9 weeks PO. CG free for 3 weeks. I'm in love with my new body! - Lafayette, LA

I finally figured how to share my story from my...

I finally figured how to share my story from my smart phone. Yay!!! I've been looking on here for a couple months and I am pretty much a RS junkie at this point. I have a very supportive husband of 10+ years and two fun-loving children (G9 B6) I'm 30 years old. I had two natural childbirths that I loved, I plan to embrace this pain the same way. My biggest fear/anxiety/nervousness is that I won't be able to be the super mom I pride myself in being when I'm recovering. I work full-time as an office manager and my boss is very supportive of this as well. I plan on taking 2.5-3 weeks off and returning to do paperwork only at the beginning. I have worked very hard over the last 10 years to be in the physical shape I am in today. I actually weigh 30 pounds less than the day we got married. I only gained 25-30 pounds for each pregnancy but for my first one I was very ill and lost 23 pounds before gaining my first 8 pounds in my 3rd trimester. I gained all the weight in 2 months and it caused major stretching in my belly.

I'm now at the smallest I've ever been. 127.4. :). I'm 5'4. I've maintained 130's for over 3 years and just got a little boost in body sculpting when I started running in June 2012. I'm running my first 1/2 marathon on the 20th. (Just for fun) I originally wanted surgery on 21st but PS said he wouldn't risk putting me under dehydrated or fatigued. I respect that.

So I've always wanted a tummy tuck, and when we were approaching my first consultation 9/2012 my DH ever so kindly said "well since your going to be in surgery and its only a few more thousand dollars why don't you get some nice titties." I started entertaining the idea. And then I tried them on and let me tell you. 300cc's = love at first sight. My face lit up and I couldn't wipe the smile off. Now I think I'm almost more excited then he is. I'm a very deflated 34B. possibly an A. I wear VS well. Both PS that I consulted with said I am borderline on a lift on one side. I opted to do the implants and go from there. I originally wanted 300 but after reading on here and looking at hundreds of pictures and stories I'm now leaving towards 320-340. I'm getting silicone.

Okay so I think that's the majority of information. I go tomorrow 1/16 for my pre-op and to pay. (My second biggest nervousness) I have the normal issues mommies and wives have of this being selfish. While my husband, friends & family have told me otherwise. I'm very open and honest about my upcoming procedures, I've worked very hard to get here. In 2010 I had my consultations scheduled and time off planned then I decided that I had to take our children to Disney first before I could do this and deal with the selfishness feelings. Did that in Feb 2012. Now I'm ready! Bring it. I look forward to sharing my experience with you ladies! And hope to add pictures tomorrow. I'm going to ask my PS to email me the ones they took.

Just getting home from my pre-op. I've never been...

Just getting home from my pre-op. I've never been more confused about the implants :(

Well the half marathon is done! Averaged a 12:05...

Well the half marathon is done! Averaged a 12:05 minute mile. I'm very happy with the entire experience. Spent the weekend in NOLA with the family. We had a great time. Now time to get into gear preparing for this surgery on mine. I'm so over this waiting business. Although I haven't made a 100% decision on my BA/BL...I'm feeling more at peace with it all. I'm ready to be on the flat side!!!!! Happy Sunday to you all!

So I called my PS today and added the BL. Done....

So I called my PS today and added the BL. Done. Decisions made. Now sit and wait. Well not really since I have tons of stuff to wrap up at the office, a busy family life and plans to clean my house like crazy this weekend! I am hating taking the suggested multi vitamin...my appetite is crazy! I'm always hungry. This bothers me. But I am a rule follower, and that's what the Doctor said to do. I'm very thankful that he wouldn't do surgery the day after the 1/2, because Oooommmmmgggg my legs were so tight and sore. I definitely had not prepared for the amount of inclines the course had. It was the Louisiana Marathon...Louisiana is flat! 2 overpasses later, the muscles behind my knees were screaming! I normally fly around the office doing things, not Monday! I guess that was a peek into how I'm going to be post MM. 9 days left, but who's counting?!?!??!

