Tummy tuck with MR and Lipo of flanks- easiest surgery I have had!! Lafayette, LA

I'm a 32 year old mother of 3 and have never been...

I'm a 32 year old mother of 3 and have never been able to get my flat tummy back! I am scheduled for full tummy tuck with lipo of flanks for September and really scared. I had 3 c-sections so I'm hoping that the pain is similar. I think what I'm afraid of the most is complications arising from an elective procedure. I have no health problems nor family history of any bleeding disorders and did fine for my sections but I am still worried. So please only words of advice and encouragement! Lol I will post pics soon!


So glad you were able to schedule! I have 4 days left! I have been a bundle of nerves for the past couple of days. But i do find that looking on this site helps a great deal. I see that there are very few people who have had complications. and the ones that did, I tell myself it's because they did not follow doctors orders. Good luck to you! Hope you have a fast & safe recovery!
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Yes I agree about looking at this site! It does help! I am trying to lose about 10-15 lbs before my surgery so keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
You got that! Did he talk to you about a food plan? High protein, low carb! I increased my water intake to about 85 ozs a day and lost 5 lbs in a week. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Lmk if you want me to message you my food plan. I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks with it!

Before pics


Hello! I'm in the same boat as you. I'm scheduled for June 16th, two weeks from today, and I've been freaking out about it since I scheduled it a month ago. There's a term called analysis paralysis that means analyzing a situation to the point of not going through with, or almost backing out of a decision. I think that's a category you and I and bunch of other ladies here fall under. We look so deeply into the procedure, after the procedure, possible complications and stories from people who had a negative experience that we overlook the fact that there's a higher chance of dying or being seriously, permanently injured in a car accident driving to surgery than there is with the actual surgery. I was so wrapped up in finding out every bit of negative, possible scenarios that I had to step away from RS for a bit. I'm still terrified, but I'm trying to be logical and positive about it. You'll be just fine and I bet you're going to absolutely love your results! :-D
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We'll thanks so much cause you totally made me look at it differently! I will need to stop analyzing everything if this is something I want! Good luck and best wishes for a great recovery!
Almost to the flat side!! U deserve it!! Did u say 85 oz?? Seems like a lot!!!


I am like an emotional rollercoaster! one day I want to cancel my surgery and the next im ok until today when I just so happen to read a review from someone who seems just like me...worried about blood clots....and everything she said is exactly how I think. everyone assured her that its so rare and the nurse said in her 12 years working she has never had a patient get one. well what do you know this lady ends up with one in her lungs and is now on blood thinners and driving herself crazy worrying if she will be around to see her kids grow up! I just feel like maybe I read this as a sign to not do it. I hate my belly but im just very unsure now!


Well thank you so much! I'm trying to stay positive!
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Hi - I had all sorts of fears, but it really was an easy surgery! Check out my page. I really wish I hadn't have worried so much. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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I replied in the wrong place! Lol....thanks so much!

A little less than 3 months from surgery!

First off I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged me to stick with it! I was really back and forth with it but you guys have helped me a lot! I'm really excited about it now and I think I will be here before I know it. I am currently trying to lose 10-15 pounds before my surgery day and I want to do it the right way with diet and exercise instead of all the crash diets I have done only to gain the weight back real quick! I was told by my doctor to lose as much weight as I can so I get the best results!


Hello! I had my tummy tuck on Feb 28th by Dr Mes and I also live in Lafayette, La. I'm happy to chat with you, if you like. I understand and remember very vividly what you are going through. I'm still not entirely sure how this site works, but message me if you would like and we can connect.
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wondering if you went through with your surgery
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I had to reschedule it for October 2nd! I has my pre-op visit last Wednesday so I am ready!! Just trying to decide if I want to come home with the pain pump or do the Exparel injection. Other than that I'm just waiting! Thanks for checking on me!

4 days left!!

Getting the rest of my things together for Thursday! My doctor told me to decide whether I want the Exparel injection or the pain pump. After reading up about them I think I am going with Exparel. If anyone has any input they would like to give I am all ears! Nerves are starting to kick in!


You know my thought on the Experal. : ). It is completely amazing!!!
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yes ma'am!!! thanks!!
Thanks so much for the input!! I think I'm pretty stuck on Exparel!! I haven't read a bad review yet!

Tomorrow is the day!!

Getting cold feet! I guess just being around my kids and my husband and knowing that even though it's extremely rare, I could not make it out. Then I start looking through everyone's profiles and I see just about everyone feels that way. I will stay positive cause if not I will back out! Will post before pics in the morning!


I swear it was so easy! I wish I hadn't have worried like I did beforehand. Keep us posted! You will do great!! : )
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Morning of procedure pics

Just a few more hours to go! Saying goodbye to this belly!

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5 days PO TT with MR and Lipo of flanks

I am now 5 days out and I can say that it has not been as bad as I thought it would be. My main area of pain is in my back and flanks....it's a stinging pain with soreness. My tummy is feeling very tight along the muscle repair and I have no pain along my incision. Everything is hard like a rock! I chose the Exparel injection and it is awesome...not sure if it's still working or not be like I said it's all numb in that area. I go tomorrow for my first PO appt and am hoping to get my drain removed. It's a pain in the rear to me! Other than that I'm getting around by myself as I have been since day two so I'm happy about that. Will post new pics when I adjust my binder later!


So glad to hear that everything went well! You reminded me of the back pain. It was really the worse part for me during that first week or so. Hang in there!
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The back pAin is awful! I can't wait to see him tomorrow so he can reassure me that what I'm feeling is normal and that it all looks ok! Good luck on Friday!

5 days PO pic

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Easiest surgery ever!

If you are questioning a tummy tuck have no fear....it was a really easy recovery! I have had 3 c sections, hysterectomy, gallbladder removed, breast augmentation and this was the easiest! I have had no pain in my tummy at all! It's all in my back from the Lipo! Now that part did hurt but nothing that ibuprofen couldn't help! So if you are unsure because you are scared of the recovery process....don't be! Ask your doctor for Exparel and you are good to go!


I'm praying it's the same for me. I've had 3cs,partial,ovary w/appendix and adhesion removal, bladder, and hernia repair. Hoping this will be a walk in the park. Happy healing.
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It will be!! Good luck to you!
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