Going for it!! The Ultimate breast Lift - Houston, TX new pics 6 mos

I'm really nervous about doing this procedure. I...

I'm really nervous about doing this procedure. I have lost 60+ lbs and i think it's time to make some "improvements".. Should i get a small implant while doing the lift even though i'm a D cup right now? I've read if I want the upper pole fullness I should. My PS said it was up to me.

I've enjoyed reading on this site. I'm open to any helpful suggestions to help prepare for the surgery. Where can i find a list of items I may need to have b4 surgery? I'm told I may need to sleep in a recliner?

I'm currently 5'6" and 183 & 41 years old.


Lucky Lynda I actually postponed my surgery indefinitely. I sprained my back really bad working out.. I suffered on & off for almost a month thinking it would get better before I finally went to chiro.. Anyway my pre op was scheduled for tomorrow & I was having so much anxiety about my back & if I would even be able to do the surgery so I decided to postpone it.. I was hoping to loose another 10-15lbs before surgery & that was a real upset bc I wasn't able to work out like I usually do (2x a week w a trainer & usually another 3x by myself).. So for now I will focus on getting my back 100% & really looking forward to being able to work out & get some more lbs off..
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I think that is a wise decision on your part. You really want to be at 100% before you go into this surgery. Get healthy and keep us posted....
Dr h does great upper pole fullness without the implant (the ultra lift) there is a long scar underneath in the breast fold only. Check out his website. Www.horndeski.com. Then there's the mini lift I got with implants were he only cut tissue around the areola.
Good luck
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I initially was going to do a BL/BA full TT w/...

I initially was going to do a BL/BA full TT w/ lipo to flanks. After spraining my back i postponed my surgery. I took some time to think about it and decided to do some more research and I found Dr. H in Houston. I've met with him and decided to do the UBL. The breast lift procedure that he invented. I'm going to wait on the TT and hopefully I won't need one. My surgery is going to be Tuesday OCT 30!! Only a few days away!! Wow I'm nervous and excited!!


Saw your post on check in page. Glad you are doing well. Wow you drove there! Can you drive back? Also what hotel did you use?
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Bootie I sent you a private message before I saw your comment. Im 4 hours away in LA. Yes I drove. My mother came with me & drove me back to the hotel after surgery,to Dr next day & from there back home (yesterday)..
Good luck & prayers for a safe surgery. Pleas post pics when you can. I'm doing UBL and I'm a D cup as well.
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I'm 3 days post op now. the pain has not been bad...

i'm 3 days post op now. the pain has not been bad at all. i'm taking meds as prescribed and not waiting b4 pain starts to take them. i found out i was wearing the wrong bra so i had to go bra shopping. i ended up finding the right type my doctor recommends at VS. This bra kinda feels like a compression garment/bra & seems like it's moving and shaping things into place. so what i wish i would of known beforehand is make sure you have the right bra for after surgery. please excuse the typos (meds).. i was expecting the pain to be a lot worse. I'll post pics soon. i have to say dr horndeski & his staff were wonderful & the nurses at fort bend surgery center was awesome as well.


Congrats on the weight loss and that you are doing so well after surgery! We would love to see before and after pics when you get a chance-happy healing!!!
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Thanks cocopuff. I'll put some up in the next few days. I'm waiting to get pics from the dr. If you inbox message me your email I can send you the one I took today though. I'm still I'm franken boob stage.
ok, will do!

I'm 5 days post op and had the drains taken out...

I'm 5 days post op and had the drains taken out today. The pain is very manageable. I have to wear a bra 24/7 so the shape is going to get better with time.


They will get better and better with time! You are looking good lady! I'm still waiting for my steri strips to come off on their on then I'm going to get the silicone scar away strips. Ive been reading up on them and the majority of PS are saying the strips ate better than the creams. I hope they are right. I used them on my first surgery and it did keep my scars flat. They says the pressure of the strips keeps your scars from being raised. So as soon as I'm healed I'm going to use those.
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You are looking great !
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Thanks! How are you?

Hi, sorry I have not posted in a while. whew what...

Hi, sorry I have not posted in a while. whew what an emotional week. Only one week after surgery my bf suddenly decides he's gonna move back to Tx where he is from. He was going to bring me to my post op check up being that it was 4 hours away. I ended up driving myself because I wasn't able to find another ride in such short notice. I made it there just fine and I just kept thinking I'm a survivor not a victim. Wow now I think back first time I drive and I get in my car and drive to Texas. It was about 4 hours both ways. I slept the night and drove back the next morning after my appointment. At this point I stopped taking the pain meds because I was having a really hard time emotionally with the break up & him leaving me right after surgery. He was supposed to come back from work a week after my surgery and help care for me not leave me!!!

