I Am Thrilled with the Results!! The Lines Around my Mouth Are Gone and the Lip Filler Brought my Lips Back!! - Laguna Nigel

I am just sorry I waited so long to get rid of the...

I am just sorry I waited so long to get rid of the facial lines. Radiesse promotes the growth of my own collagen and makes a smooth and natural-looking appearance on my face.

Yes, Radiesse promotes the growth of your body's own collagen which is great. I tried many lip fillers & they were very temporary (fat injections, which were actually a going away gift from my former doc.) made my lips big, bold & beautiful. Next day, Gone! So, I had several sessions of silicone about 12 yrs. ago & my lips are still poofy & gorgeous (almost as big as Anjelina Jolie or Lisa Rhinna. Love it!!
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. K's knowledge and experience with cosmetic dermatology treatments makes her the number one choice in Orange County. She will suggest the right treatment for each patient and spends time explaining every detail. The results are amazing!!!

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