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So I am 25 years old. 5'1 106 lbs and by VS...

So I am 25 years old. 5'1 106 lbs and by VS measurements I am a 30AA. I have 2 kids ages 6 and 8. I have been wanting a BA for years! Back in 07 I believe it was, my sister had a BA saline in Florida for $4000.

I was there for her and helped her out so I know what to expect. Ever since then I knew I wanted to get mine done for sure but financially I was never ready. After 3 years of research I couldn't go with anyone else but Dr.Pousti! He is double board certified and he has more pictures on his website then anyone else and so many great reviews. Helps that he also gives military discount!

I booked a consultation as soon as my husband gave me the ok. I went to the consultation with a very good friend who walked in there for pure support not at all the intention of getting hers done. We had so much fun because the atmosphere was awesome, the staff was amazing, all questions were answered, I was loaded with information, and references of actual patients and we even got to see patients as recent as 3 days post op share their experiences with us as well as the staff! We briefly saw dr Pousti because he just got back from surgery that morning. He walked in and I knew he was an artist! He quickly made me feel comfortable said this surgery would be beautiful. Asked me why I was set on saline but suggested silicone and gave me two quotes saying I could change my mind from silicone to saline the day of operation if I wanted to.

He thanked me and told me to thank my husband for his service and went to visit other patients. My friend and I walked out of there and at the front desk she books a consultation. What????? Then I booked my surgery to my birthday march 14th. They couldnt believe it. So we go to her consultation and have just as much fun! We love the work environment! She doesn't book her day but I'm her ginnea pig to see if she's absolutely sure she wants to do this!

After her consultation I tell them at the front desk that I was excited but I have anxiety and time is just dragging. They tell me I can reschedule to that week and then have surgery next week if I wanted to! I said seriously? Lets do it! Now my surgery is valentines day! Not much time left! I have gone back and forth to the office trying to figure out how many ccs. I wanted saline at first but trust the dr in thinking silicone would be best! I wanted a full C/small D but everyone says I will regret not going bigger! If I'm spending the money on these bad boys I better go big or go home! So I definitely want a D not a DD cuz that wouldn't be proportionate to my height and weight! I am making my boobie board today of my likes and dislikes. I am excited but I am nervous and scared and I just wish I could push a button to inflate my boobs to my liking! 5 more days!!!!!

Just 2 more days! I'm nervous! Anxiety kicked into...

Just 2 more days! I'm nervous! Anxiety kicked into full gear! Going to tell dr that I want 350/390 range. Excited but more scared then anything. Might update tomorrow! $6000...350/390 better be worth it or I will be so mad at myself!

So I woke up an hour early! Going to pay bills and...

So I woke up an hour early! Going to pay bills and get my kids up and off to school. I'm surprisingly more calm today then I have been this whole week! Lets do this! I'm ready for boobs!

So I'm taking meds around the clock waking up to...

So I'm taking meds around the clock waking up to every alarm but find it a little hard to breathe when Im asleep and the Valium is worn off. Percocet I feel does nothing for me. They hurt! Valium is the only thing that works but only for 4-6 hours and I can only take it every 8 hours! I was told a liquid diet but I had fries crackers and an orange around dinner time and around the time to take the meds. Not feeling nauseous! So I haven't taken that prescription at all. Possibly because I am able to eat. It's midnight now so it's officially day 2. Pain is tolerable only because I know it doesn't last long. I am excited for my postop on Tuesday! I know I am going to be bruised cuz I bruise easily but I am confident that I will be pleased with my results! I can't say enough how pleased I am with how well I was treated by Dr. Pousti and his team! I will be baking some cookies for them! My friends have been a lot of help and my dad has too! I can't wait to take a bath when the dr gives me the okay and I can't wait to see what these babies look like! The Valium is starting to kick in. Maybe I can get some sleep now. Have a great day 2 boobie buddy from Tennessee! It was a great Valentines Day!

So it's night time day 2 and I had excessive...

So it's night time day 2 and I had excessive itching only where the surgical bra was. Called the dr and he said to put a sports bra or tank top under the surgical bra. So I did both! Taking off the bra hurt and looking at my size made me sad. If they are supposedly swollen that means they will be smaller then what I wanted! In guessing a B instead of the full C small D I was wanting! Maybe I'm just over thinking! Maybe by some miracle it will be worth it!

