Mid Face & Neck Lift

I decided on my doctor after researching and...

I decided on my doctor after researching and speaking with 2 other board certified plastic surgeons. I've always been fairly attractive but life was definitely catching up to me. My main issues were loose neck skin, jowls, and the lack of a jaw line. I did not want the wind swept look either.

My doctor seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. She showed me 'after' pictures of patients whos' pictures had the natural, untugged, look. Dr. Sikorski's demeanor is professional, yet she somehow makes it personal.

Day One: My daughter took me to the Laguna Niguel Office. The anesthesiologist (Glen Provost) spoke with us about my general versus local concerns. He reassured me there would be no tube down my throat.

My daughter left but that's really all I remember. The next thing I woke up changing (with help) into my street clothes. The plan was to have Carol, from Camilla's drive me to the aftercare facility located in Costa Mesa.

I slept off and on all day, feeling very little pain. The next morning Felicia (from Camilla's) drove me back to Dr. Sikorski's office. There's a private waiting room for plastic surgery patients. This makes it very comfortable only because I can't imagine regular patients seeing all the swelling and bandages, then wanting to go through with surgery.

After 2 days I have bruising only on my neck. My face is swollen but not bruised. There's stitches under my chin, directly in front of my ears, and into my hairline behind my ears. There's very little blood. I have taken a lukewarm shower and used polysporin, arnica pills, and arnica cream.

The medical clinic was pleasant and the aftercare amazing. I will try to post pictures as soon as I figure out how. I am taking them everyday.

Okay so I woke up Day 3 and have a black eye???...

Okay so I woke up Day 3 and have a black eye??? And, I haven't had a phone call from the doctor's office or any type of communication concerning the surgery. I think that's unusual.
you are lucky all you got was a black eye. I am at 10 days and still look I've been hit in the face by a baseball bat, not to mention intense pain. I can see glimpses of how it will look eventually and it will be great, but this is the hardest thing I have ever been through. No way is it two weeks downtime, at least in my case.
I can see why you smile when catching your reflection. you are looking great. your neck looks wonderful. Did you doc pull your face up or pull back. I've gone to 2 docs so far and one pulls back and the other pulls up from the sideburn area. he says then you won't have windswept look and it's more natural to pull up.
10 days: The last post mentioned that the office had not contacted me. They actually did call to find out how everything was progressing a couple of days after the post. That phone call was appreciated, shows professionalism.
Anyway, I returned to the doctor's office and her assistant removed 1/3 of the stitches. In fact, Dr. Sikorski came in to see me and recommended the V-Beam for my black eye. I looked like the dog Pete, from The Little Rascals. The bruising was also present around the jowls. My neck is beautiful at 45 degrees now. My skin is a tinge yellow! I'm prepared to be thrilled about the surgery. I already smile when catching my reflection. Will post more picures!

This is day 19. Bruising remains under my eye...

This is day 19.

Bruising remains under my eye and on the right jowl. There's slight swelling under my jaw. I believe my bruises will continue to fade down the side of my face. Unfortunately, I'm very fair so it's nearly impossible to cover the bruising. Ice is my friend.

The right ear is numb and tender at the same time. The tragus on both ears is red and scaly so I'll keep on with the polysporin. There are different emotions involved in this surgery. I think you want to get out and do things but its too hard to explain the bruising so you keep busy cleaning closets and rearranging your sock drawer.
anon how in the world were you able to keep it from your husband! You must have good makeup.

I'm at day 28 and still have bruisng under the chin and neck, and bruises under the eyes. My neck is a little hard and swollen but getting better everyday. After the bad complications I am very happy how this is turning out as it seemed so hopeless for a while. I wear dermablend in public on the bruises and yesterday I saw someone I hadn't seen since the surgery and she was raving about how much weight I had lost even though i hadn't lost any! Definatly people notice someting is different but they don't know what. Some others think it is a haircut. Today I start back to working out!! Yeah!!
Hi Kaytee1

My husband was working away for 3 weeks, so I timed it for then. I did have some bruising when he got back (21 days) and it was still quite bad, but I told my husband I had fallen over. I did not buy special makeup - I just used Mac Studio Fix Foundation Plus (its a powder in a compact). You can put it on very light or very heavy. I needed to put it on very heavy for when I went back to work after 3 weeks.
I am sorry to hear you had a hard time of things, but it does sound like you are now on the road to recovery. I had my eyes done 3 1/2 years ago and it took 2 months for the bruising to go. I know that I bruise badly and did expect it to be bad after the facelift. And do remember, it does not necessarily mean that someone who had no bruising and no complications would have a better result than you in the long run. The fact that people are asking you if you have lost weight or changed your hairstyle indicates that your new face is beginning to show and people are positive towards the way you are looking.

Good news about the working out - I started back at the gym last week.
Hi Leslie

Well I am pleased to hear you are happy with your results, and that is the main thing. Both my tragus feel like rock - one is red and the other one is OK. My ears still feel numb. Under my chin looks like I have a little double chin, but I am hoping this is just swelling along with the swelling around the jaw line and up to my ears.

