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I am a 27 y/o, petite 5 foot, 90 lb female...I...

I am a 27 y/o, petite 5 foot, 90 lb female...I started with 32A/B cup breasts...I decided to get implants to feel more feminine and to make myself look "older." I guess I was tired of being told by people that I looked like I should still be in high I look back and realize it was my insecurity and was dumb of me to assume this was because I looked "under developed." So...I had my first breast augmentation after I graduated college in 2010. I got 290 cc saline implants under the muscle...

almost exactly 1 year later, my left breast implant I had bilateral saline implant replacement, again under the muscle but increased to 350 cc. (now I realize from my new plastic surgeon that this was too large for my size...I had asked my old surgeon his opinion on sizing and his only response was "I think that'll look good."....def. not much guidance at all)

(Before the rupture, my left side was a little higher than right, but I had attributed it to not dropping fully yet.) In the few days after the implant replacement, my right breast looked amazing and soft and dropped, and the left was high and doctor kept telling me it would drop, well, it never this day, it is just as high as it was right after surgery, but now it is getting harder and harder. I had gone to see my plastic surgeon and his only response was that it was CC and we would have to replace it....he did not even mention reasons why, other options, anything...he was in and out of room in less than 5 minutes. yes maybe I should have asked the questions I had, but I was so upset with news and he gave me the "feeling" that he didnt have time for me.
I have been living with capsular contracture on my left breast now for almost 2 years, i cant wear anything strapless, tight, or low cut because my left breast is so high and mis-shapen...i cannot even get a pushup bra good enough to push right breast up to even equal left.

After doing tons of research and looking at pictures and stories, I FINALLY made the decision to find a new plastic surgeon and get this "fixed!" He was amazing!!! He spent soo much time with me talking, answering questions, talking about research, and discussing options! He was talking about trying a left capsulectomy. BUT he also mentioned that my right implant was a little too low! :( (i admit that i havent been snapping bra in the back or even not wearing one if i dont have to because it makes my CC hurt, so it he said it could be from weight of implant, attributed to the implant being too big for my size)

I got the $ quote for a left capsulectomy and it is $2900! I just cant see myself spending that money(already spent about $7000) on something that MIGHT work! AND the doc said my right side might eventually need to be lifted! and what if my capsulectomy doesnt work (which i know it has a high risk of reoccurring)??? then i would be spending about $4000 extra to have the implants removed! :(

So where I am today it that I am almost 100% positive that I want an explant. I am 27, and havent even had children yet...i know pregnancy can be hard on the breasts and i do want to be able breastfeed. With all the types of pushup bras out there, i dont care about having small boobs again, at least ill have "normal" breasts and ill be able to wear my clothes again!

I found this website by accident and it is amazing so far! All of the patient stories and pictures have made me feel better and better about my situation and decision! I know for the first few days, explant might be a shock and scary, but i need to follow what my head is telling me to do and i need to not let my vanity and low self esteem get in the way.

I will be posting pictures soon so id highly appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or words of encouragement! THANK yall so much! :)

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Wow after posting my "now" pictures, I can't...

Wow after posting my "now" pictures, I can't believe how even more horrible my breasts are than i thought when i looked in the mirror! I can't wait to get these huge things out! But seeing my pics makes me even more scared about my end right side is so low compared to the left...will my natural breast look even like they did before implants!? I don't think I've seen anyone yet with such uneven implants as mine :(


I just removed 12 year old saline implants that developed late L side CC at 7 years. I do not regret my explant at all! I do regret having these implants during pregnancy and breast feeding. There are a few of us here who are moms and started developing CC after getting mastitis while breast feeding with implants in. Since you are planning on being a mom and breast feeding get them out now is my advise! It will save you a lot of pain, stretching, and tissue damage during that future time.
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It sounds like you've had so many problems already and aren't even able to "enjoy" the implants. I've had implants for many years and let fear keep from removing them until now. The support on this website has been amazing and I'm now scheduled for a consultation on April 12th. I wish you good luck and good health. :-)
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yes you are so correct! ive been "hiding" them anyway i could for the past 2 years...and fear also has kept me from making a decision! no matter how much research i did on CC....nothing has compared to how amazing this website is! everyone's pictures and stories have given me the courage to finally take them out!!! i havent scheduled yet but am so excited to set a date! be confident in what you want for your consultation! my PS is awesome but he did suggest i try again with implants, but in all honesty they arent the ones that have to keep paying the medical bills and have to deal with the mental stress and frustration on a daily basis!!! good luck hun and keep us updated! :)

Talked to the someone from the PS office today,...