Actually bought a danskin sports bra size medium...

Actually bought a danskin sports bra size medium and a medium tank top and changed out of my DDD friends tank and sports bra and I am in love with the size. I realize that under drugs my judgement is different and wearing baggy clothes doesn't do them justice! I know the swelling will make them smaller but I'm confident I'm at least a C! Pics posting!

End of Day 3! I slept a lot today! Last medicine I...

End of Day 3! I slept a lot today! Last medicine I took was 2 alieve at 115pm. It's been a breeze ever since. Just want to wash my hair, do my make up, dress up pretty and get back to normal! The worst is over right? I'm so glad I did this! Discomfort was the only thing that bothered me and the fact my Siberian husky jumped up and hit my right boob...OUCH! I hope I am ok! Day 3 is definitely a day to look forward to! The only thing is it leave me wanting more! I want to look at them! I want the gauze off I want to shop and I want to show these bad boys off! It's an addiction!!!! Lol

Important information! Must read!! Make sure you...

Important information! Must read!! Make sure you eat the right foods and take the right laxatives and stool softeners and stock up on milk of magnesia (MOM)! Today I looked like I was 5 months pregnant and my stomach was as hard as a rock! I was literally full of sh*t pardon my foul language! I took the stool softeners once a day and took my first poo today but that wasn't enough! I spent 4 hours in pain in my bathroom! My neighbor came to the rescue with salt water flush but that didn't help my blockage she then went to get MOM and enemas! I didn't want the enemas so I took the MOM. I've never seen so much come out of me it was like giving birth to twins out my butt it was so painful! Its almost as if my twins wouldn't let me heal that easy!My friend gets the shittiest friend of the year award and I am officially embarrassed disgusted and nauseous! Tonight was a nightmare! Hoping for a better day tomorrow!

Good morning everyone! Today is day 5!? I have my...

Good morning everyone! Today is day 5!? I have my post op appointment today! This morning I woke up and the girls were hurting as well as my arms and armpits. I guess I should bite the bullet and take a Motrin today! One or two a day won't hurt! Plus if I am going to be learning how to massage them then I want it to not hurt as bad! Getting the girls ready for school then I'm all alone until my ride comes for my postop! Will update after appointment! Have a fantastic day everyone!

Never mind! I'm up and about and the pain is...

Never mind! I'm up and about and the pain is tolerable! I'm not going to give in and take pain killers! Mostly because I don't have Motrin and I don't want to take aleve again! Lol! So we shall see how the day goes!

So my neighbor took me to the commissary today I...

So my neighbor took me to the commissary today I have in and bought ibuprofen and took 2 at 1120! It's now less than 45 mins til my postop appointment and I feel like ibuprofen did nothing! I hope all goes well! I did my make up and my hair and feeling myself again! Although it took me about 2 hours more then it normally takes me! Doc will probably yell at me for not keeping my arms at my side! Yikes! But I look great! :)

So I went to my postop appointment! I liked my...

So I went to my postop appointment! I liked my boobs better with the gauze on and bra on! I'm really bruised and they look small! Dr said they would get bigger when the implants drop into the pocket! I can continue to wear a sports bra and tank top under the surgical bra and I can wear just a sports bra while the surgical bra is being washed! I can use rubbing alcohol to take off the marker! I noticed one boob is bigger then the other and more out to the side but dr said that's normal for this stage! It's probably because I'm not keeping my hands to my sides or taking it easy. Im definitely going to take it easy now because these girls were not cheap! I want beautiful breasts! It just sucks being on my own and not wanting to ask anyone for help! I didn't learn any massage techniques today but I will at my next appointment next Tuesday! I got flowers from the dr and I shared my story with a patient! I almost wish I didnt look at my boobs! Im not ecstatic but I am happy about my boobs and will be much happier when these girls are healed! It's gotta get worse before it gets better! They look beautiful from the side! Only time will tell! Dr said they look good and he sees no complications! Guess I better lay down and do nothing!

Caved in and took a Valium today at 1pm! It's very...

