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Smartlipo Full Abdomen – Just Love my New Waist!

I had Smartlipo procedure done on my upper and...

I had Smartlipo procedure done on my upper and lower abs about two months ago. Before deciding for Smartlipo I did a lot of research on the procedure and providers and I did read every single post on Smartlipo on this website.

I did not want to post before I was absolutely sure on the results. I had lost my waist after having twins and no matter how much I diet or exercised, it just did not seem to get back into shape it was before. I can say that I do love my new tiny waist and my new body! It all turned out awesome.

I did take the advice and researched Smartlipo providers in the area. I consulted with 3 different Smartlipo doctors. I did feel most comfortable to go ahead with the procedure with Dr. Z. He really took the time to listen to my expectations, explained the procedure well and answer to all my questions. He also had an extensive photo album with the photos of the people he had done the procedure on. I got some phone numbers of the persons he had done the procedure with. I feel it was really useful to talk to someone who had already gone thru with this procedure.

I do not remember much of the details of the procedure. I was given sedative by my mouth. I did feel relaxed and comfortable the whole time. I was not anxious nor did I feel any pain. It was more like poking sensation (especially around my ribs) first when melting the fat. It was good though to look all the fat coming out during the suction.

I was pretty sore the following two days. The drainage had stopped by the morning following the surgery. The swelling began to go down after first 5 or 6 days and my body shape continued to improve rapidly during the first two months. I can see huge tightening on my skin.

By now my waist size has decreased from 33” to 27 inches (from size 8 to size 4). My abdomen is flat and smooth. I cannot wait to have my first beach vacation and wear bikini again. I still feel that the improvement continues but I am already very happy the way I look. I am glad I listened to this websites advice and found an expert like Dr. Z.

Dr.Zakany / Aesthetic Solutions

Very professional doctor & staff. Doctor took time to explain the procedure and answer all my questions well. Good care during and after my procedure and during the follow ups. This doctor made me feel that he and his staff really cared about me as a person. My good results were important for him and I am very happy with my new slim waistline.

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Glad you had a good experience, and continue to. I had smart lipo done on upper and lower abs in October. I was on the beach in a bikini in February and I'm almost 50. I haven't worn a 2-piece suit since early 20s. My friends couldn't believe it. I've also been working out diligently. I do wish I was seeing more skin tightening, though. May I ask how old you are?
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Congrats on your new body! Reading your post, I think that you will be looking amazing after 5 weeks. You say you only have minimal swelling/bruising on day 1 post op. I think that from now on it will only get better. I had some bruising and quite a bit of swelling first week or so. After a month I was already wearing 2 sizes smaller clothes - no bruising, no swelling- abs were nice & flat. I think that you will be totally ready for your beach vacation after a month! I also found that my body kept "shrinking" not only the first month but the second month too. Maybe it was due to the skin tighetning that Smartlipo procedure does. I too, cannot wait for a beach vacation and new bikini suit.
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Sounds like you've had a great experience. I've just had Smartlipo on bra strap (back) area, inner/outer thighs, flanks, lower abdomen and knees. I'm post-op day 1 with minimal swelling and no bruising, but very sore. I got a pleasant surprise when I removed the compression garments earlier before showering. My tummy is practically flat and my hip contour appears narrower. I've booked a beach vacation with friends and we leave in 5 weeks. Did you still have any bruising or swelling at this point after your procedure? Thanks Thanks
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Sounds Great! Can you tell me the cost of the procedure?
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Any advice for someone just getting started on looking into this?
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My procedure was $3500. That price was for upper and lower abs. That price included compression garment.
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I would say - read ALL the post about Smartlipo on this website. This is what I did. It will give you a good idea of what is out there and the others experience, outcomes, good questions to ask your doc., price, what is included in price etc. Take your time and be in no hurry. I would consult with 2 or 3 doctors if possible. I did consult with three Smartlipo providers in my area and choose the one that I felt was the best for me. I hope it helps.
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