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I had Botox and Radiesse. I am a professional...

I had Botox and Radiesse. I am a professional working with much younger people. When I look my best, I have more confidence.


ALSO, yes, I spent $1900, BUT, it is a misconception because I also bought "Botox" Club at discount pricing and will have several more treatments in the next year. This is a year's worth of "maintenance"!
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Awesome and thank you! I have updated your post :)


1. ZERO pain, because Dr. K uses a cold numbing spray. ZERO downtime! I had the Radiesse yesterday afternoon, NO make up on, went home and iced, and my husband was completely unaware! Today when I got up, I look great. NO bruising, NO pain, and I put my make up on like usual and look pretty good-and I'm 57! The procedure was like this: Dr. Klein looked at my face, and noticed my cheeks were 'sagging' or flattening, and I had serious lines around my nose (nasiolabial folds),and the horrible jowls. She did quick numbing freezes, and a used a tiny syringe to first inject my cheekbones, then the nose folds and marionnette lines (jowls).
2. I decided to do this, because in the past had tried Juvaderm before my daughter's wedding, and this will last longer. It is a guilty pleasure-since it is not cheap, but I look good and feel more confident, and my face doesn't sag down and look sad!
3. There were no surprises for me. Dr. K said to expect bruising but I had none. No pain, etc. So far, I'm very happy! I'm going to a holiday party this evening and will see what comments I receive.

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Dr. K has more expertise and skill than most any other in OC. She is a trained physician; not a nurse, and has a very gentle touch. I feel instantly prettier and younger after a visit with her.

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