Caved in and took a Valium today at 1pm! It's very uncomfortable to sleep so I'm not sleeping! My neck and my back hurt! My boobs feel a little uncomfortable at times but they look great! I can't stress how much I hate this surgical bra! I can't believe I still have 3 weeks left with this awful thing! What's the point of the strap anyway? Do I really need that? Washed my hair yesterday and that felt GREAT! Used rubbing alcohol to get most of the ink off my body but its still a little on some spots! The bruising isn't as bad but it is still there! :( my aeroelas are very sensitive where the incisions are so im guessing thats a good thing meaning I still have nipple sensation! I miss driving and my house is a wreck! I can't wait to start cleaning again, driving, and go SHOPPING! Happy healing everyone!

Well I haven't updated in a few days because I am...

Well I haven't updated in a few days because I am doing great! Maybe over doing it sometimes but I feel like I had these boobies for a month already! The bruising is almost gone and they are dropping nicely! I am very pleased with these results. I had my appointment 2 days ago to learn how to massage the implants into place. Very simple instructions but I was mainly there to share my story and my experience with others! I was on the other side of that tunnel! I was showing off my new boobies to those doing a consultation! It felt great! And to think I was at first going to have the surgery march 14th! I'm so happy I decided to up the surgery! So worth it! I've taken many pictures for my husband that's deployed! I'm back at work doing passion parties! :) my neighbors yell at me if they see me vacuuming or carrying anything! They are looking out for me so I don't make a very expensive mistake! Good people! Well that's it for now I guess oh yeah dr said that march 12th I go back to see him and possibly take the steri strips off! The longer they are on apparently the better they heal! Btw those big square waterproof band aids at Walmart are amazing I took my first shower yesterday since the surgery instead of a bath every day and it felt AMAZING! Good luck to all and happy healing!

Thursday will be 3 weeks post op. Bruising is...

Thursday will be 3 weeks post op. Bruising is almost completely gone! Some areas at times are sore. Today I went to Victoria Secret because I couldn't take not knowing what size I was. I tried on a 34C and I was so happy! For the first time I actually filled a bra! It was wireless and comfortable but I didn't buy it because the implants haven't dropped and fluffed yet so I will possibly get to my small D cup! I was so happy looking in the mirror! I can't wait to start buying bras comfortable and push-up bras. I am so excited that push-up bras will give me the best cleavage dressing them up and comfortable bras will be great when I want to cover up! I'm doing my massages to help the girls drop and fluff...I hope I'm doing the massages correctly.

Thanking my lucky stars I chose the right surgeon!...

Thanking my lucky stars I chose the right surgeon! I went in for my 2 month post op appointment. Dr said there are no words because they speak for themselves. They are beautiful! My friends can't even tell where my incisions are or the staff that took pics for my portfolio. Strangers can't even tell they are fake! I look all natural as if I was born to have this size! At first I was worried I paid so much and didn't get big enough but now I am excited and love my boobies! My husband will be back from deployment in a couple weeks and we are excited for him to meet the twins! Got a souvenir shirt from Dr. Pousti today instead of the usual flowers which means my visits will soon be over and that makes me so sad! I don't go back for another 2 1/2 more months. It's like my second home! I am going to miss my visits there! :(

Feeling like Deleting my before pics! I cant...

Feeling like Deleting my before pics! I cant believe I went so long looking like that but I wont! :( So yesterday I wore a wire bra for half a day that I bought a month ago on clearance. No padding btw woohoo!! It is a 34C. I am definitely not a 34...more like a 32 because the straps werent tight enough but Im thinking I am still a C. Going to Victoria Secret today so we shall see! Wish me luck!

VS sized me today! Just bought a Demi no padding...

VS sized me today! Just bought a Demi no padding bra. Fits great and its a 32DD! I grabbed a 32C and the girl asked to size me. She said she thought DD and I laughed at her. I didn't think she was serious. If I tried a D it would've been too tight digging into me. I'm ecstatic! So worth it!!!!! But I hear VS is a size different then other places so I think I am a 32D which still makes me smile! Dr. Pousti said that I wasn't a AA before breast augmentation that I was an A and he knows boobies! I'm so happy I thought I went too small! Dr Pousti and I chose perfectly! Oh happy day!

A little discomfort...going on 1 year post op.