I filled all my prescriptions tonight!!!!...

I filled all my prescriptions tonight!!!! Ahhhhhhhh. I am actually looking forward to the weekend so I can clean and organize my house. We are a very busy family, my husband works 12 days straight 10-12 hours a day then gets a weekend off. On that weekend we try to do as much fun stuff as possible because its back to the grind for 12 more days :( his next weekend off is day 2-3 post op. AHHHHH. I just realized that we have our sons first overnight boyscouts campout day 24 post op. please pray that I'm able to go do that with him as my DH will be working. I'm so nervous about how we are going to function with me down. But I keep telling myself this too shall pass!

Hello ladies! Can't wait to get that phone call...

Hello ladies! Can't wait to get that phone call tomorrow to tell me what time my surgery is scheduled for on Thursday. I'm beyond ready. Got a fresh haircut today. House is all cleaned up and tomorrow I will wrap up what I can at the office but I'm not stressing. I did manage to finish our tax preparations so I will file them tomorrow too. After that its MM time!!!! It's so surreal. In one thought I'm like waiting has been the worse part and in the other I think where did the time go? Weird!!! Hope all my surgery day twins are feeling mellow and calm. It's almost our turns!!!

Okay so between my nervous/anxiousness, coffee and...

Okay so between my nervous/anxiousness, coffee and the stool softeners...I can't get off the toilet.

Made it too the flat side. Feeling okay. DH has...

Made it too the flat side. Feeling okay. DH has been so amazing. I'm blessed! Haven't Git to peak at my belly yet. Briefly seen my boobies because the nurse had to put some cream on them. Dr. told my DH that everything went well and my implants are 300. Everything is heavy and tight feeling but not really painful. Happy healing to my surgery day twins!!

My only complaint is that I get tired so easily. I...

My only complaint is that I get tired so easily. I haven't taken any narcotics. I prepared myself for much worse pain. One of the most uncomfortable feelings was trapped gas. I drank hot tea and walked around while I belched like a crazy woman. I only had one moment where tears fell, it was last night. My wonderful DH who has been on top of everything was a little short as staying in the hospital and then the house since Thursday had gotten to him. I think he was excited about going to work this morning. I also miss intimacy with my husband. I know it's only been 4 days, but that's a lot for me. I've been sleeping on the couch with 4 king size pillows propping me up and two under my knees. My DH took the nightstand from the bedroom and put it right there for me so I have everything I need. He keeps my glass full of ice water and crackers plentiful. Yesterday I took my first shower. It felt awesome to take everything off. I really didn't look at myself too much as I am not ready to yet. I want to wait til some swelling goes down and I can stand straight and everything. I am very pleased with the placement of my TT incision. It's very low. I still have stretch marks but I am not going to let them bother me. I went in knowing there was no way to get rid of them all. My PS uses a pain pump that lasted about three days I was able to pull it out myself on Sunday before my shower. It was two small lines. They were thin like weed eater string. I think that played a very important role in my lack of pain or need for meds. At my most uncomfortable moments the pain didn't exceed a 5. Hope everyone else is healing and resting as well as myself. Happy Monday Y'all!

I'm so tired. Wow. But appointment went well....

I'm so tired. Wow. But appointment went well. Drain is gone. They gave me my second compression garment which makes me feel like a stuffed sausage. Also a belt to push the girls south. Tonight I'm joining my DH in our bed. He's nervous I'm ecstatic. No meds for me, they make me feel worse. Cleared to start taking ibuprofen now so that's what it will be when the need arises. Happy healing ladies. Can't wait to lay with my DH and listen to his heartbeat. It's been 5 nights too long.

1 week post op. yay. Everything is going well....

