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Im a 29 yr old mother of 3 girls that is feed up...

Im a 29 yr old mother of 3 girls that is feed up with watching my girls blossom more than me. I have been thinking bout getting BA since I was 18. I have always fluctuated in bra size since I had my first child. Im currently a 32A and tired of it. Im very blessed in the rear but not at the top. I came across this site in hopes I can recieve some guidance. I dont know where to start I made 2 consultations with doctors in lafayette, la but I really dont know what I want: Saline or silicone, incision site, size, or placement? So plz can anyone start me off on my journey.

I'm starting to get a little confused on what I...

I'm starting to get a little confused on what I want when I get my BA. I've been reading reviews on the good and bad of BA. I've seen pics of BA with nipples going in different directions and breast larger than the other. I know that the size can't be perfect but which implant would get me closer to the perfection. I truly think I want I want saline implants bc it's seems safer. I don't want to go to big bc I'm terrified of rippling, capsular, etc. Can someone plz help to calm my nerves bc I'm getting terrified before my consultations in three days.

Hey everyone I went to my first consultation last...

Hey everyone I went to my first consultation last week and I must say I was very disappointed in the dr. The facility itself was very nice and felt real comfortable. The staff were polite and informative it was actually a family run business. The consultation nurse which was the doctor's daughter answered all my questions and made me comfortable. The dr has a lot of experience in his field and knew exactly what I was looking for but it was so quick. In and out he went which felt so rushed so I doubt that I select him as my PS. I'm still on the look out for that one that stands out. Need help I'm becoming very discouraged in my search.
Dr. John Williams

This dr wasn't very informative and didn't spend much time trying to inform me of his confidence in his own skills. He knows what he's doing and the environment was welcoming but he wasn't the one to stand out.

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