Talked to the someone from the PS office today, doc is planning to "clean up" all the excess scar tissue on left breast and will just leave right, normal breast alone besides explant. Question to all you ladies: with my two past surgeries the doctor just went through my old peri areola scar....what gets better results with removal?...To go through the same old scar or to make a new incision under the breast to remove implants? I don't want my nipples to cave in! :(


Hi bd115! I am small, too (not quite as petite as you!) and I had 350cc salines for over 12 years and always felt so much larger than I wanted to be. You are not the only girl to be surprised by how your boobs looked in photos! Mine had moved sideways and I couldn't even see it in the mirror! They seem to have evened out pretty well over time! :) You are young and have only had your implants a short time, so I would think you would have a great chance at bouncing back! I think you are smart to opt for removal- I can imagine that with the issues you have had those implants haven't given you much joy. :/ Two surgeries in just two years, plus the need for at least one more- that's a lot of wear and tear on your boobies! You are too young to be dealing with all this bs- you should be out feeling carefree and having the time of your life! Regarding removal via periareolar scar, did you ask your PS which steps he was going to take to ensure your scars heal well? I think some PSs cut out some of the old scar before resewing, which is supposed to help the new scar heal better. I have seen lots of women here do fine with this incision, but others have had issues. You should take some time to check out all the photos! Do you have a date for removal in mind?
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Yes I am def physically and mentally tired of dealing with these big boobies! For a while I was blinded bc all my friends said they were too big for my body and I never thought that until recently! I have looked at tons of pics of the pros and cons with the incisions peri areolar as well as under the breast! Your explanted natural boobies look greatttt by the way!!! But I'm worried that if my doc cuts under my breast, the scar would be way too obivious and could "buckle" natural boobs didn't have great volume like yours do at my bottom. My PS is booked until may and I can't schedule until next week! I'm so anxious and ready! And I'm also nervousness bc I have to be able to have off work! Any recommendations on how long I should take off? I have a high pain tolerance and handled the other surgeries very well. Currently I am a nurse at a walk in clinic so I move around a lot but don't really do any heavy lifting
I had mine removed via the old incision site which was periareolar. I had Capsulectomies with the left one being pretty extensive. My nipples are somewhat "caved in" but i think its from long term implants & capsulectomies Did you ask your ps? If so, what did he tell you?
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I'm so so excited!!! I called my PS today to...

I'm so so excited!!! I called my PS today to schedule my surgery for May and he ended up having openings in April!!! So my implant removal is April 8!!! He is doing some capsule removal on my contracted side along with implant removal, but the right should be simple with just him taking the implant out...he never mentioned drains, so the nurse said he probably won't put any. I still go for my preop soon, so he might mention more then! Thankfully the ladies at work switched days with me and I have 3 days off to recover...the nurse said if everything goes well that I'd recover quite quickly!

I need some advice from you ladies about personal experience...I know all doctors say different recovery tips, but I esp trust all y'all who have been through it!...I know I will need to wear a sports bra...but how long do I need to use Ace wrap to compress? And with sports bra on at same time? Did ice help or recommended? Should I massage incisions to prevent/reduce scar problems? (they told me to do that with other surgeries)


