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Getting Ready for Sculptra - Lafayette, LA

I am getting 3 vivals of sculptra at one time. Has...

I am getting 3 vivals of sculptra at one time. Has anyone else ever had that many at once? I am reading where most people only have 1 at a time. I haven't had this done yet but I am looking forward to it. If you have anything that you would like to tell me about this product please inbox me here. 

Thank you

My thoughts are to consult with more then one Dr. I consulted with three different doctors two of the doctors suggested one vial at a time and only needing two and possibly a third. The one out of the 3 consults wanted to do two at once. I suggest, if you haven't already research, me myself researched on google YouTube and forums..my first sculptra experience was this past Monday. I'm satisfied with the results so far but like others have posted it's mainly do the water from the product if that make sense. But my end results coming from the Drmouth is what it will look like after sculptra does its job
Thank u for your comment. Did you end up doing one or two ? And did you bruise or have lumbs ?
Just one, I bruised a little nothing major and do you mean lumps. I have not a one if you're referring to lumps
Dr Anderson


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