my girls are here!

Hey everyone, i am 5'0 and about 100 pounds, very...

hey everyone, i am 5'0 and about 100 pounds, very petite. i have two amazing children who are my whole world! only thing is my body is def not the same after having two kids.
my youngest is 14 months old and my boobs got huge after having her and breast feeding, after i stopped my boobs deflated. they are smaller then they were before having kids and just plain unattractive.
i dont want bigger boobs so that i can look like a model type (which wouldnt be horrible or anything) but more just for me to feel good about my body again.
i have already scheduled, and now its just the waiting game.
im not too nervous yet but i still have plenty of time for those nerves to kick in, which i am pretty positive they will!
i will post pictures of my boobs now, which is completely humiliating because i just feel so unattractive.
im a small, small A cup right now.
my goal is somewhere in the C cup range.

Time to get in shape for summer!!!

I am starting my workout regimen today to try and get my stomach to wear i want it to be. putting on my workout clothes only makes it more apparent of how bad i need, not need but want bigger boobs.
only two more months.. only two more months!!

For all of you ladies who's had a BA...

I know my BA isn't for another two months but I always prepare for everything early, so what is a list of things that I will need to bring with me to have the surgery and what are some things that i should have for afterwards?
Thanks in advance!! :)

had my pre-op today!

today was just one step closer to the surgery date and the nerves are pretty much setting in but so is the excitement!
i thought after the pre op i was be more excited but now i think i am more nervous. i decided on 275 cc. and now im wondering should i go with 300 cc or 350 cc? i am 5'0 and weighed in today at 105 which is actually heavy for me lol ( ive been trying to gain weight).

i want the after look to look somewhat natural but then again i want them to be noticeably full and nice. since im so small im worried about going too big but i def dont want to pay all this money and not get the results that i want.


wish pics

12 days until surgery date!!!

omg, the date is getting closer and closer and to think ive been wanting this since i was literally in middle school! but after having 2 kids now its more the fact that i need them, rather then want.

i called my doctor today...

i decided to go bigger then i had originally planned because after looking at pictures i wont get my desired look going with only 275 cc. i was so worried because i'm so small i didn't want to look un-proportionate but ive decided on 300 or 340 my doctor will ultimately decide during surgery which looks best!

i need help!!!!

my surgery is coming up quick and now my nerves have gotten the best of me! i literally cannot sleep!
i keep stressing about the surgery, the recovery, the implant bursting, anything and everything..
i made the mistake of mentioning it to my grandmother and she went on and on about everything that could go wrong and that i shouldnt get the silicon implant because its dangerous. and i know that its not ideal if it burst but the odds are that it wont... but it does help because i already have anxiety and now i literally cannot think about anything else and want to call off the surgery!

what are some tips anyone has? what implant did you get?

awesome pillow!

i just got this pillow for after surgery to keep me propped up as needed.
it also keeps you from rolling over onto your sides which is restricted after surgery.
i need more to add to my list! its getting too close!!! ahhhh

well its go time!!!

nervous doesnt even begin to cut it!!
surgery at 6:30, wish me luck!

surgery went well!

thank goodness the hard part is behind me.
i was so sore yesterday that getting on my computer and typing was impossible!
it hurt to breath in too much or deep and getting up and down so painful!
today is a tad better although its no where near pain free even with the medicine!

i had my post op appointment today and everything look good, i barely bleed at all which is great. they are still sitting high and swollen so i cannot wait to see what they look like in a couple weeks. i will post pictures went i am feeling a little better, maybe tomorrow!

in major pain

i was starting to feel better today and just recently tonight i started to feel really unpleasant. they feel so hard and my pain medicine isnt helping!

someone please tell me if this is normal or if it is capsular contrator thing?

day 2 going a little bit smoother

my boobs still feel hard as rocks and swollen which is def not comfortable but as for pain its getting better!
i am taking my pain medicine every 4 hours on the dot tho lol. it makes me very sleepy but that is a good thing because it is making the time go by faster.
my post op appointment went well, i didnt bleed at all on my bandages.
i will be posting pictures later when i take my first shower!

my swollen boobies

my boobs feel hard as rocks

i had a ba on the 7th of july, just a few days ago. well yesterday my boobs got really swollen and feel like they are huge rocks sitting on my chest, its hard to breath and so uncomfortable.
anyone with a ba had thing problem? if so how long should i expect to feel this discomfort?

my rocks

very painful, they feel so hard and are sitting so high it is hard to catch my breath or breath in too deep. one looks as if it is sitting higher then the other. when should i expect this pain and swelling to go away? and when do they drop?

today was much better!

i had a really good nights sleep last night, i woke up in much less pain. i was able to actually walk around today and not be in so much pain. i stayed up majority of the day today and only took an hour nap which was a big change from every other day since my surgery!
now i just have to wait for this swelling to go down and my babies to drop!

Feeling so much better! now waiting for my babies to drop :)

Having a little fun

Before and After!

Feeling Down

I'm really worried about the size difference in my new boobs. i called my ps and the nurse assured me that it is normal for one boob to drop faster then the other but idk. I'm worried that it wont be corrected with time and i def don't want to go through a corrective surgery, which i know wouldn't be for months and months but it still worries me. i love my new girls but i don't want to look weird! :(

Still sitting high but trying to be patient!

Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

Dr Delatte was a awesome surgeon, however he did not spend any extra time then he had to. he was in and out during the consultation and also the follow-up appointment and before surgery. His staff was definitely what sold me, they were all very kind and answered any and every question and tried to make me feel as comfortable as they could.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! Love how high they are now, and when they drop your babies will look amazing!! It's very normal to have a hard time breathing and for the breasts to feel hard. Mine did too. Now at 5 weeks they have gotten so much softer! Hang in there and be patient it will happen to you too. BTW that red bra is so sexy!!! What profile did you end up getting?
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Your results look very pretty and natural :) I think over the healing process you will even out, mine were rock hard and really high for a good 4 weeks. They have only recently become softer and seem to have dropped to where the may stay but I also know they will keep changing as the muscle gets used to being stretching out. In due time I am sure!
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They look great in that red bra! Doesn't it feel amazing to fill out lingerie so well!
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yes! that is exactly what i was telling my sister yesterday, that ive never filled out bras so good lol. but my right is so much bigger then my left still! i was looking at your pictures and saw you had the same problem just i dont think yours is as much of a difference like mine is!
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Yea, my right is more tight and riding a bit higher then my left. I think over's tend to drop quicker than under's so that's probably why mine aren't as high. I'm not sure though. Either way, yours are looking great!
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yea maybe... well thanks girl! did you tell your parents yet?
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Nope..They've got a Colorado trip next week and I don't want them bummed out before they go lol
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lol, well sounds like your stalling... which is ok lol they will probably be able to tell when they see you tho! you'll be fine! good luck for when you do tell them!
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They look great so far!!
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It's waaaay too early to judge the outcome because it will take months for the swelling to go down and for the implants to "drop" slightly. Yes, at this stage they are "riding high" and the right one is slightly higher than the left, but a great deal of that must be swelling and when they do "drop" (not sure when that is, I'll have to research that a bit more) they could turn out just perfect. At this stage I think the only worries are that they won't drop far enough. When they drop though, that should fix the symmetry issue as well because your breasts should slope gradually outward from the top rather than the "top cleavage" that you have right now which draws attention to things. I really hope it all works out for you! Either way, don't bother stressing about it unless you don't like how things look at the 2 month mark. By then you should know if they'll eventually (6 months out) look like you want them to.
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I'm having exactly the same discomfort however now my incisions have started hurting too- impossible to sleep! I got mine done on the 8th so we're similar stages!
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really? i sleep on and off with my pain medicine. they are just really swollen and hard and sitting so high feels like i cant catch my breath!
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Yeah my pain medication doesn't make me drowsy- I really wish it did though! How are you feeling today?
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i am feeling soooo much better today!!! i havent been in much pain at all today and havent had to take my pain medicine! how are you feeling?
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Whoop whoop! Yeah, I was off mine a day early too. I still have the tightness but they're starting to feel slightly more me now. I actually washed my own hair yesterday (naughty cause I'm not allowed until 2 weeks post) but it feels so much better now! When do you get back to real life?
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i havent washed my own hair now because i dont wanna push it lol but i have been sleeping all night. i took a shower by myself last night but i didnt wash my hair lol. well real life for me is taking care of two kids and i cant lift on my 1 year old idk how long so idk? i cant wait tho because i miss holding her! my mom has been staying with me since shes off of work. im also getting out the house today, im going to the store for the first time since the surgery!
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I started out thinking I wanted 325cc's and ended up going with 400cc's! My pre op was yesterday as well and I tried on both 350 and 400 and just loved out curvy I looked with the 400cc. If you like the look of 275cc then go for it! The images you posted do look like they would be a bigger size than that though. I'm no boob expert, just a guess haha. From what I've read, the biggest regret a woman has after this procedure is not going bigger. Has your doc recommend another size? Try not to stress about it. Either way, your going bigger than you are now and thats what matters :) You're going to look amazing, especially since you're in such good shape!
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i guess my fear is going both ways now, going too big and too small! lol my doctor recommended 300 or 340 cc with my shape and from what i want. so when i go in i will take pictures with me of my desired look so that he knows what im going for and makes it happen! lol because they go into surgery with more then one size so it should be ok. i hope they come out big enough!! i have one friend whos like omg dont go too big and another friend who came with me to the pre op and was saying go bigger! lol so i went with bigger! i cant believe the size diff in your boobs with your bc! that has never happened to me! i just look all my boobs after i had kids :( & thanks you look amazing as well! i would do anything to have my before kids stomach back!! btw: im so excited i found someone who has the same date as me!!! :)
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I was the same. I know 400cc is big, but that is what I wanted. I let my fear of what others would think get the better of me. I got a bit of negative feedback from my friends and I haven't told my parents because they wouldn't be ok with it. I decided that it's MY body and this is for ME (my hubby is definitely on board as well haha) So I'm going with that size because its what I want. If you want bigger, then go bigger! Don't let others define what YOU want. Unless it's your doctor...definitely listen to that guy..haha Anyway, I'm sure you'll be happy with your decision in the end! Btw, I love your profile pic! hahaha And yea, its crazy what the birth control did! In the before pic I was at 97 pounds and now I'm around 105 so I did gain some weight which may have gone to the boobs, but the bc helped a lot! I woke up more confident because of it so I can't imagine how I'll feel after I get the size I want :) I'm so excited! If you need to chat you can pm me! :)
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Taking to surgery..... I wore stretchy pull up pants and a thin hoodie with flip flops. I took a pillow, small towel and trash can. My daughter took a pad and pen in case she needed to write anything down. After surgery for me the things I used the most were chap stick, baby wipes, lotion, back scratcher. Please think about visiting the June/July surgeries forum. There are a lot of women who would love to share this journey with you.
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thank you!
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Ginger Ale, ice packs, comfy clothes, a good caretaker, pillows, positive attitude, and smile.
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To my surgery I brought: Pillow Trash bag (thankfully didn't get sick) Water Dr. Pepper (sipped on and got the weird taste -anesthesia- out of my mouth) Something I learned was to get the toilet paper off the roll BEFORE you sit. I couldn't reach across my boobs.
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thanks:) i will remember that!!
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