Hi ! I had breast explant 3 1/2 weeks ago. I had cc on both sides so ps cut the scar tissue out and sowed internally. I also had drains in for 4 days. I was wrapped in ace bandage for 3 weeks! Ahhhh that was the worst part. I took pain mess for 3 days at the most. I work as an aesthetician hair removal so I'm moving and using my arms all day and took 2 weeks off. It was the perfect amount of time. I would say if you don't lift heavy object at work to take off one week to be safe, especially if you have drains. The draines are a nuisance but well worth it to prevent hematoma and internal swelling. The pocket wants to seal back and if there's nothing to seal it up with it collects fluid. The last thing you want is a giant needle stuck in your boob to remove fluid so go for the drains if your ps recommends. I haven't massaged my scar at all yet. Probably in a few weeks I will start that and using anti scar creams. I felt comfortable wearing a tight sports bra at 2-3 weeks post op and put gauze on the incisions to keep them clean and not pinch. Having the drains removed was not bad at all and didn't hurt. It's a roller coaster ride the first 2 weeks but so worth it at least for me. My breast change for the better everyday and I'm very happy with the results. I'm going to start trying bras on in the next few weeks, very exciting! Let me know if you need anymore info and good luck to you!
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Congrats on your explant! Ace wraps for 3 weeks!? That must have been uncomfortable! I don't blame you for taking off 2 weeks, I'm sure at work you use your arms ALOT! I'm a nurse at a walk in clinic so I don't really do any lifting...and what arm work I might do, it's not too much, mainly giving shots, triaging patients, doing swabs, etc...I think things I could manage with. My PS nurse said I should be ok with 3 days off but I took off 4 just in case. I'm hoping I don't have drains...but whatever will work better with less complications and better reaults ill take! Lol! Any specific brand and type of sports bras you recommend? I've seen lots of online medical sports bras for compression. I've heard some people say molding and lifting is the key after surgery so they wore an underwire sports bra but I've heard others say no underwire for a few weeks? I'm so glad you are happy! I can't wait to see your new boobie pix! Haha!
I had my surgery last wednesday and returned to work monday morning. Not sleeping through the night and looking forward to that. Perhaps tonight without the drains and stiches will make it more comfy.
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6 days away from explant!...sooo excited but also...

6 days away from explant!...sooo excited but also very nervous! my implants are bothering me more and more everyday...esp my right side, which is the side bottoming out! It feels so heavy and throbs!


Not long now - excited for you!!! You'll be so relieved to be all you again! Wishing you a wonderful experience :) x
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Thank you veryyy much! :)
Congrats on moving forward! I think everyone hears something different, but the general idea of 2-3 weeks in compression (jog bra w/zip in front w/additional Ace wrap) to prevent a seroma (fluid collection) & assist w/chest wall healing. I think it also provides additional support while skin retracts/heals. If the PS does remove the scar tissue/capsule, you are at higher risk for seroma & a drain may offset that. I left it up to my doc whether it would be needed (didn't in my case). Increasing rest & limiting movement will decrease swelling, no ice wouldn't be necessary. You want your incisions to heal properly & massage to early may pull at edges or contaminate, so you should probably wait until healed well (closer to 2 week mark). It seems there are more issues w/retraction of the areola when the implant is also removed from that incision site. Some ladies have had new incisions made under the breast which looks like a good option. Hope that helps!
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Surgery preop appt was today! Ps told me theres a...

Surgery preop appt was today! Ps told me theres a 50% chance hell put a drain in the contracted breast to help with fluid collection after...he said the other breast should be a breeze! He is going through my old surgical scars to remove the implants. Wow, now the excitement has subsided a little, and now i am sooo nervous and anxious....i guess it just the nurse in me worrying about all the possible complications!!! My stomach is in knots, queezy, and my BP was high at the doctor! :(


Another nurse on this website-interesting so many of us w/implants! Hoping you are drinking lots of fluids to help offset dehydration/nausea-definitely helps w/the recovery. How did it go?
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I wonder if most of us wish we hadnt gotten implants? I have my surgery monday, but dont worry- lol- ive already planned on drinking lots of fluids!
Hey! Good luck with your surgery!
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Well, surgery day tomorrow! Ive been very anxious...

well, surgery day tomorrow! Ive been very anxious the past few days replaying what the doctor and I discussed and wondering if its the best decision: i am DEFINITE about the explant, but i am worried about the "after" breasts...nipple caving in, lack of breast tissue, capsule removal. I just need to remember that my PS has done manyyy of these and that i need to calm down and follow his guidance. I am not too nervous about the actual surgery, or pain, but more about how ill look. Thank God for this website and all you ladies! Yours words of inspiration, guidance, and good luck have helped me in many more ways then one! While I am still scared/nervous with surgery, now i know more of what to expect and that i have a great support system that i can turn to!


Thinking about you and hoping your surgery went well today. Can't wait to hear how things went & how you are doing.
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Good luck to you!
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Sending positive healing thoughts to you on your surgery day. Post when you are feeling up to it.
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Well 1st post op update: I'm happy it is done and...

