommy boobs back regardless of my past insecurities and 10 years of dreaming of a differnt body. the money is a lost cause but im very glad i didnt cause my boobs physical damge in their appearance those two weeks. ima let these girls age naturally and tuck em in my socks at 80 if need be;) "joking lol" if i ever do this again, ill do a lift first then after i heal maybe a small implant if i see neccessary. but right now i have ZERO PLANS OF THAT! lol


Im with you i got mine 2 months ago and i hate them but i am stuck with them i dont have the $3000 to remove them i have no friends or family to help so im stuck :(
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oh no, good to know im not the only one who hated mine instantly. And the only reason i was able to get mine out so fast is because my doctor charged me only a office fee of 75$ to remove them for me. then done a $300 seperate procedure for free. he was great! i wish u had a doc like mine to help out the explant fee
I'm happy for you that you are finally feeling like yourself again. I'm also very proud of you for taking action and not letting yourself feel pressured, by others or in your own head, to keep the implants in. I know you will be an inspiration to other women. The whole idea of having any procedure, or none at all, is to allow us to feel like our "real selves". You've found what works for you and that is priceless.
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Lake Charles Plastic Surgeon

Dr.E Smoot/his staff And even the staff at surgicare (where surgery took place) were all very sweet, comforting and professional. I couldnt ask for anything more out of my time with them. hands down best doctor! would recomend him to anyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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