1 week post op. yay. Everything is going well. Slept in my bed the last two nights. Other than getting tired easily I have no complaints. Tried on my bathing suit bottom this morning and it covers my incision. Yayyyy. But it did make me want to go take a jog. Lol. I'm so anxious to get back active. To be honest one of the worse parts for me is not being able to have sex with my DH. I'm needy when it comes to lovin' and because I feel so good I want him bad! Needless to say by the time he works 12 hours, cooks supper, washes clothes, and cleans the kitchen he's pretty exhausted and well I'm even more attracted to him because he's been so flippin awesome. Whew I wish I could turn off my hormone switch for two weeks! Okay well that's my story. Hope everyone is healing well too. I took a few pictures today too. :)

Still feeling great. I lay around most of the day...

Still feeling great. I lay around most of the day to save my energy for my family in the afternoon. This morning I drove for the first time (only 5 miles in a very small town) and it was scary to me. I'm not ready to drive. I am planning on going back to work Thursday as long as everything goes well at my next po visit on Wednesday. Last night my DH took me on a little drive to the lake. No kids ;) It was nice to get some fresh air, change of scenery and have causal adult conversation uninterrupted. I'm so thankful for my husband. This event has actually allowed him to prove his unconditional love for me and his devotion to our family. I definitely fall deeper in love with every passing day. Hope you all are healing fine and have a very enjoyable weekend. Here in South Louisiana it will be a busy one as we are celebrating Mardi Gras!

Well other than the fact that I tire a little more...

Well other than the fact that I tire a little more easily, I'm rocking and rolling. Anxious for my 2/13 follow up with my PS and to get these stitches out. I've gotten a little more of an appetite recently but am proud to report that I'm eating very healthy!!!!! I am motivated to maximize the results if this surgery! I've been taking a daily protein supplement too in hops of not loosing too much muscle until I get back to exercising. I tried on a piece of lingerie today. OMG it's so much more fun to wear now! Hope everyone else is moving right along too!

I am feeling really good today. I went back to...

I am feeling really good today. I went back to work at 14 days po and it was a doozie! I did not realize how it would drain me so. I yawned the whole morning somehow made it through a lunch meeting with my boss but by 2:30 I couldn't focus and I was feeling it. I left and the drive home was never ending (11 miles, 15-20 minutes) felt like I would never get there. Got home and climed straight into bed. never could fall asleep but just rested for about 2 hours. Recharged, went to dinner with my little fam for valentines day and then stopped at the store to buy cupcakes for my birthday boy (turned 7 on the 17th) to bring to school for his class on Friday. Friday I only went to the office for 3 hours. and I told my boss that I was only coming this week to work 1/2 days. I could not let myself think I HAD to stay. Well Monday is here and it is almost quitting time and I am still here. I feel great today! don't feel tired at all. My DH took the day off, cleaned the floors, did all the laudry from the weekend and is cooking supper. YES HIS AWESOMENESS IS STILL GOING STRONG! I am so amazed and blessed. I am thinking I am going to bribe the kids with a few dollars to clean the bathrooms and change the sheets on the beds...I was thinking about paying someone to come in and do that plus dust, but I only have 3 more weeks until I can do it and why give up bikini money?

So the emotional side...WOW, who would have thought... the selfish feelings are harder for me to deal with after its all said and done! I have cried, wait let me rephrase that...BOO-HOO'd out of control bawling... a few times.
The first time was when my DH saw me naked for the first time. I have no idea where it came from. He came into the bathroom, took one look at me and I started crying uncontroablly. I did not want him to see me like that I guess. He did not have a problem with my pre-MM body. And it was like I wanted him to remember me like that. Not all taped, glued, and stiched up.

Then after my 2 week po, I was so excited...PS said I was doing great, I could go home and make love to my husband (yes I asked him). whoo hoooo. I was all pumped up. Mid session, bust out crying! I couldn't control myself. I was so worried that he would not be attracted to me and he would not enjoy it. I totally forgot he is a dude for a minute. It was the weirdest thing. I even felt the need to apologize the next day because when I thought back on it, how interruptive for no reason. just so bizarre!