My appointment went very well I had a 9am appt. I was happy to see that when I arrived at 8:45 they were open and I was able to see Dr H early. He said everything looked great and I was healing very well. I attribute that to eating a healthy diet, vitamins, protandum enzymes and exercise. I did have a small pleated area near the incision in my right breast that should flatten in time or I may need a small revision. I have had to wear a spacer or lipstick or whatever I can find to separate my cleavage (was not expecting that).

I started experiencing a zing/needles type pain that seems to happen randomly. I think it's normal the PA said and it's the nerves healing. I am very happy with the outcome so far. My friends and family think I look thinner and my boobs are smaller. They can't believe how much it looks like I have implants but I don't. They are way UP FIRM & HIGH! I added a few pics today and I'll do another update in a couple weeks or so.

If anyone is considering doing this I'd be happy to answer any questions they may have about my experience. I also want to thank the ladies that were patients and answered all my questions and supported me through this journey.


it looks like he removed several cup sizes. was this a reduction and lift? thank you for posting your review. I'll be doing my surgery with DR. H in february
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No reduction just the UBL. Good luck with your surgery.
So did you have a reduction to??
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After 9 weeks it has'nt been easy. i know the...

After 9 weeks it has'nt been easy. i know the complications are supposed to be very low but i've had some issues. I had a clogged montgomery gland and it got infected in my rgt breast and 2 weeks later had an abscess rupture in my left breast. Last week 8 weeks i went in for a check up and noticed pain and fluid that morning. It ended up being fat necrosis in the rgt breast. so i had another lil procedure to take that out. i'm really ready to be healed and get the revision done. i'd like to have normal boobs again one day :(


I'm so sorry to see you are having a few issues. Just hold on I had a few issues with my tummy tuck-swelling and spitting stitches. I'm at 4 months and I still swell. Some ladies have great results immediately post op, but some of us take a little longer, o have a less smoother ride. I pray you will get there soon with excey results.
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With excellent results.
Thank you!

Almost 3 mos post op and i just realized my review...

almost 3 mos post op and i just realized my review said that its thumbs down not worth it.. that was a ooops. I really feel that it was worth it even though i still need a revision. I'm waiting 2 more weeks and if I don't have any flare ups I can schedule my revision.


Hi there! Looks great. any updated pics.
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Well I hope all is better with you at this point. Did your breast start to soften up yet? I am only 6 days post op and I have this fluid build up in the upper right breast area. I really do not feel like deal with any infections or seroma. I was shocked that you drove that far so soon.
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Hi hope you are healing well. I didn't really have a choice about the drive. It really wasn't bad. Im still having issues with the fat necrosis. Hopefully I'm up the upside now.

It has been quite a journey. I had the orginal...

It has been quite a journey. I had the orginal surgery 10/30 and had another surgery on 3/7 to clean out ruptured sebaceous glands and scar revision surgery 4/12/13.. I'm still healing but I do think they look much better than my earlier pics. I never anticipated having to go through all of this. I know risks are involved with surgeries but never thought it would happen to me..

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If I could put 6 stars for wait time I would have. I initially did not write the review for my Dr. because I thought I should wait until I was completely healed. Now that I'm 2 weeks post op I feel very confident to say that I'm very pleased with the overall experience. Dr Horndeski's work is amazing to say the least. I choose Dr Horndeski because I came across him on this site. I read 53 reviews from people on here. I also spoke either through email,text or phone with patients of his who had procedures with him. I had already scheduled a surgery with another Dr. in my state of LA. Well, I can thank God because I pulled a muscle in my back and was laid up and I was having anxiety about that vertical scar and it just did not settle well with me. Oh did I mention I was a 38 D/DD and I was going to have to take out natural tissue to fit an implant (foreign object) just to achieve the shape that I wanted?! I knew I wanted upper pole fullness and perky breasts and you just don't get that result with the old anchor scar procedure. Which was invented by a Dr. in the 50's. Another factor that really bothered me was the possibility of having the same results even after going through surgery & not to mention the cost involved & possibly having to do it again due to poor results. I highly recommend Dr. Horndeski.

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