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I got my invisalign 8 weeks ago and it's...

I got my invisalign 8 weeks ago and it's probably the best investment yet. I am on tray 4 of 26 for top and 26 for bottom. I have somewhat straight teeth, but I pretty noticeable overbite. My Ortho (not dentist) said that I had to wear them for 15 months and change them out every two and a half weeks.

They were a little hard at first but after about two or three times of practicing it, it gets a lot easier. People say that they put them in before they go to bed so they don't feel the pressure, I on the other hand do it that morning cause I like to feel the difference. Cause after a few days of each tray you feel like they are loose and not really working, (but they are).

On my fourth tray I had to go get buttons put on 13 of my teeth. 8 on top and 5 on bottom. They are really not that bad or noticeable. When you take your Aligners off, now that's another story. They are rough and irritate your gums while you are eating. But I tell you what, you are that much quicker to floss, brush and get them suckers back on so you don't have to feel those "bumps" anymore. I notices that the Aligners are easier to take off when you have not had anything cold in your mouth, makes them more flexible it seems. It is definitely much harder to get the Aligners out when you have attachments on your teeth. I believe that is why my Ortho decided to give me 8 weeks practice of taking them off and on without the "bumps"

For those of you who have very dry mouth with these in, it could be your toothpaste. I did some research and they said that its good to use Biotene for your toothpaste. I went and bought it ($8 a tube) but well worth it. It leaves no residue on your Aligners so therefor you do not get dry mouth. I also did research on what mouth wash to use and it said to use Crest Pro-Health because it does not have a bunch of different chemicals in it.

My overall experience has been pretty awesome. I have soreness with each new tray but it's way better than wearing braces at age 29. So I will not complain and take whatever comes my way. I am just blessed that I have the money to get the perfect smile that I have always wanted. I will post before and after pictures here soon.

Good luck to you and your journey for the perfect smile.


Hi Happy,

Welcome to the Invisalign community! 4 of 26 thus far is not too bad. At least you can see an end in sight. Your research about the toothpaste for dry mouth and mouth wash is great info for the community, so many people ask about that. What prompted you to get Invisalign at this stage in your life? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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So I just bought a new tool to help take out my...

So I just bought a new tool to help take out my Aligners and I must say I am pleased with them. They are called outties. You can just google invisalign tools and those pop up. They are cheap, like $7 for 3. Not too bad at all. It def helps to have them the first few days of each new tray instead of breaking your
Fingernails. Good luck.


I just ordered the outie thanks! I called my ortho today because I was having such a hard time getting mine out after getting 11 attachments and they had no advice, so if this works I'll be sure to let them know. Thanks again!
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Thank you Britt. What prompted me to get them was seeing my sisters beautiful smile and she has never had to have braces. I have no crooked teeth, just an overbite that I notice and not a lot of other people do. I am being patient. I don't think that 15 months is a lot of time at all :). My daughter has to have her braces on for 2-3 years, so I can't be the one to complain. About the toothpaste and the mouthwash, it works wonders. I never have dry mouth or cotton mouth. Like I said, the toothpaste is quite expensive being $8 compared to regular toothpaste that is $3, but it does the job. :) I will be posting pictures when I figure out how. :)

Hi Happy, 

I agree 15 months isn't that long, which is awesome. If you need help posting pictures that is no problem, if you just want to PM them to me I can post them for you.



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The whole office is very friendly and they make you feel like you are family. You see the Dr everytime you go in, not just the people that work there. I am very satisfied and would recommend anyone and everyone to check this place out if you live in the Houston area.

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