I too, am very happy with my results - I did not tell many people, not even my husband, only my mother and one friend and no-one else has noticed a difference - husband included. But when I look in the mirror, I see the difference and it has boosted my confidence no end. I am just wiating now to see if my face looks different in a couple of months time, when the swelling goes down more, but to be honest, I like the fuller face effect I have currently got. My PS said by about 3 months you should be able to judge the results fully.

Best wishes and I am sure that in 2 weeks time, you will be looking and feeling great.

Okay, it's been 10 weeks. My face doesn't look...

Okay, it's been 10 weeks. My face doesn't look nearly as good as it did immediately after the bruising subsided. Skin is itchy and there are small bumps on my left cheek. I will have another procedure done down the road but it will be with another ps. My neck isn't as firm as it was in the beginning.

On a bright note, I do not have a wind swept look. I was so pleased at about the 5 weeks point, then it has progressed in the other direction. I won't say my ps wasn't good, just rough. I want the surgery where I have very little bruising and it lasts longer than 6 weeks. Also, I would like to feel my right ear and wear earrings.

Good luck to everyone.
Pkf, I hope you will post. I'm going to do a blow by blow since I so appreciated reading others! Which state are you in?
I am in Texas. Where are you. Yes I plan to post. I also appreciate so much everyone's postings and tips. Do you have any family close by to help after your husband leaves. Will you be having general anesthesia or IV sedation.
I also am scheduled for may 1. Face lift and upper brow lift. Also very nervous but excited. Will spend one night in hospital. Good luck

It's now 6 months post surgery. There's...

It's now 6 months post surgery. There's definitely improvement in my overall look but the neck is weird looking. The front is loose already. I'm sure it needs a revision. The neck isn't smooth to the jaw. It looks more like a funnel. Get an excellent doctor. My doctor was average.
I'm 5 days out and still have a lot of swelling. My bruising is going away, but my ears down through my clavicle area swollen. This morning seemed bad. Also having trouble sleeping on back...happy, but would like to see more definition....patience, patience ....
please yes patience. The first week is the hardest. I sat in the lazyboy for 1 week as my head hurt with the tubes gone. I couldnt put pressure on the back of my head. But really there is little pain just irritations. Each week the changes are huge so hang in there. The results I hear after 3-12 months is more incredible.
Do you have before and after photos?

Its now 10 months post surgery. Constant pain and...

Its now 10 months post surgery. Constant pain and hardness on the right side of my neck. Worst surgeon ever as far as I'm concerned. I gave it time, time, time. Can't sit up all day. Have to lay down in the pm. No fun.
just wondering how things are going now?
so sorry about your results. Pain controls your life. Is there anyone you can see for this?
I am still a bit numb on the sides of my face closer to the ears but I never had any pain.
Now almost 5 months and it keeps getting better.

I have new information concerning my results. Its...

I have new information concerning my results. Its called damage of the great auricular nerve. Constant pain on the right side of my neck, including ear numbness and tinnitus. There's also pain on the left side but not as bad. Look it up.
Happy New Year! Just checking in with all of you...still no feeling in my right ear. I am looking for a Southern California doctor to preform a revision on my neck during summer 2013. I don't think Sikorski performed the corset platysmaplasty correctly. As quoted from NYC Dr. Yang, "I believe the the problems of falling necks, recurrence of neck muscle bands, pixie ears, and thickened scars behind the ear are related to trying to perform a necklift by solely tacking the back edge of the platysma muscle behind the ear without first performing a corset platysmaplasty." I feel lots of pressure on the backs of my ears and my face has fallen. This is only after 1 and a half years. I don't want to travel to New York for the revision, but plan to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with similar philosophies as Dr. Yang. My lawyer son will handle any correspondence with the dermatologist, Dr. Sikorski as soon as we receive the revision quotes. Sikorski is a dermatologist. There's a need for dermatologists for Botox, Juvederm, etc, but she shouldn't be performing surgery. I did have Botox injections in my neck to relieve some of the new banding that has occurred since my surgery with Dr. Sikorski. She didn't offer any treatments. Good luck to you all! Remember to use Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Gosh! You have really been through it. A dermatologist does not have the years of training a board certified surgeon does. A board certified plastic surgeon has years of general surgery training and then plastic surgery training. A dermatologist has no business doing plastic surgery. I pray your ordeal resolves soon. Blessings to you.
Leslie: Your doctor was a dermatologist, not a plastic surgeon. Her focus (at her website) on "art" made me somewhat suspicious.

Almost 2 years and still no feeling in my right ear

Terrible result. Just read over all the paperwork Sikorski has you sign. I hope everyone uses a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON. unfortunately, I didn't realize this when I had my surgery (Sept 2011). She is a Board Certified Dermatologist. But I'm not sure who the person is in her photo, as she doesn't even resemble that picture.
I added some photos. :(
Leslie L, I have just read your review and am so sorry for your difficulties and results.  Hopefully, you can find a respectable Boart Certified PS in your area to assist and revise.
Orange County Dermatologist

My ratings have nothing to do with the surgery performance. Read the rating. There's no mention of surgery outcome. The skin on my neck is loose again. This doctor feels that pain in part of the recovery but she didn't mention the Great Auricular Nerve damage,

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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