Well 1st post op update: I'm happy it is done and over! I must say though that on my left side I'm in much more pain than expected... PS said I would be sore on my contracted side bc he had to clean it up a lot! I am super swollen and ended up with drain on that side as well....luckily I am right handed and that side feels almost normal. It so hard trying to make myself be "helpless"... The nurse told me to treat my arms like they were tied in front so i wouldn't use them....I'm babying my left side but been using my right some to get around. Thank God I actually filled my pain med to take! My back is so sore from laying down and my shoulder blade on left side is crampy! But overall I'm still soooo happy I did it! I wanted to take a check/ peep today but nurse said to leave it until doc appt Thursday. I'm hoping my swelling will go down even more because tomorrow I can switch to ibuprofen! Lastly I want to say thank you again to each and every one of you ladies for all the support!!!


Yes the taking it easy is the hard part but in a couple of weeks this is going to seem like a distant memory. Stay wrapped and relaxed and drink lots and lots of water. We look forward to seeing your end results. Soft warm healing hugs headed your way.
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I can't believe it's already done! Yes I am still all compressed....Tom will be the big unveiling! I've def been keeping a water bottle at my side! :)
Glad to see your update and that you are at last 'on the other side' Hope you feel better soon. Keep posting these updates!! Huggzz xx
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First post op visit today! So today was my big...

First post op visit today! So today was my big reveal...and I must say its amazing how quickly the body heals! My breasts look almost identical to how they were before implants! They are slightly fuller and a little saggier but I'm sure that's from swelling and fluid. I'm so happy they pulled my drain!!! I was worried bc even though the amount was decreasing daily, it was still putting out 20-40 cc serosanguinous per day...but doc said he was pleased with results! :) The pulling of the drain was painful, but not nearly as bad as I had was like a burning sensation and I could feel it under my skin as she would pull, almost like a worm crawling! I guess I made myself more nervous about it than I needed to be...all I could think about were the poor men I made cry in the hospital when I'd remove their abdominal JP drains! (But us women are a lot tougher, right!? Lol)
The only result that makes me nervous are my nipples. My right side looks ok, but my left kind of "dents" in on bottom. I'm thinking this is because of the tape over the incision to keep nipples even and level. I told my PS right before surgery that I was worried about my nipples caving in and he said that he'd be highly surprised and angry if that happened to me...he said I should bounce right back after healing and time....hearing him say this def made me feel a lot better! Well at least there are minor surgeries I've heard they can do locally to fix scar tissue problems, etc.
I am going back to work tomorrow 3-9 so only half a day... I am so tired of watching tv and lying around! PS said no restrictions as long as I listen to my body! He said I do need to use my left side so my muscle doesn't stick, freeze up. I'm going to the store later to buy a good molded cup, sports bra to wear....and I def need to get me a scrub top that buttons down the center...I'm thinking for the time being that'd be a lot easier than squirming into the snug one I have now....I think I'm still a little too fresh/sore for that! I'll be posting a pix later! :)


Hello sweet boobie buddy! I can't believe I am on the other side now, too! Yayyy! I'm so happy that your big reveal went so wonderfully and they pulled your drains!! Must feel awesome!! My nipples are also the only thing making me nervous but my doctor reassured me just as yours did. I go back tomorrow for the first look then again on Monday, probably to have the drain pulled. We will see! So, so happy for you!!! ((((HUGS))))
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Hey hunny!!! How did it go? And how you feeling?! I'm so happy for you!!! Where did your PS cut you? And where is your drain!? You worried about your nipples too? When you see yourself tomorrow just remember, healing takes time and it will only get better and better! ((Hugs!))
Hi love!!!! It went well!!! I'm feeling pretty good. Not much pain. Just a little achiness on my left cc side. But I slept pretty well, thankfully. She went through the nipple. Same scar as the BA. I am a little worried about my nipples puckering just for that reason but not too much. My doc doesn't seem too concerned so that's reassuring. Thank you for the reminder!! Reading about and seeing yours and all the other ladies experiences and after pictures is a great reminder of how quickly the body heals and things change in a matter of days and not to judge my own results too quickly or harshly. On my way to the doc now. I will update my profile in a couple hours with pics and all!! ((HUGS!))

Hey ladies! Sorry I haven't posted much recently,...

