Just Starting Using Latisse! Hoping to Get Long Beautiful Eye Lashes:) Lafayette, LA

I just had breast augmentation and at my post op...

I just had breast augmentation and at my post op appointment i asked about Latisse. Ive been wanting to try it but never made a doctors appointment to get it so while i was at my post op appointment i went ahead and got some to try!
Ive heard many good things about it and saw awesome results. The nurse that came in to check me had such long pretty eyelashes so that is what actually reminded to of the product and it turns out that she uses it!. She said it will take about 3 months or so to see results and that you have to continue using it to maintain progress. You use it everyday, i will start using it before bed as a routine.

I started using it tonight and all you do it squeeze one little drop on the little disposable brushes you get and wipe along your eyelashes once and thats it!
i will post a before picture and post a picture every week or so to see if i am making any progress.

Forgot to post photos with makeup on

Just more shots of my eyelashes for my "Before"

potential side effects i found on here by doctors

Latisse contains Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin anolog contained in the glaucoma medication, Lumigan. Like Lumigan, potential side effects may be seen, such as darkening of eyelid skin (this may be reversible once stopped).

There may also be a possible increase in the brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye (this is likely to be permanent).

Other possible side effects may be itching, eye redness, dryness and irritation of the eye or surrounding eyelid skin where Latisse may be applied. It is also possible for hair growth to occur in the areas where Latisse comes in contact with. This can be minimized by carefully applying Latisse to the thin strip of eyelid margin skin alone, and blotting any excess solution.

Except for the change in iris color, most side effects will disappear after discontinuing Latisse.
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Your lashes look similar to mine...im about to ditch my extensions and grt latiesse, im afraid I will be bald once my extensions are gone. My poor lashes lol...hope that its working good for you !
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Hello I'm probably 3 months out and lattise has worked wonderfully and Lattise but now how often do I need to use to maintain this full look.
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Hello all. So I am about to begin using the product and I was initially excited but now I am getting more concerned about the permanence issue. Other reviews and product information says that your lashes will gradually go back to how they were prior to usage. Exactly how long after? Will the new ones just fall out? Has anyone experienced any of these issues? Thanks everyone!!
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For me it just sort of happened and I didn't really notice- there wasn't a huge shedding process or anything noticeable.  I think it took a couple months total, but I couldn't be for sure since it was really subtle.  But I didn't ever have great results from Latisse to begin with, so I'd guess it would be more noticeable to someone who had amazing results.  They just fall out like your normal eyelashes do- not all at once or anything.  
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I love your "crazy eye picture"!  It is hard to get the right angle with a picture to show your lashes- totally get it.  I can't wait to hear how everything goes for you.  Keep us posted!
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lol thanks, i sure will!
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i see you didnt have much change while using latisse, also i read one of the girls that commented on your profile that had used it and she is saying shes having/had all these side effects ive never heard of... what do you think? im kind of scared to continue using it now
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Well as you probably saw in my review I was not consistent about applying it every day, but I did see a difference.  I think I would have seen more results if I'd been more diligent about it but I would always forget.  I'm thinking about doing it again, especially because my local medi-spa is doing a bogo special.

I personally think some of the side effects are very real, BUT I also think that if you are careful and take your time and don't overdo the application you will be fine.  From your pic it looks like you have brown/darker eyes?  If that is real and not just photo illusion then you don't have to worry about your eye color changing.  People with fair skin can experience some skin darkening.  I have fair skin and didn't experience this but I also used a smaller brush than what they supply so I didn't get a lot of the product on my visible skin- if that makes any sense.

Which side effects are you worried about?
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Yes, that is true, I've been using it everyday for about 9 days now. Yes my eyes are very dark brown so i'm def not worried about any change of my eye color. Well the "sunken" eyes, growing little hairs in your eyes or something I cant remember exactly what it said, or any problems in general esp anything affecting like eye sight which i dont think i read anything about that.
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The sunken/hollow eyelids thing is a valid concern.  Although many RealSelf users have reported it, the medical community seems dismissive.  There are some interesting comments in this Q&A thread about it:

As far as the little hairs- that can definitely happen, it happened to me.  Really all that happened was some new hairs started to grow sort of sideways and in the inner corners of my eyelashes where the hairs are typically shorter.  

I think you just have to decide if the risks are worth the long and full eyelashes and go from there.  Let us know what you decide to do :)
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