So my surgeon told me that it could take up to a year to completely heal and drop into place. Its almost 1 year post op and I feel occasional discomfort on my left breast and very rare but also at times on my right. The pain occurs on the bottom of the breasts, sometimes on the side close to the armpit and sometimes a sharp pain like its my heart. I don't know if its my bras or if its my driving or that I am rolling on them in my sleep but I figured that I could do just about anything now that I am 1 year post op without feeling any kind of pain or discomfort. I did plenty of research and heard that it is normal and its probably just muscle pain. My right breast is more saggy or settled?? and my left breast is more full or perky?? (Not sure the right description for them but my hubby says he doesn't see the difference possibly to be nice or because he is just focused on size lol.) On another concern I noticed for several months that I have this red completely filled in circle on the top of my left breast. It only shows up when I get out of a hot shower. My husband had a similar problem but his pm said that it was a fungus he got from the gym but was easily treated with medication. I'm thinking I may need to see my regular doctor for that. I should see my doc in a few weeks for the 1 year post op appointment so I will definitely bring up my concerns. Hope everyone is doing well!

New Years Resolution

After my 1 year post op appointment. I am going to start working out again or at least walking or running. In one year I went from 106 before surgery to 120. I know it is not the extra booby weight either. I am not happy with the extra weight, the way that I look or the way that I feel. I feel lazy and tired all the time. I need that confidence I had right after having the surgery. I am not going to get a tummy tuck knowing that I can get back into shape on my own. I can do this!! I know I can!!! I gotta get my body back!!!!!
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You really look amazing hun!!! Enjoy
  • Reply
Thank you! I definitely will! :)
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realy amazing
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Thank you! :)
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Very nice results! Love the shirt!
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Thank you! Me too! :)
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Oooh nice results :))
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Thank you!
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Your boobs look so, so good. I can only hope mine look like that 3 weeks out! Did you do anything 'special' like specific exercises or massages?
  • Reply
Thank you! Just a 2 finger 2 inches above nipple lift for 10 seconds each boob everyday.
  • Reply
I will give that a shot, thanks!
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They look so natural/ perfect. That's my goal
  • Reply
Thanks I kinda thought they would be bigger. That's what I was hoping for! Can't complain because they look better then they did!
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I kind of thought mine would be bigger too, they look like a B right now instead of a C, but its only my 1st day post op a lot of changing to go. Yours do look very very good though, congrats!
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Exactly! A lot of changing is right. It's a waiting game! Gotta be patient...easier said than done. Congrats on the new twins! Take meds around the clock and take milk of magnesia when you feel bloated! It works better than stool softeners! Trust me I had an awful experience! Congrats again! We are now in the boobie club! :)
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You look so great! Your girls really dropped and fluffed quickly! I hope mine do as well. I'm only 4 days post-op and very high up, although they're starting to soften a bit. Good luck girl!! :)
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Thanks! Doc says they are still high I need to continue massages everyday til my next appointment in a month. At a month you will be obsessed with them! :) I absolutely love mine! Happy healing!
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What types of massages is your PS having you do? I'm supposed to wait until Thursday for my post-op and for my PS to show me the techniques he wants me to use. Happy healing to you too :).
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Just one massage which isn't really a massage I don't think. Using 2 fingers approx. 2 inches above the nipple lift up and hold for 10 seconds using opposite hand. Then repeat on the other breast.
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Thanks :).
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Looking beautiful!!! Are you able to sleep on your side yet? I tried but it's soooo uncomfortable! My back is killing me!
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Thank you! Looking amazing yourself! Congrats! I try to sleep on my sides but I change positions constantly because I am uncomfortable! My back and neck are also killing me. Heating pads are a must to ease the back and neck pain before I fall asleep! I would go pay for a massage right now if I could but that would require laying on my boobs which I cannot do. This is the slowest healing process! I just want to fast forward to the part where I am cleared to go shopping, start working out again, heavy house work, sleep how I want to sleep and do whatever I want to do! It's definitely worth it tho...I don't regret a thing!
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You look great!!! Is there anything else your PS has recommended for back pain? I'm four weeks post-op tomorrow and my upper back/neck/shoulders are just killing me... I've been addicted to my heating pad too! I can't wait to actually get a good stretch in.
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Well my PS hasn't recommended anything because every time I see him I get excited with my results and good news so when he asks if I have any questions I always say no because my mind goes blank and I forget. I have an appointment to get my steri strips off next Tuesday. I will ask him then. It's possibly just posture and not being used to the weight.
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Omg I love the way it looks! Glad to hear that ur doing well!
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