Than another time or times lol was when I couldn't handle my children. I am usually extrememly patient and very laid back. And I hate that a few times I felt so short with them and then when they needed correcting I physically could not be the dicplinarian and it really bothered me. It is so weird.

I am so thankful I thought about this for several years and knew it was what I wanted and for my DH to be beyond amazing and supportive. This is no easy process. I almost think your mental preparedness is more important than your physical preperations!

I look forward to six weeks (3/13/13) follow up with my PS and being able to get into my exercise routine again. I am pretty sure it will take some time for me to get back to jogging the way I was pre-op because my breathing is different. Sometimes I get so out of breathe from a shower or just walking around. I think I am going to go find a 10K or 1/2 marathon that I can attend in the next 3-4 months so it will give me a goal to focus on. Hope all of you ladies are doing well and to all of the ladies that are approaching surgery dates, you will love the flat (and perky) side!

Well I ended up working about 35 hours this week....

Well I ended up working about 35 hours this week. I felt really good. It was a long week with my 4th grader but we made it. On Wednesday night I was exhausted but woke up refreshed Thursday. By Friday I was mentally drained but made it through the day. My boss treated me to a delux jelly pedicure at lunch (we take 1.5 hours). It definitely helped ;) I'm not really into pictures much right now as I just feel like a fatty. No exercise makes me feel yucky and with the busy week I've had there is no denying the swelling. But my boobies are getting better daily, it's weird how one minute they can seem soft(er) then they start feeling like two grapefruits! My doctor said I could start walking this week. But again after the hectic work week all I wanna do is lay around on the couch. So here I am. Cup'o'coffee. Clothes washing. Kids playing Wii. DH working. Life is good. :)

Just had to share my first "real clothes" picture....

Just had to share my first "real clothes" picture. Went to a surprise birthday party with friends last night. :)

Maybe it's just my nature, but I have nothing sad...

Maybe it's just my nature, but I have nothing sad to report. Thankfully my uncontrollable sobbing days have come and are long gone. I even started my monthly today and I feel like a rock star. While I wish I could just jump back into exercising & jogging, I know I'm going to have to retrain my body. And im okay with that. It's strange how my breathing is so labored. I tried on my exercise clothes tonight. They missed me. Lol. Whoa for the tops. My DH was all smiles... it's so funny and touching to see him get worried about how people (goo goo eyed men) will view me now, and also be so confident that I'm too respectful and classy and "not like that". Again this procedure has been a life changing experience in which we've grown so much as a couple. It's amazing. I'm back into the swing of my normal routine for the most part. (Minus exercise and major housework) Most days I forget that I had major surgery a month ago. I get itchy sometimes but it's not annoying. I wear a CG 24/7. I have 3 different styles that I alternate. I am always swollen, but I stay on my feet about 12 hours a day. I'm not stressing over my scar or my swelling. This too shall pass is my theory. Looking forward to this weekend! Hubs and son (7) are going to the camp and me and little sister (9 going on 15) are having girl time. Looking forward to trying on tons of cloths!!!!!! Dinner with the other wives and their girl kids sat night. Fun stuff. Life is good. I'm uploading a few pictures from my earlier photo session with myself. I wish I had pictures for last years beach trip in this bathing suit. Wow what a difference the twins make!!! Happy healing to you all. Prayers and positive thoughts to all.

At the mall. Went to VS to get measured...32 C!!!!...

At the mall. Went to VS to get measured...32 C!!!! Yeah. I'm so excited!!!

Again nothing really to report. Ready to see my PS...

Again nothing really to report. Ready to see my PS Wednesday for my 6 week check up. My DH and I have a weekend get away planed for next weekend that I'm so looking forward to! I have a few pictures that ill share, but I feel and think that I'm fluffy. Going from very active to no activity really destroyed my legs and butt! I am not letting myself get upset about it as I know it's all work in progress. I've decided to not focus on any major exercise goals in March, but April will be hard core! I work well when I set goals. So we are going camping the last week of April, I want to rock my shorts, tank tops, & bathing suit. :)

So I guess I was scared/nervous to try any...

