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I had my youngest child almost 5 years ago and due...

I had my youngest child almost 5 years ago and due to work conflicts I have waited 5 years to make this plunge. My surgery is scheduled in a little over two weeks and I just had my pre-op appt. Dr. Pousti and his entire staff have made the whole process so far amazing. They have been very patient as I have changed my mind about what it is exactly I want and they have even had the pleasure of dealing with my husband who asks 1 million questions. :) I am nervous but excited at all the same time. I will make sure to add some photos of before and after and I will update this as much as I can prior to and throughout the entire healing process.
Very exciting! July 1st will be here before you know it. You might want to check out this list of supplies for recovery.

Day Before Surgery

Day before surgery. Here are pictures of me the day leading up-to surgery and after the markings. They will do the marking again on the morning of surgery which helped considering I will probably sweat through my shirt tonight. Less than 24 hours out and I am having crazy dreams about waking up with Dolly Parton boobs! But I am confident that Dr. P and his team will take care of me. I don't plan on getting much sleep and nothing to eat/drink after midnight which makes me feel like a gremlin. I gave the Dr. P my "boob board" to help give him some inspiration and a better idea what I am looking for in the end; trust me, after staring at hundreds of boobs they all start to look the same.

Day of Surgery

Day of Surgery. Starving. Thirsty. And Im stuck wearing this big purple suit with a built in heater. THank you to my husband who is selfishly drinking coffee right next to me.

IV is in. Markings are redone. Im nervous as hell but there is no turning back.

Surgery is expected to take 4 hours, plus 1.5 hours of recovery.

See you on the other side, body!

2 Days Post OP

Day One is over!

Day two. Pain is still pretty intense but better than the day before. Think about everything you use to do by yourself and realize that you can't do it anymore without help. We have the future-istic view of me bent over using the walker at the age of 90. We had great plans to recover in the master bedroom upstairs, but the thought of climbing up 1 flight of stairs in this condition seemed like climbing Mt. Everest. So, we decided to concede to the downstairs couch.

Going to the bathroom is a twenty minute round trip; and once again, don't think your going to do that by yourself. Saving grace: Shagalicious blue bedrest and my my oversized elevated leg pillow to keep my body at 45 degrees (both were purchased on Amazon). I don't have much of an appetite, trying to stick to a soft diet and drinking lots of fluid (water/juice). My kids want to help: one is on water patrol and keeps me hydrated, the other is responsible to wiping down my arms with baby wipes.

Aside from that, time for another doze of pain pills and a nap!
Healing vibes being sent your way. Hope each day gets better, you look amazing
I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Your set up on the couch looks pretty comfy! I'm glad to hear your kids are taking good care of you!

3 Days Post OP

First off, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for your positive comments and good wishes! This is really my first attempt at a blog in my entire life, so please bare with me. So...Dr. P made a house call last night, how awesome is that? Who knew that we still how doctors that actually did that? I probably shouldn't have looked under the bandages while he was checking. Swelling is worse around the stretch marks because the skin is thinner. He recommended adding another pillow under my legs to increase the elevation which really helped. He is going to send me photos taken during the operation which I intend to upload once I receive them.

Milestones for the day: I was able to get off the couch and go to the bathroom by myself. Lets see, I have slowly been weaning off the narcotics and I have only been taking the minimum amount; once in the morning and once in the evenings. Discomfort in my chest area is almost completely gone. My husband was able to wash my hair for the first time since the surgery, bent over a kitchen sink; it felt like a small win for today's battle.

Its only day three and I am already starting to get bored just sitting on the couch. I am a little worried after seeing my stomach that I wont be satisfied, but I am staying optimistic and I know the healing takes time.

If anyone has questions please let me know, I am an open book and I will try to answer the best I can. And California doesn't sell sparklers; what's that all about!? Happy 4th of July!
You made it through the first 3 days which in my opinion are the absolute worst. How cute that your kids are on "duty" for their momma. The fact that you can now go to the bathroom unassisted shows that you are having little milestones each day. By this time next week you'll have a whole set of new things you can do. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of you! Happy healing.
Your nest looks comfy- thanks for sharing your journey
Thanks for showing your resting space. I was going to rent a hospital bed but I might just do what you've done instead. I hope your healing continues to go well. Oh and I bought a bunch of sparklers so I'm not sure why you were told that unless the booth I went to was selling them illegally. Lol now I feel like I have to hide my sparklers lol

Day 4 post OP

Three more beautiful pictures! And yes, thats iodine showing on the back of my binder and not what you were probably thinking.

Alright, so... first day with my hubby back at work and I am by myself with the two young ones; and in case your wondering there are not that many quality television shows on Nickelodeon these days. What ever happened to the glory days of Ren and Stimpy or Heyyyyy Arnold?