Hey ladies! Sorry I haven't posted much recently, been busy getting back to work! I just uploaded some 1 week post op pics! I am pleased with my right side, healing nicely and no pain! My left (contracted) side is still sore and feels "full." The breast looks misshapen and lumpy, ESP the muscle above breast...nipple is pronounced and pointing downward...I am thinking this is from fluid/swelling and the tape pulling it down. However at 1week post op I am pleased with results so far and can't wait to see more changes, slowly but surely! My doctor said I would wear any wireless sports bra with molded cups...I had bought an UnderArmour compression sports bra with molded cups but my breasts wouldn't even fill the cups so I felt it was pointless! And it was uncomfortable! Luckily I found some comfy bras from Dillard's today by Jasmine and Ginger...they look like a cross btw sports bra and normal underwire, no padding, just has slightly molded cups! I feel like it'll be perfect to lift my right breast but also will allow my left to "drop." They also fit perfect! (i usually have a hard time finding bras that actually fit snug enough in the band!) I found out that right now i am a 30C...however this will probably change as i heal! The bras are fairly cheap at $26 too! So if anyone is interested id be glad to post a pic!


Looking good!! Great pics :) Huggzz
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Doesn't it feel awesome not to have all that hardness up on your chest?! :-D xx
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yes it feels so good!!!

Post Op Day #10! I went to the PS today for a...

Post Op Day #10! I went to the PS today for a checkup. I thought I was having my sutures removed but they ended up just trimming the "pieces sticking out" bc they actually are dissolvable. PS said that I am healing fine... I am still concerned with the left breast nipple...but the doctor had no concerns and said hell see me again in 1 month. I need to not worry bc i am still too fresh post op to make any judgments about breasts. My PS said that he cut out the old scar tissue (incision) so this new incision should heal nicely. He also said that I can start using Merderma and massaging the incision line daily. After my other surgeries I would press down and massage in a circular motion but I'm not sure if I should maybe try a more vigorous, different technique in this case? I've read that some women actually kind of "pinch" the scar btw their fingers to "break" up or loosen the hard areas. But other than that I am doing quite well! My soreness gets less by the day and I almost have full range of motion on my left side (arm) without feeling a tightness or pulling in my chest! :)


Hey what lovely shaped breasts you have. I am sure, like what your PS says- with massage the nipple will correct itself. Dont massage too heavily yet--you are only 10 days and pinching the scar between your fingers i would say will def be too vigorous --leave that for another week at least. There is very little puckering at this stage--therefore i am so sure your nipple will correct itself xx take care
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Thank you so much! Yes right now I am only rubbing back and forth lightly on the scar.... I don't think I'll do the more vigorous massage until maybe 3-4 weeks post op! Have a great day! :)
You must be thrilled!!
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Post Op Day #16 (I'll upload pics tn): right...

Post Op Day #16 (I'll upload pics tn): right breast is doing awesome! Less sagg and "fluffing" up nicely....seems to get a little fuller everyday, which is good but makes left breast look even smaller! As for left breast, still odd shaped, no volume on top, and nipple "pronounced" and puckering in at suture line...bruising is more visible but pain is almost no more. I guess the left breast tissue is still "sqwoosed" and flat from such bad CC! I have started putting Mederma on scars. I lightly massage incision lines but am waiting until farther post op to try a more vigorous massage. I am concerned with the flatness of the left breast...does anyone know of any ways to help the "fluffing" process? Should I massage whole breast? Also, does anyone know of any ways to encourage the puckered incision to "release and come out?" I have heard one blogger talk about a breast pump?


Hey bd!! Just wanted to say hi and see how you're doing! How's your puckering coming along? xx
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Wow, congratulations, I wish you continued success in your healing process!
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Thank u!!! :)

Post Op day # 36: hey ladies! sorry i haven't...

Post Op day # 36: hey ladies! sorry i haven't updated/posted/commented much...been busy with work and family. I am doing great and still very happy with results so far! my right (non contracted side) is still sore/numb under the breast, but seems to be less must be tightening up; my left (contracted side) is not as full as right, and is lumpy and flatter on top of breast...suture line still looks tethered/puckered and nipple is still full/pronounced....before, with the contracture, the nipple was larger than right, so im hoping as my skin tightens, this will go down. if i pull my skin above left breast up, the nipple is level and looks almost like the right breast.


Did ur dent ever resolve itself?
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Please tell me who you went to as I live here to and need an explant also. How are you coming along?
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hey hun! sorry I haven't posted or anything in a few, been busy with work! still puckering, I don't see many differences or much improvement, but im not too worried bc still been a little over a month post op! How are you!?!?
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