So I guess I was scared/nervous to try any exercise because I sometimes get out of breathe taking a shower still. And my mind didn't want to take a chance of my body failing me when I attempted getting back into jogging/running. But this morning I gave it a go. I used couch to 5k to guide me through and I did 2.3 miles in 30 minutes. Felt good. I'm excited to ease my way back in! Happy Sunday folks. It's a totally gorgeous day here in south louisiana!

Yesterday was my 6 week PO visit. Doc referred to...

Yesterday was my 6 week PO visit. Doc referred to me as a "star pupil". :) everything going great. He said I could now wear whatever bra I wanted. So excited about that. And said that I did not have to wear my CG as often. Use my discretion. I opted to sleep without it last night. Felt great! I'm thinking I will wear it durning my work day and when I exercise for sure, and figure out the rest later. He said I could ease into core workouts. I've jogged 3 days this week (2-2.5 miles) and I'm feeling great. Looking forward to the weekend as my DH and I are having a kid free getaway!!! So very excited. Don't really have any new pictures to post, but once I get some new bras and maybe a new bathing suit I will get around to a photo shoot. Happy healing ladies!

I have no clue what happened. But with my last...

I have no clue what happened. But with my last update all but my first picture disappeared. Ughhhhh:(

Happy Friday Y'all!!! Had to get some pictures...

Happy Friday Y'all!!! Had to get some pictures back on here. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and happy healing. Today is my first full day without a CG. Feeling great. Feels odd after having something on for 6 weeks straight as I never took mine off except to bathe! :)))

Having an amazing weekend with my DH!!! But I just...

Having an amazing weekend with my DH!!! But I just had to share this with y'all. Life without a CG is rocking!!!! I've been without it since Thursday night and it's all good! I've included a picture that I took after about 36 hours without. Which included a full workday and traveling. :) Happy Sunday folks!

This morning is pure zen. Long story short, my DH...

This morning is pure zen. Long story short, my DH and 9 year old daughter have recently got on board to healthy living. (Neither are nasty, sloppy fat) they just both love the wrong foods and our daughter has little to no desire to do anything that involves sweating or over exerting ones self. I've been wanting to get them both healthier without giving them complexes...and about 2 weeks ago they jumped on board! My DH has lost 14 pounds!!! (His goal is 30) and our daughter is 4 pounds down! (She could afford to lose 20). We have been eating healthy meals and snacks and they have been walking/jogging with me 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week. You have no clue how happy this makes my heart. This morning I sat on my couch, coffee in hand and gave thanks and praise for this life. Then I looked down and seen my no pooch belly and I smiled... Thank you Jesus for allowing me to have this surgery that removed something that made me cry many many times. Happy Friday Y'all!

Not much time lately to keep up with RS. Which...

Not much time lately to keep up with RS. Which makes me sad! But here are a few things...
I haven't been picture sharing happy because I lost A LOT of muscle tone in just 6 short weeks! Thankfully my Positive Patty never dwelled on it, and with my very supportive family and friends always telling me how small and great I look I just let it go (the sad thoughts) my DH has been nothing short of an amazing supporter! Always telling me "you will get it back, it will just take time". We have grown immensely during this process and I'm so thankful for that. My boobies are fluffing nicely and finally loosing that hard feeling. With that being said, I often forget I have implants (until I look in the mirror naked;)) they are so natural and the size is perfect. I'm in love!!!!! I've been jogging for 4 weeks now and finally getting into the grove. Exercise has been so challenging. I tried to do push ups last night, not a chance! Then tried to plank...maybe 5 seconds. My body is not ready. And I'm okay with that. The time will come! Here are a couple pictures I took this morning. Continuing to heal and enjoy my flat belly and "nice rack" as my hubby calls it! Thanks to you all for sharing your stories! Happy healing to you all!
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