I had an at-home-nurse come by this morning. Not sure if your doctor has talked to you about at home assistance, but we have elected not to use a full time nurse. Instead, we just used her this one time to help in the morning and I have nothing but positive things to say about her; very helpful. For those of you that don't have the best support base I would highly recommend getting an at-home-nurse; I was just lucky to have a husband on leave from work for a few days and it worked out in our favor.

New observation for the day: When you have to walk hunched over the entire time you notice how dirty the floors look. Perhaps I could do a better job at cleaning with my new boobs!

My pain pump is completely empty. My tube output is down to less than 25ml on both sides for the entire day (for some perspective I started out with +80ml on the first day)

2 Questions to anyone who has gone through this procedure already: Did you take all of your pain meds before transitioning to Motrin and when can I start drinking hot tea again?

Signing off and looking forward to tomorrow!
May I ask, what were your measurements pre-op? Boob, height, weight? And if you got a BA, what size/type of implants did you get? I'm trying to get a visual because you and I are similar in body size. I think you're skinnier tho. I'm scheduled for 533cc silicone gummies under muscle.
So I am just shy of 5ft 6 inches. I weighed 135 prior to surgery and my cup size was 34B. The doctor put in silicone under the muscle implants and used 490cc in and 492cc in the other. Have you put together a boob board? I know it sounds funny but I had a bunch of power point slides with pictures I found from all over the place- real self, other web sites, VS etc and I gave Dr. P pages of boobs that I liked and didn't like and what I liked or didn't like about each one just to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. I even had bathing suit pics so he knew how I wanted to look in a bathing suit. Right now I feel they r still obviously a little high but I wanted the cleavage fuller look without necessarily having to use a huge push-up bra to achieve that effect.
Goodness, we are very similar!!! I am just shy of 5'7" and 135 lbs, maybe less now bcz I'm on my special k and protein dinner diet again. Can I ask how old you are? I am 43 and I have 3 kids, my youngest is 5yo. What's in 'the bag'? Pain pump? (Was thinking- do I have to get a fanny pack for something?? Lol)

9 Days Post OP

First appointment with Dr. Pousti after surgery, also first time out of the house. Let me tell ya how good it feels to not be stuck on a couch all day. Also I had the grand ole privilege of sporting my walker in public.

I am three days off vicodin. Pain pump removed. Drains removed early! There is some swelling around the entire incision area; the doctor said the two most important things were eating nutritional meals with lots of protein and staying bent over a much as possible. Because the skin is very thin on stretch marks there is a concern of tearing the suture.

This appointment was mainly to check for infection, not a beauty pageant! Belly button still doesn't look like a belly button yet. My scar looks hideous. My first impression of my boobs is that they look big, VERY BIG! I was told to start massaging my breasts next week to prevent "capsular contracture", in other words to let the implants move around and get comfortable in their new home; my husband proudly volunteered for the breast massaging duty, but he doesn't get to touch these bad boys just yet.

I uploaded a bunch more photos. Tell me what you think.
Wow! You look amazing! Thanks for sharing, and continued happy healing

21 Days Post OP

I uploaded a new photo. What do ya'll think?

I have my 3 week appointment tomorrow. I am a little concerned that I can't standup straight right now. Also I have a very dark scab formed over my incision line which I have read mixed reviews about. Any thoughts?
WOW! Great results! You look amazing! Way to go girl!
You look fantastic!
You are standing up much straighter. And looking good! You should ask your PS office of what to do about the scab. I'm not sure if you've been cleared to use anything on your incisions.

25 Days Post OP

Slowly progressing. Still told to stay as hunched over as possible and wait a few more weeks before showering; my husband is obviously happy about that news because it means he gets to give me more sponge baths.

I am not as tight in the morning as I am in the evening so I can stand up a little straighter. Lower back massages right before bed really help release the tension.

I go back to work on tuesday so wish me luck. What does everyone think of my new pictures?
Great pics!

30 Days Post OP

So everything from belly button up is healing perfectly and I am feeling good. However, the incision around my waist is being difficult and not healing as quickly as I would like. I am going in this Thursday to potentially get re-stitched. Until then I have been directed to do wet-dry dressings to try to clear up what is inside the wound. The wound is not infected which is a plus right, but I wish it had just healed and closed up all ready. Dr. Pousti was very aggressive with how much skin he took off which is awesome, but I think the tension is what is causing the open incision. I will keep everyone updated on how Thursday goes.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti and his staff have been phenomenal so far. They have answered every question and more. Every appointment puts me more at ease with my decision to have this surgery. So far, I can't have asked for a better experience.

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