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I feel so very fortunate to have found Dr. Pousti...

I feel so very fortunate to have found Dr. Pousti and his team. I recently had my consultation with Dr. Pousti and I couldn’t be more excited about pursing my dream of having a breast augmentation and otoplasty procedure. I found my consultation to be extremely informing, encouraging, and overall a very positive experience. Dr. Pousti has an uncanny ability to anticipate what your questions and concerns might be and address them in the most caring capacity. Even at only 22 years old, I was still feeling anxious and somewhat impatient in regards to achieving my plastic surgery goals. My time spent with Dr. Pousti and his team was a moment of personal growth I will always be extremely thankful for. After much discussion and assessment, I decided that the best decision for myself was to postpone my surgery for a year. In consideration of many ongoing factors in my life, I feel 100% confident that I will feel even more gratified to have my breast augmentation in the near future. The quality of my consultation was above and beyond my expectations and I know in my heart I made the right choice for myself. Dr. Pousti made my concerns his own and made me feel comfortable in every aspect. In short, my experience was professional, encouraging, and genuine. I am so ecstatic to schedule my breast augmentation and otoplasty with Dr. Pousti. I am eternally grateful to him and his amazing team. He is the doctor for me and I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone and everyone! He truly is the BEST!
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