2nd doctor I consulted with. My husband and I liked his style and approach. I felt very comfortable with him. He came highly recommended from a trustworthy friend.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! Congratulations. Are you still swelling?
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Yes I am, but it's very minimal. (3 lbs on scale :()Doesn't effect my wearing of clothes. I have no pains. But I'm also taking it all in stride. Not pushing hard work outs yet. I'm jogging and getting my lungs back up and running. I find the surgery/anesthesia did a number on them. But not wearing or being bothered by CG outweighs the swelling I deal with.
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I completely understand. So tired of this binder that I could scream!!!
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Wow, you look awesome!!! I think you look great and like you hve an awesome shape. Any muscle lost will come back. It'll all be back fast too I bet! You look soooo good!! I can't believe you were shy of the camera looking like that!
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Ann--you are too kind my girl! If we lived closer I'd take you to lunch ;). I've never been uber confident I'm the picture taking department. I'm getting better and better though. Thanks again for your kind words!
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Wow! How do you so that?? My dh is looking to lose at least 12kg(27lbs?) but he just eats so much. Everytime I remind him of the sheer quantity he is eating, he gets upset. It's become a taboo now. I'm not bothered by the way he looks at all. But he is and it pains me to see him bothered. And it pains me to think that carrying around that extra weight may cause him to be more susceptible to chronic illnesses down the road. It's crazy how we can talk and discuss everything openly except his eating habits.
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Ling-- TBH, I realized a while back that (whoever it may be, DH, child, coworker, mom, friend, stranger) the person has to want and desire to change their lifestyle in order for healthy to work for them. Because at the end of the day, that's what it is...a lifestyle change. I am an extremely strong willed/motivated individual. I cook big hearty meals for my family 4-5 days a week, but I just eat very small portions and no carbs at supper. And I am totally okay with that, because I am doing this for ME! and I love my family and I want them to be content so I am cooking supper for THEM. Well a few weeks ago my husband had to go to the doctor because of poor health (he's 32) and that day he decided that he had to do something...I am just providing him with the tools and support to aid him in his decision for a healthier lifestyle, but ultimately the choice is his. But once he got on board, he feels better so much better and that is what is keeping him committed.
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Love this update!!! Love healthy families! :)
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Very touching. I needed that this morning. I am blessed as well!
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You look FABULOUS!!!!
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What's it feel like going all day without it? Cg. Was yours a binder or like a full body thing? You look great!!!!!
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Thanks honey! I had 3 different ones that I would alternate. I slept in the binder because it was most comfortable and most supportive at night. I have one that goes from right under breast down to your knees. It was a pain at first, but I think that made a huge reduction in any swelling I had. I also have the spanx assets that is a full panty with "ultra" panel that goes all the way up to under breast, very comfortable but a pain in the but to take on and off!
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I love your reviews. They help me to know what's ahead. This has definitely been a process. You look awesome (I've seen pics before) an have fun this weekend!!!!
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I just want to thank you for posting this! I can only see your before picture, but I am in BAton Rouge and am seriously considering a MM later this year.
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Good job!!!! Let me know if you swell! I do after working out! You are looking great!
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I'm definitely very swollen. But I to be honest, after my am exercise I didn't stop. Played outside with the kids, and are BBQ :) could be a bad combination. Hehe. But I enjoyed every minute!
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You out walking is awesome news!!!!! I was scared to at first as well and I swell after but it is making me feel so much better!!
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You really look awesome girl !!!
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Thank you ma'am. Work in progress. Work in progress. ;)
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You look great! So flat!!!
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Y'all are too kind. :) thanks honey. We are gonna rock this MM recovery!
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Thanks so much for sharing your story and continuing to update! Your pre-op pics are very similar to mine, so I have been following your recovery. Not only has your story given me motivation to go forward with this process but it has also given me hope for a wonderful (though painful) recovery! Congratulations on your transformation! Your "dream pic" is so, so similar to your final result; you must be thrilled!
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